Sunday, June 24, 2012



Went down to the flea market this morning.
I had $10 left of spending money from vacation.
Didn't buy much.
I got Tony three larger Jeff Gordon cars.
The guy had $1.00 each on them then
told me he'd take $2.00 for the 3.
I also bought 4 matchbox cars from the same guy which were
originally .50 cents each but the same guy
said I could have them for $1.00 for all 4.
And I also found two other trans am matchbox cars
from two other sellers.  One was free,
the other was .50 cents.
I collect Trans Am cars whenever I find
them for cheap.  Today I just got lucky
with finding four, actually one was a Camaro.

Here's my dusty Trans Am/ Firebird collection.
One day I hope to have the basement done
and get a bunch of shelves put up to 
put our NASCAR and Trans Am collection on.
Right now they are getting pretty squished on the
small shelf in our bedroom.

This afternoon we stopped in a couple of thrift stores.
I was in search of another swimsuit.
One thrift store is getting ridiculous with their prices.
USED swimsuits are $10 to $15!!
I went to my usual thrift store and found
two swimsuits.
One was a one piece for $3.99
and the other is two pieces, $1.99 and .99 cents for each piece.
I got two swimsuits for $7.00,
less than the price of one at the one thrift store.
I was picky and wanted ones that had skirted
or flared bottoms to hide my flaws. 
Gotta love the person who invented those!
A less busier top with a smaller design would have been better.

The nascar race is getting ready to come on.
After the race this evening we'll be heading to the pool
for a few.  We try not to go in the heat of the day
especially when it's 90 degrees out.


It was still 91 degrees out when we got
to the pool at 6:30pm.  They have three pools at Tony's work.
One is closed and one had a large birthday party going on
so we ended up at the largest of the three pools.

Jonathan with his flippers on.

Christopher snorkeling.

Right before the pool closed we managed to retrieve
a bucketful of squashed cans from two trash
cans at the pool.  I didn't care what people thought of us
doing it.  If they were mostly college students then
they would understand what it's like to
struggle with money then.

Can't wait to see how many cans we find at the other pool
where the birthday party was going on.
Might have to wait til tomorrow though because
it was getting late to do that this evening. 


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