Thursday, June 14, 2012



I didn't have a good night last night.
At around midnight I awoke to go turn a tv off
in the living room.  The kids had gone to bed
and left it on.  I had felt fine.  I stopped by the restroom
before returning back to bed.  Once I stood up
it was like my whole body felt so heavy and I got dizzy.
I sat on the floor next to the toilet because of the
overwhelming feeling.  It almost felt as though I was going 
to pass out. Next my stomach felt sick.
I got sick a little bit then my whole body started
feeling REALLY hot and I broke out into 
an all over sweat. Jonathan had got up and asked what was wrong.
Not sure if I answered him because I felt so weak.
 I attempted to get up off the floor
and stand up then had stomach pains and had
a bout of diarrhea.
I made it back to bed.  I kept asking my honey to
turn the fan on high but he was sound asleep so I hollered
for Jonathan in the next room, which was still awake, to come in there and turn it up full blast and face it towards me.
I was scared and didn't even want to attempt to get
back out of bed for fear I would collapse on the floor.
I think I worried him because he told me just to lay
there and try to go back to sleep. He was the one by my side
the night I got really bad and had to go to the hospital.
This whole incident felt almost like that night
Tony had to call the ambulance.
The only thing different was that night
I went back and forth from sweating so bad
to having cold chills and shivering and I was sooo thirsty
but every time I drank anything I would have to get sick
moments later.  Then I would have go rounds
of diarrhea in between getting sick.
I got so weak that attempting to walk
back to bed caused me to collapse to the floor. 

I have been taking my prescription medicine this week.
It's the last of the pills I have and have been saving
them to take this week so I wouldn't have any
flare ups while on our trip out of town.



Working on a banana pudding.
My mind must still be asleep.
I put the pudding mix in a bowl with milk
and kept stirring and it wasn't thickening.
I looked at the box only to realize
it was cooked pudding, lol.
So in the pan it goes to thicken up.
So as I'm stirring I'm wondering what else
I could add to jazz it up a bit.
I added about 1/4 cup peanut butter.
We all like banana peanut butter bread so why
not make banana peanut butter pudding.
So now I am waiting for the pudding to cool
before adding a can of sweetened condensed milk
and cool whip.  Then I'll start layering that with
bananas and vanilla wafers in a glass bowl.
It will need time in the fridge to sit most of the day
so the pudding can absorb into the wafers. 



Got the banana pudding made.
My first time making one.

Now sitting here trying to eat a yogurt.
I forgot to eat one yesterday.
kroger needs to make more flavors!


I got a satellite image of 
Michigan International Raceway
to show y'all where we will be sitting.
It's on the end, mid way up,
at the entrance to pit row.
Right as they come out of turn four
and head for the front straight away.



So tired and body is throbbing.
This evening we went to Tony's work
and picked up a mountain bike that someone threw away.
I'd say in the last month his was stolen out
of our yard.  
Also found a bunch of other stuff like toiletry items,
laundry soap, a cat clawing tree, a radio Flyer wagon,
along with a bunch of other stuff.
Too sore to even take pics at the moment.
I just don't understand why people throw out
everyday items that they would need.
I mean who doesn't need bottles of shampoo,
conditioner, lotions, body washes, razors???

Still never found my other rolling suitcase
so went down and borrowed one of mom's this evening.

Gotta get up early tomorrow.
Going to our insurance office to get a copy
of our insurance card which got misplaced.
Definately need that for all the traveling!
Plus I want to ask them how their roadside
assistance works in case we have any problems.
I have no clue and there are no numbers to
call on the insurance card.

Well all I am heading to bed and praying
that the ibuprofen kicks in soon.
I walk around with a smile on my face
but feel like my insides are dying.
Hopefully we don't have any problems
tonight like I did last night with getting up
to go to the bathroom.



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