Sunday, January 1, 2012




Off to a little bit of a rough start.
I just got up about a half hour ago.
Between the body aches, a cat hogging my side
of the bed and a hubby snoring, I didn't
get to sleep til about 3:00am.

I want to work a little bit more around the
house today organizing and cleaning things.
I still have my bathroom closet and cupboard
I want to clean out. Tony has been a big help
with cleaning the house while on vacation.
I've been sick for about the past month
so we needed to play catch up.
Today is the last day of Tony's vacation
then he goes back to work and is on call
all this week. The kids still have two
more days off for Winter break then goes
back Wednesday, the same days as my colonoscopy.



Well I've spent the last hour or two totally wiping
out my bathroom cabinet and closet. I used a bunch
of plastic shoe boxes (found in an apartment at
Tony's work) to organize everything in. I have so
many toiletries from finding things at Tony's work
from move outs that I needed to find a way
to organize everything. I labeled all the shoe
boxes so everyone could find things.

I have categories like-
shampoos & body washes,
razors & face cleansers,
feminine products,
first aid,
hair ties,
lotions & powders &
cleaning products.

Under my bathroom sink cabinet I also
used more plastic shoe boxes to store
hair dryers, curling irons & makeup.

Plus I have two shelves left for towels.
I have so many towels that they all
wouldn't fit on those two shelves.
We find towels all the time at Tony's
work left behind in apartments.
We use them for everything!
-bath drying towels
-floor rugs
-cleaning up big spills
-covering casserole dishes to events to keep warm
-covering hot seats in the vehicles
-swimming towels
-washing & wiping down cars
-I cut up old ones to make rags
-I cut up old ones to make steam mop pads
-I cut up old ones to make sponges
-I cut up old ones to make hot pads
-we use towels and rags instead of paper towels
-use for taking fishing and wiping off hands
-use on picnics to sit on

There are plenty of uses for extra towels
and you can never have too many!

I have two linen closets. One in the hallway
I turned into a pantry. I store extra blankets
in the tops or bottoms of closets and
sheets & pillow cases are now stored in the
hall bench which is in our bedroom.
I also have under bed storage totes to store
anything else in.



Being the new year I need to start getting back
into using coupons. It's too hard to do the coupon
thing during holiday time with kids out of
school, shopping for presents and getting
meals ready for company. Plus I shop the after
Christmas sales and swoop up on all the mark
downs from the holidays like food items.

I got a bucket of homemade laundry detergent made.
Now all I have to do is put it into bottles.
I have saved any and all fabric softener
and detergent bottles that I reuse to put
my homemade detergent into.
In this batch I put 1/3 bottle of Tide in it.
My hubby finds partially used bottles
of detergent at work. I tell him to bring
them home even if they have only 1 load
worth in them because I'll add them to
my homemade detergent. I try not to let
anything go to waste.


Just went through my refrigerator rounding
up all things that need to go to the freezer.
So far I have 1 lunch meal of salisbury steak,
potatoes/gravy & peas (the other lunch meal is going
with Tony tomorrow for his lunch), 2 lasagnas
and a large bowl of ham and bean soup.
Slowly but surely getting some freezer meals made.

I got the rest of my ham sliced up.
I'll take the ham bone with remaining
meat (probably tomorrow) and cook
it down to make some ham, potato & broccoli soup.
Those leftovers will also go into the freezer.
leftover ham & bone (free)
can of chicken broth (.59 cents)
1 packet of sausage flavored country gravy ($1.29)
leftover broccoli from veggie tray (free)
water (free)
6 or so medium to large potatoes ($1.00)
velveeta cheese ($1.00)



Tonight I want to make up some

Taco Salad

I'll use either hamburger or deer burger (free)
mixed with two cans tomato soup ($1.00),
and a packet of taco seasoning (free),
then in a microwave bowl I'll add
some melted velveeta cheese ($1.00)
and stir in a jar of chunky salsa. ($2.00)
Crumble up doritos on a plate ($1.00 1/2 bag)
top with lettuce (.50 cents 1/2 head), then the hamburger tomato soup mix
then the cheese & salsa mix.
Any leftovers from this meal (cheese & meat)
can be put towards a cheeseburger & macaroni
and cheese casserole.



Cheeseburger Macaroni

1/2 box elbow macaroni (.75 cents)
leftover hamburger & tomato soup (free)
leftover cheese & salsa (free)
can of diced tomatoes (.59 cents)
leftover crushed ritz crackers with melted butter on top (free)



Cabbage Roll Soup

1/2 head of cabbage (.35 cents)
1 pound deer burger (free)
2 cans tomato soup ($1.00)
rice (free)
1 can diced tomatoes (.59 cents)
1 taco seasoning packet (free)



Fried cabbage, potatoes & onions

1/2 head of cabbage (.35 cents)
4 small potatoes (.75 cents)
diced onions (free)
1 pkg italian sausage sliced ($1.80)


If I have leftovers from one meal I try
and use those to create the next meal so
nothing gets wasted.


I was looking through the Save-A-Lot ad and saw
a couple good deals I might get.
BUT not today or in the next couple of days
because it's the first of the month and that
means people are getting their food stamps
and swamping the stores. I don't do crowds!

-Large green peppers .50 cents each

-Banquet pot pies or fruit pies .59 cents each

-Mc Clary's American cheese singles 16 ct. $1.00

Sometimes you have to shop several stores
to stock up on the best deals.
That's providing you have all the stores
within 1-5 miles from your home like I do.
I think I have every store imaginable
in every direction from home.



We might head out soon. So tired of being cooped
up in the house and need some fresh air, lol.

I can't take ibuprofen which usually wipes
out my muscles aches. I've been taking Tylenol
because of a colonoscopy coming up and it doesn't
do a very good job of taking the pain away.
It's slowing me down bunches because my body
is throbbing. At least I could get a couple
things done today. The only other thing
on my to-do list is to give everyone a hair
cut. But that'll be later on right before
bed because everyone likes to jump in the shower
to wash any hair off. We'll see how I feel.
If not tonight, tomorrow evening.



Made up taco salad for supper.
One way to save time when making meals
is try to make a double batch of something.
Like this evening I made a double batch
of taco/tomato soup/deer burger mixture.
Part of this went towards the taco salad
and the other will go towards a
cheeseburger macaroni or chili mac for
another meal.
Here's the big pot of taco meat that I made
with another pot of cheese & salsa mix.
I'm thinking there might be enough left
over to also make some sloppy joes for
lunch tomorrow.


Starting today I'm going to make a couple
new tabs other than what day it is for
freebies and samples. So be sure to check
the top of the page for them.
One will be freebie offers
and the other
freebies received.

I'm doing this to see how many freebies
I can get in a year's time.
And this way we can see how many of
these freebies actually come when
we send away for them.

I'm going to start off with this freebie sample
that will also be posted in the new folder.

Free Sample of Yummi Bears Vitamins from Hero Nutritionals

I recommend that when you sign up for freebies
you also sign up for another email account
to use just for these things. This way you
don't get any unwanted junk or spam mail.

I am also going to keep track of any other
freebies I have found like at my hubby's work.

Then I will have another tab of Food Freebies
that I have gotten with coupons.

Just doing this for fun to see what kind of
freebies I get for the whole year.


KMart will be closing between 100 to 120 stores in 2012.
Read about it HERE on Yahoo.

This store is the only one I see in the Columbus area
that WILL be closing. REALLY sucks but be sure to
watch for closing sales and deals!

3100 Hamilton Rd

Thank goodness it's not my Bethel Rd. store.
I was praying! That's the only place where
we buy our shoes.



It's snowing out, YUCK!


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