Monday, June 11, 2012



I have been trying to keep track of our vacation weather
on for Father's Day at the race track.
I don't think the weatherman knows exactly.
I have watched the prediction jump all over the board
in the last week.
In the last week I have seen it go from 85 with 60% chance of rain, 84 with 10% chance of rain, then last night it said 83 with 0% chance.  And this morning I checked it again and it
went from 83 last night to 89 degrees no rain and partly cloudy.
 I pray it's not hot!


I just called Tony at work to tell him that
upped their temps 6 degrees overnight.
And he was telling me of an incident that happened
at his work this morning at around 7:00am.
All I can say is what the frig is wrong with people!!!
From what I am understanding some guy
dumped gasoline in the middle of his living room
and set his apartment on fire.
They evacuated the whole building and that building
is not small.  I asked if you could see smoke 
billowing from the apartments and he said yes.
What goes through some people's minds
to do something like this is beyond me.
If you're like most people who can't pay rent
they usually skip out of their apartment
and leave during the night.
But why set it on fire with gasoline?
The person is long gone that did it but they
do have his information on file like
his driver's license to hopefully find him. 


Everyone that had evacuated is now back in their apartments
except for the apartment that was set fire and the one
below it with a lot of smoke damage.
An accellerant sniffing dog was brought in to determine
that gasoline was used.
Tony said the apartment that caught fire was pretty bad.



Slow day for me.  Glad to see a little rain.
Wish it was a little more so I didn't have to water
the garden as much and the grass is getting
a little crunchy when walking upon it.

Got a couple loads of laundry done.
My hip is hurting and I walk like Egor.
Not fun going up and down the basement stairs.
I put all 20 ice packs in the freezer downstairs.
That freezer is a little colder and larger than
the one upstairs.
I found a rubbermaid tote and started putting
things going on our trip in it.
That way when we go to pack, everything will be in 
one place.  I also have made a checklist to check 
off to make sure everything we need gets taken with us.



I made a cheap pizza for supper.
I pressed two cans of biscuits onto a cookie sheet
then topped with about 1/3rd can of Hunts
spaghetti sauce (mixed a little splenda in the sauce
so it wasn't so bity.  The rest of the sauce will
be put towards making lasagna).
I spread with 2 cups shredded cheese.
I picked up a package of pepperoni from DollarTree
the other day and placed them  on top.
Sprinkled with a little garlic powder.
Now waiting for it to bake about 10 or so minutes.

Tony brought home a Randy McNally map book
from work.  Now he wants to see if I can
plan a trip to stop by Lake Eerie
on Saturday if we leave a bit earlier than planned
then head to the hotel for the night before the race. 


Y'all want to see what an arsonist is capable of doing?
We took the kids over to see the apartment tonight.

We entered the hallway of the apartment and the 
smell of things that were burnt and charred
overwhelmed the air.  They had a large, heavy duty
air purifier running in the hallway.

Here we are at the door to the apartment.
You know this ain't gonna be good.

As soon as you look into the doorway you can
see where the fire was started.
This is by the door and dining room area.
 Going into fire units is really eerie!
It's like time has frozen and you walked
through the gates of hell.
There was still a plate with some food on the table.
A cell phone was on charge plugged into the wall.
The cell phone was sitting on the arm of the
sofa and was melted so badly I couldn't
tell you what kind it was.
 While this person fled the scene who started the fire
he had no consideration for other lives
that could have been at stake that lived in this building.
The fire marshal and detectives have recovered the 
gas can that was left behind.  It looked as though he poured it
around as he was walking out the door then lit it
because the most charred and blackened areas was
near the doorway and dining area.

The fridge near the doorway at the end of the kitchen
got so hot it melted the things inside it.

Looking into the living room area
connected to the dining area.

I don't think the thermostat could read 
the blazing hot temps that it got in there.

So hot it burnt off the stippled ceiling
and the only thing left of the ceiling fan
was the housing to the motor.

The billowing smoke traveled down the hallway
and into the bathroom where you can see the soot
dripping off the tiled bathroom walls.


Onto better things.
I wanted to show you what was going on
in my veggie garden.  It was loving the rain today.

Early Girl Tomatoes

Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes

Hot Banana Peppers

Bell Pepper

Cucumbers, onions, radishes and carrots

All my tomato plants.

Concord grapes.

My little garden.

Hostas, Daylilies with some yellow and white
onions mixed in between.

My Mathilda Hydrangea I got last year
for Mother's Day is starting to bloom.

Blackberries and Cream Hydrangeas.

Well it's 11:20pm and I'm going to head to bed.
Night all.



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