Saturday, January 28, 2012



I've told y'all that I've started keeping an
idea journal. Any ideas I come up with
I'll jot down, draw a picture or attach
a photo or magazine cut out. I like to repurpose things from
clothes to furniture to everything in between
and if I get an idea I jot it down in my book.
I make a list in another smaller
purse size notebook of things I'm on the hunt
for while at yard sales, thrift store,
flea markets or things I can find along
side of the road or dumpsters.

Here is my idea for the day- A Hutch Tv Cabinet.
I think I would like to remove the old one we
have in our basement and put it into the laundry
room and make something like this from it.
I think I would remove the bottom shelves and
put one brace in the middle that way two
laundry baskets could fit sideways in those areas.
And the top area I would remove all boards
and insert one long hanging rod in there.

Then in the place of the old entertainment center
I would like to find an old china hutch
or dresser with hutch and turn it into a
tv console. Now picture the furniture below
with the upper shelves removed from the top
but the frame of the shelving left in place.
This area will be used to put an LCD TV.
Then remove the upper drawers and sliders
and add in a piece of wood to make two shelves
for your cable boxes and dvd players.
Then use the drawers or cabinets to store
dvds, games, games systems & such.
Paint the hutch if really ugly looking.


Wanna take a sneak peak into my Idea Journal?
Here are a few things you will find there:

Turn an old cassette holder into a place to
store ribbons for your craft room.

To hold you wrapping paper together when not in use
try using cardboard toilet paper or paper towel
rolls cut down the middle. Wrap around
wrapping paper to hold in place.

Use a wall mounted letter holder to store fabric on.

Use a curtain rod with curtain clips to store your fabric.

Desk organizer used to hold cookie sheets and cutting boards.

How to fill up something that doesn't fit in the sink... use a dust pan.

Wire CD rack to store lids in cupboard.

Muffin tin under shelf swing out storage.

Wall hooks mounted at bottom of wall for shoe storage.

Turn old cabinet into laundry basket clothes storage.

Measuring spoons/cups inside cabinet door.

Paper towel holder- remove fake drawer front
by kitchen sink cupboard and put in a paper towel holder.



Just returned from the thrift store.

I got these items-

2 wire desk letter holder .90 cents each.
I plan to use them for my cookie sheets and pizza pans.

2 dishwasher bottle cap, ring and nipple holder .50 cents each.
I plan to use them to store writing utensils,
scissors and paint brushes in the holes.
I can also add tape, pkgs of thumb tacks and rubber bands
to the inside compartment. Put a piece of
cardboard in the bottom so nothing falls through.

Check out this knitted sweater vest I got for $1.99!!
I thought it was so cute and has football buttons on it.
I found one on Ebay for $23 with shipping.

And another favorite thing I found that I though
was so awesome was this large leather & vinyl waterproof type
Mary Kay bag for $2.99. It has a handle, carrying
strap, outside zippered compartment,
very large 3 rings on the inside along
with 4 more pockets. I'll give you three guesses
as to what I'm using this for, LOL.
Can you say the most awesome coupon binder!!!
Talking of coupon binders I actually saw the second
person I've ever seen using one of these binders
at the Karl Rd. Kroger last night. She was trying
to match coupons up to items on the mark down shelf.
I had a .50 cent Kroger coupon for a bag of lettuce
last night and found a bag of lettuce marked down
to .99 cents. The coupon wouldn't go through and
the cashier tried to tell me I couldn't use it
because the item was marked down. My comment was,
"since when". A manager got called over and made
the cashier push the coupon through. YOU CAN
Of course I didn't have my coupon binder with
me with the letter from where I wrote Kroger's
corporate office about running into this
problem sometimes. And it does state you
can use coupons on mark down items.

It's about 7 fingertips wide!

I did buy a couple other items like
3 women's dress shirts, and
3 bed skirts for .99 cents each.



Getting ready to head out to Blacklick and visit
Tony's friend/co-worker. The boys are all getting
together to play videos games and have some pizza.
Sounds like fun huh! Not my cup of tea but I'm
going along anyway. I plea bargained with Tony
and the boys, if they wanted to go play video
games then we can go to the thrift store
and do something mama wants to do!!
Oh yeah, there was a few moans and groans in there
but ya know, I am the only female out of the 4 of
us in this house, 5 if you include the cat.
I do boy things ALL THE TIME,!
Every now and then I want to do girl things
and I don't want to have to call mom up and
ask her if she would go with me. Now darn it, the
boys can all go with me to thrift stores,
yard sales and quilt shows!! LOL I always
threaten them with quilt shows. Every time
I'm drug along to a car show or race track
I'll tell Tony, if I go to these events
then you can tag along to a quilt show with me.
Not that I really want to go see quilts but
you get the idea that I want to do some
girly things too.



Hmmm, the warning label only said to keep
plastic bags away from babies and children,
nothing about cats, lol.

For some reason kitty likes to lay on my fabric stashes.
This is the bag of bed skirts and shirts
I got today from the thrift store.

He looks possessed! Maybe I should keep him
in there a little longer. Only kidding.
I put the bag up soon after taking the picture.

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