Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Soooo tired!
It's been a long night.  I went to bed around
11:00 then got back up around midnight
to get something to drink and a snack.
So probably got back to sleep at 12:30am.
Then the pager goes off at 4:00am.
A guy had water on his living room floor
due to a broken water supply line.
I stayed up while Tony went to work.
I've had about 3.5 hours sleep and my
butt is so dragging!  Tony returned around
5 something.  He tells me that before he left
he noticed the Suburban door wasn't closed all the
way and noticed the glove box light on
when he walked by it this morning.
He looked in the truck and someone had gone 
through the glove box and consoles throwing
stuff about.  Nothing is missing that we are
aware of because we don't keep things
of importance in there and take the radio out
when not going anywhere.
I've been searching through the DVR from
the security cameras looking for when
it happened and who possibly did it.
I haven't found anything yet. 
Probably because my eyes are half closed
from not getting enough sleep.
These cameras are supposed to record
when movement is detected but for some
reason they record 24-7.   

It's supposed to be another nice day at 79 degrees
for a high.  Enjoy it while you can because it's gonna
get hot again.  They say it's because the ground is so dry.
We're down almost 4 inches of rain since May
and who knows when we'll see any more.
Wednesday 89
Thursday 99
Friday 97
Saturday 94
Sunday 94
Monday 94
Tuesday 90
Wednesday 90
Thursday 90


I'm going back to bed!



Finally found out when the person(s) got into our truck.
It happened around 1:01am. It appeared to be two people.
The first one walked up to the truck and got in it.
I saw the second person walking in that direction
but lost sight of where they went.
There may have also been a car because
a car stopped and turned around at the intersection
as the second guy was walking towards our truck.

Have not been having a good couple of days with
the Crohns.  Been making more than usual bathroom
trips.  I have been taking my meds like I'm supposed
to so I don't understand how the medicine can work
for a certain amount of time/days, then I get flare ups,
then back to somewhat normal. Then repeat.
It's a constant guessing game wondering
when I'll have a normal day.  My left hip started
hurting again a little.


Oh goodie.  Not long ago the Summer school bus
dropped off some kids.  The one neighbor kid
made a v-line for our home almost immediately
and is now over here.   


Was outside with the boys and neighbor kid.
Had bare feet walking through the grass.
Not a place where you want to be with
bare feet at the moment.  It's like walking
over straw.  Crunch, crunch, crunch.

 Now they are saying 100 degrees for Thursday.
I don't think it really matters what they predict.
Once it hits 90 degrees, anything after
that is just plain HOT!
And I believe it when I see it if we get
any rain.  We've had so many chances
so far and it always misses us.
Told the kids they are to stay inside when it's
really hot out and to not have friends over
and to keep all doors closed!
We'll be in the basement working and staying cool.


Started hearing the helicopter flying around.
Nothing new around here and didn't think much
about it til it got louder and louder.
I peeked out the window and that bird
was just feet above the neighborhood trees
doing circles.  I then see three cop cars go
down the street with another that came minutes later.
I called mom since it looked like the cops were a couple
houses down from hers.  They saw the cops 
putting handcuffs on a person and hauling them off.
Found out through the neighborhood gossiper
that works for the township police that the person
was trying to steal copper off an air conditioner
or possibly the whole air conditioner.
Hoping it was the same person that broke
into my truck this morning.
If not they will be in for a rude awakening
if they come back...EVIL LAUGH!

 Can ya guess what I put in the console
and glove box for the next intruders???

Glue rat traps!

It's part of a maintenance vehicle used
for work with a maintenance tech at times right?
So it's nothing out of the ordinary to
find maintenance supplies in my truck. 
Just don't find the wrong ones, LOL!
I dare anyone to rummage around my stuff again!
They ain't getting these off their hands
right away if they touch them.  
You'll need mineral spirits or something
of the sort to remove them.
Oh yeah I can picture it now,
criminals running down the street
in the middle of the night with rat
traps on their hands.
Don't mess with mama's truck!!


Time for supper.
Here are the breakfast type pizzas I made.
Homemade pizza crusts,
sausage & gravy for sauce,
topped with scrambled eggs
made with ranch dressing (had no milk)
and sprinkled with mozarella cheese,
bell peppers and hot sauce.



Lots of people running around this evening.
Troublemaker shows up right after we pull in the
driveway.  Has no reason to be over here.
He knows we don't like him with a passion.
Should I link him up with my truck
being broke into?  Not sure yet.
If so bring it on because I'll give
new meaning to the phrase "Sticky Fingers" .

Got tired of teeny boppers coming over and
helping themselves to our basketball hoop to the point
that we took the complete top off the pole.
I don't mind that they play but they never want
to put it back and leave it out by the road.
Plus we now have a cracked bug visor
on the Dodge truck that I think was from
a basketball.   No respect no play.
Plus I don't want all these extra people over
here because I can't seem to trust anyone at the moment.



Tony got paged out for a clog
with a ceiling leak related to it somehow.
Don't ask me how he is still going
since 4:00am.


Hearing a lot of sirens in the area.
Decided to pull up the online scanner and give it a listen.
If you would like to pull up fire, police, sheriff, ambulance
and weather spotters in Franklin county check out
If you are in a different county or state
click the above link,
go to top of page where it says
Database, then Frequency Database
to find your state and county.
Then scroll towards bottom to 
listen to the different frequencies listed.
You can listen to more than one at once.

My goodness there's a lot going on
all over town tonight!  Been going non-stop.
There's nights where you might hear something
every now and then. 


Got someone across the road shooting
off some BIG fireworks tonight.
Police in the past have tried to confront 
me outside asking if I was setting them off.
I wasn't.  I told them I was only outside
watching them.

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