Sunday, November 18, 2012



Ok, I got up a half hour earlier than I wanted to.
Why?  Because a little fuzzball has been meowing
non stop during the night to the point I turned
the tv on in our bedroom to drown him out. 
Why?  Because we shut the bedroom door and
he couldn't get in our room.  AHHHHH! 

Sitting here enjoying the quietness.
One child did get up though about the 
same time as me.  
I'm checking out some of the Hostess auctions
on Ebay and they are just so crazy at this time!
See for yourself the ridiculous prices people
are putting on these snack cakes HERE.
In the millions!  Come on now!
I'm pretty sure someone will come along and buy
the Hostess company and start making all
their products once again.
I don't know if these prices are to make
a statement about them going out of business or what.


At 12:00pm we set up the solar heater in the yard.
It's not connected to the house just yet.
The temperature outside is 54 degrees and full sun.
By 1:00pm the temperature in the
solar can heater got to 210 degrees!

 To show you the heat that comes out of
this solar heater I have a video clip of the shadow
behind it.  You can actually see the heat exhaust
in a shadow up against the car cover!
Look really close to see the heat waves.


I've been so tired today and actually just got
up from a couple hour nap not long ago
then fixed supper of creamed chipped corned beef
over biscuits for everyone.

This morning we went to the last day of the 
flea market for this year.
I bought 3 boxes of Little Debbies.
They were either .75 cents a box or 3 for $2.00.
So I paid .67 cents a box when I got three.
-blueberry swiss roll
-boston cream roll
-chocolate chip granola bars

I also bought 3 Betty Crocker cake mixes.
Those were also 3 for $2.00.
-butter pecan
-french vanilla
-butter yellow

And lastly I bought my honey
a Jeff Gordon item for $2.00.
He didn't see it and I plan to put it back for Christmas.
Just like this one HERE

It's a good thing I got a couple loads
of laundry done the other day.
I haven't felt like doing anything today
because of being so freaking tired thanks
to a bleeping cat! I probably got 4-5 sleep last night.
The kids only have two days of school this week
so I can play catch up some on those days off.
Well minus Thanksgiving day.  We won't
be home and will be going to Indian Lake that day
to the in-laws home.


This pisses me off-  I went to Sears website for
an early black Friday sale they were having this evening.
They had 32 inch lcd tvs for $97!
It said free site to store shipping but it also
said there were no stores in my area available
to do that.  Then in the side margin it said
free shipping on orders over $49 so I thought ok cool
I'll have it shipped to the house.  Well
there was no option available to click to have it shipped.
I tried my damndest to get it to go through and
nothing worked on the shipping part.  So bummed!
It is no longer available but they have some 
other things you may want to check out.
It is only good for 1 day 4 hours according
to their countdown timer.

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