Saturday, June 16, 2012



Left out this morning about 8:30am.
Got to Oregon, Ohio -Maumee Bay around 11:30-noon.
Tom Tom is a Dumb Dumb because it doesn't give
you the most direct route.  I planned on going 23 up to Toledo
and Tom Tom said it was more ideal to go another way
after following 23 for a certain distance
and we ended up on the West side of Toledo near our hotel
rather than the East side so that was a little delay.
From then on I followed my written directions
and turned off Dum Dum!
Stayed til about 2:00pm.


Looked in the rear view mirror to see
this car getting ready to pass us!

 Looks like white sand but it is nothing
but crushed shells.  The whole beach wasn't this way,
just this area.

 Lighthouse off in distance at 10x's zoom on my camera.
 The same lighthouse above is about the center of the picture
below waaaay off in the distance.  You have to look really
hard for the tiny spec, lol.

 Swanton, Ohio 3:00pm
This caboose sits at McDonald's at the drive-thru.

 Our hotel room. 3:15pm


 Our room is to the left of the front door
behind the big bush.

These 3 vehicles are heading to MIS tomorrow, 
ours being the "Burban". 
We met the couple and their kids that own the
van at the pool and talked about racing. 

 I see we have someone else that like Jeff Gordon.
 Even have a Hamburg, New York here.

Oh yeah, this is what I'm talking about-  the hot tub at the hotel.
 The heated pool at the hotel.
 View of the airport directly behind the hotel.


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