Saturday, November 17, 2012



Took some scrap metal to the recycling place this morning.
Made $57.96 off the little bit we took there,
aluminum, brass and copper
along with a couple furnace motors.

While at the scrap place I noticed they had a dryer duct and asked
if they sell stuff that I was interested in
purchasing it.  The guy said yes and told me $1.00.
I would assume they would have deducted that
off my check but when looking at the check
I didn't see it on there so I must of got it free.
They didn't ask me for a dollar so who knows.
 A very good deal either way.

 On our way over to the bank to deposit
the scrap metal check I saw a garage sale and stopped.
I only had $1.00 cash.
Here is what I got for my $1.00-

Mr. Wonderful talking doll.
Mom had gotten one of these earlier this year
at a yard sale and gifted it to a friend so
that's how I knew what it was.
It didn't talk when I bought it and had to replace
it's batteries.  Now I'm gonna give mom
a Mr. Wonderful for either Christmas or her birthday, lol.
I also bought a pair of long black suede boots.
Loving them!  They are so lightweight.
I hate shoes/boots that are clunky and heavy.

After the bank we stopped by Speedway so
hubby could get a coffee.
I just had to get a package of orange Hostess cupcakes, lol.
My favorite!
I put them in the freezer once home.
We also got a coupon for a free cold drink or coffee
by using our Speedy Rewards card.

Well I'm gonna go fix everyone hot dogs for lunch
then go work on my solar heater.


Been working all afternoon on the solar heater.
Well except for hooking the dryer ducts up to it.
I have to let any and all silicone that we used on it
dry overnight.  Then tomorrow I have to 
set it out in the sun with no ducts hooked to it to "bake" and cure the paint and give it time to get any silicone or paint
fumes out of it before hooking to the house.
I do have one solar fan hooked to it to vent out the heat
and I'll use the electric fan indoors to put 
air into it.
I'm just too freaking tired to even post all the pics tonight
about everything we did, which was a lot!
I'll post them under the Solar Can Heater tab up top
when I get a moment.

Even added metal trim around the outside of the box
and drilled a hole in the
side and added a thermometer to see what the 
actual temperature inside the box gets to.

Even got the window piece done.
The dryer ducts will hook to these
and run to the solar heater.
The electric fan will go into the bottom hole.
This design I had to come up with myself.
Most solar can heaters you see on Google
or YouTube have them going into windows
that slide up and down or the holes going directly
into the side of the house.  I don't think I've seen
one going into windows that slide side to side. 

Tony must of told his boss/supervisor at work what I was making.
Well boss man doesn't believe that this solar heater 
will work.  I am so praying that it does!
I gotta show those maintenance guys
that a woman is also capable of doing something
like this and making it work. ;0P
I have studied so long and hard as to how
to make this thing and worked really hard
with putting it together!  I took my time
so as to not screw it up and have to redo anything on it.

We also did some yard work today.
And I managed to get a couple loads of laundry done.
Used a leaf blower and blew all the leaves in the
backyard up along the back fence where I planted
the rose bushes to give them a blankie this Winter.
Hubby mowed the front yard and just ran over
any leaves out there.  Got the gutters cleaned out
of any leaves and pulled up any dead flowers
in the flower beds around the yard.
I'm beat.  I couldn't find any acetaminophin 
for any aches and pains this evening so took
a couple ibuprofen which I'm not supposed to take.
I don't think it would hurt as long as I don't do
it all the time.

The boys did help out in the yard so that was a plus.

The leaves in the rose bed along the fence. 

Well it's 6:30 and I'm ready to head to bed!
I went to bed last night about this same time.
 Didn't go right to sleep and watched tv for a bit
and cuddled up with my heating pad.
I told hubby I'm cheating on him with the heating pad.
The heating pad is a HOTTIE!  Who could resist!  LOL.
I got up at 6:30am this morning
and plan to get up at the same time tomorrow
morning.  Heading to the flea market one last
time this year tomorrow morning.

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