Friday, January 6, 2012





Me and mom went to Meijer today to see if they
had things marked down more than 50% off.
I was shocked to find Christmas items
now marked to 90% off!!
Kroger still has theirs at 50% off.

Here are my deals I got today:

I found Christmas 16 count pop tart pastries
regular $3.99 a box marked down to .39 cents a box!
I got 20 boxes for $7.80.
It would have cost $79.80
A savings of $71.82.
I stocked up on enough to last all year at that price!

20 containers of Betty Crocker Hollyberry &
Festive Trees Christmas sprinkles.
Regular price is $2.99 so it would have cost $59.80.
I paid .29 cents each x's 20 is $5.80.
A savings of $54.00!!

Yes I now have tons of sprinkles to last
me many Christmas'!

A tube of Wilson green sparkle frosting gel.
Regular price of $2.99.
I paid .29 cents.
A savings of $2.70

A Christmas ornament with the name Marilyn on it.
Regular $3.99
I paid .39 cents
A savings of $3.60

A bottle of Frosted Berry glitter bath gel.
Regular $2.00
I paid .20 cents
A savings of $1.80

I also bought a birthday card
and a model toy car for a birthday gift.
It was regular $7.00 marked down to $3.50.

I got $159.52 worth off stuff
for only $21.15!!!!

A savings of $138.37 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For 45 items.


I was reading that Meijer might possibly
have Kraft shredded cheese on sale for $2.00 each.
Tony found this blinkie coupon at Kroger yesterday
so watch for these machines to score these coupons
to use at Meijer on this sale to make the
cheese $1.25 a package!

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