Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Got the last three holes dug for the remaining roses.
Will try to get those planted later on.

I really need to work on laundry today.
Still trying to hang everything on the line to dry
to cut back as much as I don't want to
with a bum hip and knee at the moment.
I cannot afford to get any more of my meds
at the moment so are using what I have sparingly
which is probably why I'm getting the pains in my joints.
$100 to $125 each month for one medicine
with insurance is something I cannot seem to
work in the budget.   
Going to try watching my diet a little more
for dealing with all the symptoms of Crohn's Disease.
So I'm taking notes along the way of 
certain foods I need to eat more of.
 (for diarrhea)
-bananas - rice - applesauce - toast - yogurt - eggs

- peanut butter - whole grain pastas - potatoes
(antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ) 
-grape juice with pectin - citrus fruits - broccoli
-bell peppers - apples with peels - strawberries
-blueberries - raspberries - oranges - salads
-green beans - olives - mushrooms - Tuna
-Salmon - Cod - Whitefish - Halibut - olive oil
-cinnamon - basil - cloves - mint - parsley - oregano
-chili pepper - cocoa - sunflower seeds
-skinless poultry - lean meats.

 11:00 - 12:00pm

I made up a bunch of newspaper pots.
I'll fill them with soil and seeds.
These pots can be planted directly in your garden.

You can find free car sales book at
Kroger to make these with.
Look in the front of the store where the carts are.
Remove a page and fold it into thirds.
I used a little bottle of craft paint to roll the
pages up.

Fold the bottom ends in toward center and
secure with a little piece of masking tape.
I also used another piece of tape on the side.

Remove paint bottle and wallah,
a small seedling pot is made.
I made trays to put them in by
cutting a couple 12 pack boxes in half.
-Recycled boxes Free
-Recycled newspaper Free
-Leftover potting soil Free
-Flower seed packets- .03 cents each from flea market.


Got one load of laundry done and
another one started.  Still working on getting
all the Summer clothes washed up from storage.
Then got a load of dishes in the dishwasher.
Have no clue what to make for supper.
 Need to go dig around in the freezer the next
time I load the washer.


I raided our freezer.
I LOVE the fact that I sometimes make big meals and
are able to freeze half for another meal.
This will come in handy now that I'm not able
to shop as much at the grocery store.
I was able to find these meals already made
up just needing heated.

-Ham and bean soup
-Vegetable soup
-Pasta, sausage and veggie casserole
-Beef tips and noodles
-Tomato gravy & rice
-Turkey broth & homemade noodles.
and other smaller portion meals
for Tony's or the kids lunch. 

I got a week's worth of supper meals that
I will not have to shop for.

I also found a Summer sausage that I plan
to take on our trip with us and use as
a snack at the hotel or as a side
dish with crackers to our sandwiches.
I bought a ton of these one time when
I found them for $1.00 each.
This is the last one I have left of them.

I still have a grocery shopping trip to make
to get things for our trip and other items
we may need like milk, eggs, bread, etc.

And lucky for us I found a package of hot dogs
for lunch instead of ramen noodles again.
The only problem is I don't have any bread.
I did find 3 flour tortillas in the fridge so I cut
each one in half and will use those around
our hot dogs.

I need to get through these next couple of months
of spending money wisely
because that's how long it is til Tony's next bonus
and who's to say how much it will even be.

3:30 - 7:00pm

Tony got off work early today due to overtime.
We used that time wisely fixing the truck.
I had him run back to the parts store
to get another fuel line clip.
While he did that I worked on my
seedling cups.  I had made a bunch more
and filled them with soil.  Then
while Tony was gone I got a bunch of
wildflower seeds planted in them.
I put it in and we got everything hooked up and
put back together and the gas tank put back
in the truck.  No fun at all considering all
the tight spaces we had to fit body parts into.
I'm sure I have quite a few dings in the side
of my head from protruding pieces of metal
on the underside of the truck.
I had Tony get some gas in a couple gas cans
from Speedway so the gas level wasn't
so low to use the fuel pump for the first time.
Then came the big test and I think we all held
our breath as I inserted the key.
I turned the key forward and back about three
times without starting the truck to see if I could
hear the fuel pump working and to hopefully
prime the pump before actually starting.
Then I turned the key forward,
held my breath, and it fired right up with 
no hesitation.  No leaks, no other problems.
We took it for a test drive and the truck
actually ran better.
I was getting some hesitation/stuttering between
38 and 42 miles per hour.  That went away.
And the truck started shaking a little bit more
than normal in the last month or so.
That almost went away as well.
You don't know how much I have prayed for
this truck to run again and not have any problems.
Now all we need to do is give it an oil change,
add in a can of engine restore and a 
can of sea foam due to the high mileage on the truck.

 I showed you my garden hands and now
i'm showing you my mechanic hands, lol.
Not greasy though due to the area of the truck we
worked on.  Lots of dirt though and some rust
which is just surface rust.  Nothing eating any holes through.


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