Monday, November 12, 2012


8 - 10:30am

Well today didn't go as planned.
Got the kids taken to the bus stop by 7:00am.
Came back home and put some make up
on and kinda did up my hair by 8:00am.
I had planned to go get my license and two car
tags renewed today.
Got over to the BMV and guess what,
they are closed for Veteran's Day.  Ahhhh!
So from there went to the bank to put
the money we got from the truck into our checking account.
And same thing, closed!
Double ahhhh!
The next place me and mom wanted to go was
Aldis but they weren't open yet so I took
her to McDonalds for breakfast while waiting.
Spent $5 and change for breakfast
for the both of us.  We split one drink.

Got to Aldis.  I didn't have a list.
I hardly have anything in the house so 
just went through the store and put whatever
in my cart til it was full.
I figured a full, actually overflowing, cart would run about $100
and that included the bottom rack on the 
cart by the wheels.  I spent $107.
I was very careful as to what I chose.
I didn't want convenient foods like pizzas,
entrees and such.  I wanted things I could
make meals with from scratch or close to it.
I figured with what I bought today will mostly
last us for the next 2 to 3 weeks, hoping anyway.
So figure about $33 to $50 a week for the main groceries.
That's pretty darn good for a family of 4
without having to use any coupons.
Now of course I'll have to go to the store
for things during these weeks like eggs, bread, pop,
milk, cheese, basic stuff. 

Aldis had a very good deal on potatoes.
I bought 30 pounds of potatoes for $2.97.
They were .99 cents for a 10 pound bag!
That's .10 cents a pound!

Yesterday when we were out and about 
and almost home hubby told me to turn the
truck around he thought he saw something
on the side of the road in someone's trash 
that I might want.  So I did.
He found me a dryer duct for free!  Woo hoo!
It has a smushed part that I think I can hammer
back out.  It's a thick duct not the cheap flimsy ones.
It'll stretch out even further than what it shows in the pic.
I can use this for helping to vent the 
solar can heater.  I'll still need more though
but this will help cut the cost :0)


4 rolls ground turkey

20 hash brown patties

2- 10 count boxes of sausage links

2 frozen cans 100% orange juice

2 frozen cans 100% apple juice

1 packages hot dogs

1 package cocktail weenies

13 chicken leg quarters

bag of 24 meatballs

1 package bologna

5 pack brats

box of 16 hamburgers

2- 3lb bags of onions

3- 10lb bags of potatoes

12 count package chicken ramen noodles

12 count package beef ramen noodles

2lb bag brown sugar

5 bananas

1 bag nacho tortilla chips

1 bag bbq potato chips

2 bags pumpkin spice marshmallows

italian dressing

1 gallon milk

1 dozen eggs

8oz. mushrooms

4 cup package shredded mozarella cheese

box of 20 count french toast sticks

package of 3 heads of fresh broccoli

package of 16 american cheese slices

4 cans biscuits

package 10 flour tortillas

2 chicken pot pies

2 1lb packages of baby carrots

2 bags frozen corn

canned whipped cream

2 boxes instant mashed potatoes

1 box chicken "rice a roni"

1 box beef "rice a roni"

Boxed cheesecake mix

2 cans tuna fish

2 can no beans chili

2 cans cream of mushroom soup

2 cans cream of chicken soup

2 cans tomato soup

1 bag wide egg noodles

2lb box spaghetti

1lb box lasagna noodles

1 large can baked beans

1 tub orange frosting

100 count reclosable sandwich bags

1 bag oyster crackers


After school snack today for each child-

1 slice of leftover macaroni & cheese and hot dog pizza
milk warmed in a pan with some
vitamin hot chocolate mix 
topped with pumpkin spice marshmallows. 

That should hit the spot on a cold, windy,
rainy, yucky day.
This weekend was lower 70's and now it's 
42 and feel like 35 degrees.
They even said that we could
see some snow today. 
Only in Ohio can you go from Spring to Winter,
all 4 seasons, in one week!

I'm thinking about making some hamburgers ($1.80)
for supper served on white bread (.50 cents) with a slice of
cheese (.66 cents) , ketchup (.10 cents) , mustard (.05 cents), onions (.05 cents) and sweet relish (.05 cents)
with a side of chips (.75 cents)

(everyone gets 1 1/2 cheeseburgers)


I was reading on channel 10's website that
Saturday there was a 4.3 magnitude earthquake in
Kentucky that could be felt in places
like Pataskala, Circleville and Westerville.
Not sure what time it was but me nor the kids
remember feeling any tremors that day
and we were outside working on the solar heater.


I had some concerns about gluing my cans together
for the solar box.  I want it done right the first time
and don't want to have to take this box apart.
I was using waterproof silicone to glue the cans together.
I think I might try to peel off any silicone
on the cans I did and replace it with
a High Heat Silicone.  You don't need fumes entering
your home or risk the chance of silicone melting
or causing other problems if you don't use the
right kind.    So here is what I will probably
end up using instead of the waterproof silicone-
High Temperature Silicone
Menards $6.31 a tube.

I think the waterproof silicone I used
to make the wooden box will be ok.


My head is spinning.  Just got off the phone
with a health insurance person from Worthington.
When your insurance is climbing to over
$600 a month, you're willing to listen to other options
and see if other
insurance companies may be cheaper
than your health insurance through your employer.
It's a business that deals with numerous
health insurance companies that look for 
the best deals and rates to fit your family's needs.
I've gotten car insurance through a company like this before.
Now I deal with one main company  
that has a better standing even if that means
paying a little more.  I now have a home to worry
about and need better coverage.  I have my home and car insurance through the same company to get a discount.

Well it's a little after 7:00pm
and I'm wearing down.  Time to hit the shower
and retire to bed soon.
Ever since the time change I've been going to bed
earlier and earlier.  I can say I actually slept well last night.
Something I haven't been able to do in awhile with
all the worrying.

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