Tuesday, November 13, 2012



I'm not having fun this morning!
It's 29 and feels like 24 degrees out with
a 41 for a high.
I allow myself 15 minutes to warm the truck
up and let it run to defrost the windows
before leaving to go to the bus stop.
For starters I couldn't get the lock on the gate to
slide open so pushed the gate open which
in turn broke a piece of wood off the top.
Next I couldn't get my key into any key hole on
the truck.  And if it did go in it wouldn't turn
to unlock the doors.  Ran back inside and grabbed by lighter.
Heated the outside of the door lock some then
heated my key up and it worked.  Still had
to pull like heck to get doors open.
Even after 15 minutes I still had to scrape my windows.
Ice scraper was in the back of the truck.
Barn doors were frozen so I had to climb over seats
to get it.  No washer fluid coming out to help my windows.
The driver's side wiper wasn't even hitting half the
window because of frost.  I spent my time while
sitting at the bus stop wiping the insides of my windshield.
Awhile back I used RainX defogger on my windows.
That stuff doesn't work!  My windows on the inside look
as though I sprayed them with something and left it to run down
the window without wiping with streaks.
Oh and I look like I'm read to go hunting with 
my camo leaves frozen on the hood and top of the truck. 


Time to try this again, getting my tags and license renewed
and go to the bank this morning.
Might see if mom will also go over to Menards with me so I can pick up a tube of high heat silicone for the heater
and some thumbtacks to put my door weather stripping up. 
Need to get a move on with the solar heater
so I can park my truck under the carport and
not have to go through what I went through
this morning with frost/ice!!


This morning went pretty well at the BMV, bank and Menards.
There was about 10 people in line in front of
me at the BMV but the line moved really quick
surprisingly.  Driver's license photo actually turned
out good :0)

Stopped in Menards to get some flat head
metal thumbtacks to put my door weather stripping up
and I got a tube of Flamebuster High Heat Latex.
Couldn't find the other silicone I posted about yesterday
and this was the only high heat one I could find
which resists temperatures up to 1800 degrees.
It was actually cheaper than the silicone and was $4.97 a tube.
It says it's good to use around wiring, vents
and duct work.

I also found my hubby a pair of 
self molding insoles for his shoes with the 
bad feet he has.  They were on sale for $5.00.
If you were to get Dr. Scholl's memory foam
insoles it would run you about $15.00.
I was able to take them out of the packaging
before buying to check them out to see
how thick and cushy they were.
I hate packaging where you can't remove
items to see them before buying.
Because how are you supposed to know
how thick they are just through a little
opening in the front of the package when
they have two insoles stacked together?!

Oh and I also got a couple boxes of 20.8 ounce cereals
for $1.88.  Can't beat that price without
coupons for a large box of cereal.

12:00 - 1:30pm

I went through and punched holes in the rest
of the cans I need for the solar heater.
They already had their tops removed and only
needed the three holes in the bottoms.
Instead of using a drill, I took a pair of closed scissors
and punched each hole and twisted a little to make them
while sitting on the couch and watching tv
inside where it was warm.

I then started the tedious task of 
putting the high heat caulk on them.
It looks like a red clay.
I got 38 pairs done.
I do two at a time.
Still have to remove the waterproof silicone off all
the cans in the upper portion of the photo
and redo them with high heat caulk.
Want to make sure everything is done right
before sealing it all up!!

I've been brainstorming as to how to
run fans and ventilation to this thing.
I think I'm gonna need more powerful fans
than the small computer ones I have considering
the solar heater will have about 25 feet of
vent tube.  I can't sit it up against the house
because there's not enough sun there and will
have to put it at the side of the carport.
Was wondering if I could use this twin window
fan that has the option to vent in and out
on each fan along with a temperature control, timer
and 3 different speed controls.
It has sides that pull out to fit the whole window
and I could insulate those with pieces of
extra insulation.  Just an idea.
Don't have a plan as to how to attach 
the vent hose to it though but working on it.


After school snack of nacho Bugles
and a mug of hot chocolate with pumpkin spice marshmallows.

The only total solar eclipse of 2012

will begin t 3:35pm today!


Supper tonight-

Cocktail sausages wrapped in biscuits
along with mozarella cheese wrapped in biscuits
served with spaghetti sauce dip.

I made a double batch.
One for now and one
for a snack later on before bed.

Double batch-

3 cans biscuits
2 cans, biscuits cut in half.  
1 can biscuits cut into quarters.

8 mozarella cheese sticks.  Each one cut into 6 pieces. (.96 cents)

1 package cocktail sausages ($2.50)

parmesan cheese, garlic powder, oregano
(mix together in small bowl) (.25 cents)

Spaghetti sauce (.59 cents)

Wrap each cocktail sausage with one quarter
of a biscuit.  Place on cookie sheet.

Wrap each cut piece of cheese in 
half biscuit.  Pinch edges together then
roll into a ball in your hands.
Roll biscuit into parmesan mix.
Place on cookie sheet.

Bake 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes.



Me-1 Cat-1

I bought a couple of flea and tick collars
today at Menards for $2.99.  They are
good for 6 months.
I got one on Boo earlier with no problem.
I had a collar on him and who knows what
happened to it.  Boo don't give a crap
about you putting collars on.
It's Mow that give a big flying crap about collars!
I looked like I was hog tying a pig on the floor
trying to get that sucker on him.
In the process I got clawed to hell and back
and are now wearing a fur coat.

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