Tuesday, November 6, 2012



Sitting here trying to get a game plan of 
where I would put my solar can heater(s).
Today is a nice and sunny day to start
tracking where the sun falls upon the backside
of the house to figure out a placement for the heater(s).

What about putting the solar heaters between
these two studs of the carport on the left?
It seems to be getting more sun than if
I were to put one by my son's bedroom window. 
Will keep tracking all day til about 5:30pm
to see if it would work.

My work area in background :0)

It's a pretty big opening between the supports.
I think I could get 3 solar heaters in between each set of supports.
I have three pieces of glass.  
If I made three heaters I could
possibly feed heat into those three windows
you see above, bedroom (L), bathroom (M), kitchen (R)
by running venting tubes underneath the carport roof.
Venting tubes need insulation and I haven't
figure that out yet.

My idea drawn out below whether I make it or not.
If I do it may be something that we'd
have to work on next year due to supplies needed.
I could change it by then as I haven't figured out
how to keep the sun off it during the Summer months.
I can always unhook the vents and put them into storage.
I might be able to make one temporary stand alone one this year.
* area is supposed to say 1x4 not 1x2

Just an idea as I am not a designer nor a professional builder!
Just a simple stay at home mom/housewife with ideas.  
So many kinds of creative ideas that hubby
thinks I'm crazy at times until those ideas come to life.


Hubby found a scooter that someone threw away
yesterday at work.  Youngest son will be happy!
It's missing a hand grip but we have a few extras.

And he found 3 rolls of toilet paper in a vacant apartment.
It's a good day when you have TP :0)

Boo thinks he's human, lol.

Going to take a nap.
I'm tired.
With this time change I've been going to bed earlier.
I think I was asleep by 9-9:30 last night 
and that's early for me.


There was a fatal accident around Morse Rd
and 71.  They have closed 71 from 670 to Morse Rd.
They say it could be closed
til rush hour or later so expect delays
with school buses and anyone getting off work
this afternoon.  I've already called hubby and
told him what to expect.  No matter how he comes
home he has to go over/under 71 where many people
might be trying to get off that road with all the congestion. 


You want to know how irritated I get with
trying to sell things on Craigslist.
Well I told you most responses want to trade
a vehicle for ours.
If I'm trying to get rid of a pickup
why in the heck would I want to trade for one???
One that is 20 years older than the one I'm selling!!!
<banging head on wall>
People will test you on there to see what they can get away with.


Working on supper.
Scrounging through the deep freezer looking for food.
I am almost out of meat! 
(no turkey pot pies.  I deleted that because
I think the meat was freezer burned and tasted funny.
Sucks that had to go to waste)
I found a large bowl of beef stew.
Thawed in microwave and warmed in pot on stove.
I added a bunch of water to it turn it
into a soup to fill everyone's bellies. 
Serving with some saltine crackers.
It seems that all the meals I have put back
for when I get a Crohn's flare up I have been using lately
due to running out of things.

Payday is Friday and might take a little
out of that pay to go to Aldis to get food
for the next two weeks.
Need to make up a menu for two weeks
with really cheap food!
So as I find ideas of what to buy and make
I'll add a tab to top of this page for 
cheap meals to make on a very low budget.
Yeah I am getting worried about the money situation.
Please keep praying that we are able to sell this truck!
It would help out soooo much! 


I need to label my freezer food more better!  lol.
What I thought was beef stew turned
out to be cut up brats with potatoes, carrots
and sauerkraut.  At first I thought, man I put
a lot of onions in this beef stew, lol.
It's not onions, it's sauerkraut. 

Just called hubby to see how traffic was.
He hasn't even left work yet.
Well that would have been nice to know.
Good thing I gave the kids supper when I did.
I tried so hard to cover up the sauerkraut in the 
soup by crushing crackers on top before serving
to the kids since they don't like it.
One kid discovered it and still ate about half his
bowl.  The other child didn't notice it and
ate his bowl along with the other half bowl. 

Hubby worked over because they were down
three people at work today and the other
3 people got overloaded with work orders
emergency calls and punch outs that included
painting apartments.
2 people called off sick and they are already down
another person because he got fired for
pretty much slacking on the job.
I hope and pray they give hubby overtime
because of being overloaded but being the
company that they are I wouldn't be surprised
if they sent him home early tomorrow.

I've told the kids this Christmas won't be as
big as last or other Christmas' to try and prepare them
ahead of time.  I said you can choose a bunch of little
cheap gifts to have or one larger gift with a couple
small cheap gifts.  They chose the large gift
with a couple smaller gifts.
I'd rather them to know what to expect
than to be heartbroken and disappointed.
I do have 2-3 gift cards along with a little bit
of money saved up to spend for Christmas.
I've been having to dip into my Christmas savings
to get by so it's not what it should be.


I just popped a couple acetaminophen and took a hot bubble bath because my body started aching.
Shoulders are hurting as well
from picking that glass up the other day.

 Oh yeah, just what I wanted to hear.
They are playing Christmas music on 93.3!!!!!
Frosty the snowman is playing.  Oh dear!

I watched this on Youtube and about bawled.
Can't show my weaker side around my family
as I have to try to remain strong so their
spirits still run high.  Don't need a whole houseful 
of people down in the dumps.
You know the holidays aren't even here
and I'm stressing over them already.


I went to lay down and ended up watching
Extreme Cheapskates on TLC.
It was weird that I just mentioned this show the
other day and the show on tonight is about
a woman who lives in Columbus, OH.
Oh it gets better.  She doesn't live far from here!!
She lives in Forest Park!!  It showed a clip in the 
show of the Forest Park sign.
I cannot find a video of the show but you
can read about it HERE. 
That show will cheer you up if you are feeling down.
I don't have it that bad!
She pees in a bottle and uses the pee in her
compost pile, ahhh!  
I did see something of interest that she does though.
She puts her freezer on a timer to run for
12 hours and off for 12 hours.
I know for a fact that food in the freezer won't
thaw out in 12 hours time because of when
we had power outages for days and as long
as you don't open the lid everything will stay frozen.

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