Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Kids are out of school today due to 
some kind of teacher training class.

I got more cans glued this morning.
I should be done with gluing cans today I hope!
My forearm is sore due to the caulk gun.
I was 5 cans short so had to cut more cans,
wash them out and now awaiting for them
to dry then will punch holes in the bottom
and glue to the rest of them.

12 rows by 13 rows is a total of 156 cans.

 I have a plan for supporting the solar heater once done.
For the best sun to hit it you should put it
at about a 65 degree angle.  That's the angle of
the sun during Winter months.
I want to prop the heater up against an old
ladder we have.  This is an example in the photo
below but not the actual ladder I will be using.
This is a lightweight ladder and the other ladder is
much heaver.
But you can see the angle it has for the steps.
Close enough for that correct angle.
It'll be better than being completely upright. 
But I have also read that Columbus is 41 latitude
so should it be at a 41 degree angle instead?
Will have to play with it some.


Started putting my .50 cent rubber weather stripping
around the back door.  During the colder weather
I can feel cold air coming through the gaps
and for the past three years have always put
a blanket over that door.  This weather stripping
looks like it will do the trick!



Might go out and glue a few more
cans together then work on sealing a
few bedroom windows with the waterproof silcone.
Any cold air drafts you can keep out of your house
during the cold seasons will help your heating bill.
Last year I sprayed foam and or applied silicone around the outside basement walls where pipes or wiring went into
holes through the basement concrete blocks. 
It helped especially to keep water out.
We was getting water on the breaker box
during heavy downpours.  No more water!
No more replacing main breakers (only 3 years old at that)!
We lost half the electricity to our home
last Winter because of it.
Lucky for us a friend bought the breaker
and installed it and called it our Christmas present.
The breaker was about $90 I think.
I should waterproof silicone around all
the basement windows.
Maybe this weekend as I'm not that energetic just yet, lol.


All cans now are officially glued together
and are drying.  Thank goodness!


Got two windows caulked.
Not the prettiest but should work.
I think I see one more window to do later on.

Need to work on some lunch soon.
Looks like a ramen noodle kinda day, lol.


Got windows caulked, weather stripping on door,
cans glued, 2 loads laundry done,
cleaned up living & dining room, swept the floor.
Happy Birthday to me, lol.
Oh and Mother Nature gave me a gift today.
Time to go change my clothes because if I get any
furrier from cleaning I'm gonna look like a cat!
Getting ready to go to mom's for birthday dinner,
cake & ice cream.

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