Saturday, January 7, 2012



I slept til about 10am and it felt so good
being able to sleep in. The only problem with
that is the waking up part. It seems it takes
longer to wake up. I was so tired last night
after going out to eat. Then while waiting on
the boys and Tony to play games in the game room
at Ci Ci's me, mom and my step-dad walked over
to Kroger to check their Christmas mark downs.
This was the Kroger at Hamilton & Morse Rd.
They still had a few items left and were
50% off. I didn't get anything but mom found
some bags of caramel corn for .50 cents.

I know people wonder why I would shop
different Kroger stores for mark downs. The reason
is that not all Krogers have the same mark downs.
I got glassware and dishes for .10 cents at Henderson.
At Hamilton they were all marked down to $1.00.
Cookie dough was marked down to $1.49 at Karl
while at Henderson it was .99 cents.
So yeah, it pays to shop around the same stores.

After Kroger we stopped in Walmart at Easton.
Their Christmas stuff was 75% off. The only problem
I found was that stuff was so disorganized and thrown
on shelves and there was no prices on anything
to know how much stuff was. I needed wrapping
paper and found packages with 4 rolls in them.
Regular $4.99 each and at 75% off was $1.25 each.
I got 4 packages for a total of 12 rolls for $3.75.

Here's a little tip to help people figure out
how much something is at 75% off.
Not all people can instantly do math
problems in their head.
So this is how I figure out 75% off-
Let's say an item is $5.00 and is 75% off.
Divide $5.00 in half which is $2.50.
Now divide that number in half again
which is $1.25. $1.25 is what you'd pay at 75% off.
Most people can at least figure out
what half of something is to figure this
math problem out.

Another example-
$10 at 75% off.
divide in half which is $5.00
divide $5.00 in half
the cost would be $2.50.

How to figure 90% off-
If something costs only cents then
look at the first number. That
will be your price.
Ex. .98 cents @ 90% off is .09 cents
If something is in dollars then look
at the first two numbers.
Ex. $2.49 @ 90% off is .24 cents.

Well it's almost noon and we have started our
weekend housework of dishes, laundry, sweeping
and picking up clutter.



Yesterday while me and mom were at Meijer,
mom had purchased a couple of these little
stuffed hamsters. Them little buggers were
normally $8.00 each!! But they were 90% off.

I got the idea to do this project when I found
the cat in the trash can rummaging around
in the gerbil bedding that I cleaned from their cage.

small stuffed animal,
free catnip sample,
scissors &
hot glue gun

Snip along the underbelly of the stuffed
animal along the seam to open it up.
Sprinkle catnip all over it's insides.
Use hot glue gun to close the seam back up.
Wallah, instant cat toy for cheap.



I think kitty likes his new toy, lol.

Touch my hamster and somebody's gonna get hurt!!


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