Saturday, November 10, 2012



Hubby found these Nike tennis shoes at work yesterday
thinking he could fit them.  He wears wide shoes
due to his diabetic and swollen feet and these are not wides.
They look almost brand new without hardly any wear
to the soles or insides!  I'm gonna take a Mr. Clean
Magic Eraser to the white areas and give them a light cleaning
and give them to my oldest son for Christmas
because I think he wears the same size as hubby
but doesn't wear wides.
I know these shoes were about $100 to $200 when new!
They are Nike Zoom Flight.


Went to Menards and got most supplies
needed for the solar can heater.
I splurged and spent $30.
-4x8 foil covered insulation panel
-4x8 thin plywood
-three 1"x3.5"x8' boards
-three 8' metal corner strips
-high heat grill flat black spray paint

The only thing I need now is dryer duct.
I'm pretty sure I have some in the basement
I got brand new at the thrift store for .90 cents.
Not sure how long it is though as I'm thinking
I'm gonna need about two 25 foot ducts.
I'm just glad to be making the box for now.

Got two people interested in the truck today
that's supposed to come look at it.
I don't get any hopes up over it.
One guy lives up the street and wants
to trade guns for it.  I don't think so.
Cash talks especially when one is broke!


Sitting down and eating lunch for a moment.
Got the glass to the table cleaned up and
removed the weather strip.

Got out the crappy cardboard solar heater
to show hubby how it worked.
After sitting out a little bit and getting
more direct full on sun than the last time I tested it
it got up to 170 degrees inside!
Outside temperature today is 70 degrees and 100% sun.

Got some pizza dough going in the 
bread machine for some macaroni & cheese and hot dog pizzas
for supper tonight.

Well lunch is over and belly is full.
Time to go outside and work on assembling
the box for the solar heater.
Gotta cut down the side boards to fit and
gotta pre drill some holes before putting the screws in it
so it doesn't split the wood.


So tired and feel wore out.
We've been working on the solar heater all
afternoon.  I've been happy with the way
it's been turning out.

Today we got the box cut and made,
insulated, siliconed.  I have step by step
photos that I'll sometime put under the 
tab "Solar Can Heater" above. 
Too too tired to do it now and are
are trying to get a little grub in my belly.

Oh, we had the first person to actually stop
by and look at the truck we have for sale.
He says he wants to buy it and asked would
we go $1400 on it.  Oh yeah!
Problem is nowhere is open this evening
to find a notary to do the title.  Will look for a notary tomorrow
and if that don't work then will try for Monday.
Thank you for all your prayers if this does
go through.  The sale of this truck will help
out sooo much.  At least I will be able to breathe easier.  

When the guy showed up to look at the truck we
were working on the solar heater.
He became interested in it because
he said his friend owned a house over 100 years
old and was wanting to find a way to get more
heat in it that didn't cost him an arm and a leg.

Here are some photos from today's progress
on the solar can heater.
Like I said another time I'll add the step by step
photos I took as we went. 
It will house 156 aluminum cans.
If need be I could always make two more
of these solar heaters the exact same size
and hook them all together for a total of 468 cans.
One for now and if it works pretty good
then next year (over the Summer) I can
work on two more.

I didn't have any written or printed directions
and only went by memory after studying these
heaters online.  No one in my family even knew
what one was let alone even knew how to
put one together.  It was all my plans and I had
to tell everyone what to do and how to do it.

Done for now.  Will work more on it tomorrow.
Still have to silicone all the cans together in stacks.
They are not glued in the above photo.
And as you can see the headers do not
have any holes drilled in them yet.
And the fans do not have their holes.
Lots more to do still.
But off to a really great start!

It's only 8:15pm
and I'm ready to go nighty night!
Too pooped to pop!

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