Saturday, November 3, 2012



Got up early and went to the scrap place.
Here is what we took.

We made $40 on the scrap metal
and $21 on the batteries for a total of $60.97.
Plus $50.40 from last week's scrap.
For a grand total of $111.37 for scrap for the past two weeks!!

Got home and started a crock pot full of
baked potatoes.  I sliced the large potatoes
in half, slathered them in olive oil, sprinkled
with seasoned salt and then wrapped in aluminum foil.
My aluminum foil was recycled from pieces I had saved
where I had wrapped bowls or the tops of casserole dishes.
I put them in a dry crock pot and will cook
them on low heat for most of the day til supper. 

 I should be on the show Extreme Cheapskates.
Well I'm not as extreme as those people though
but find ways to make do when money is tight.
We ran out of toilet paper.
Hubby, when he does maintenance on 
vacant apartments, will save all remaining rolls
of toilet paper left on the roller left behind by
previous residents.  He's saved up a small bag
of half rolls of toilet paper so far.
That is what we are using currently.

I changed out my shower curtain.
It was getting some mold on it and
had rust stains from the water.
A resident left behind a shower curtain in a vacated
apartment at hubby's work so I took it
and that's what I am putting up.
We have a bathroom ventilation fan but 
hadn't been using it because it was very noisy.
Hubby replaced the motor in it with a much
quieter one so hopefully htat will help
with any moisture in there now.


After with my salvaged shower curtain from an empty apartment.

I'm still going to save my old shower curtain and 
plan to put it in the washer with some hot
water and bleach.  I put the changing table
full of aluminum cans and supplies for my
solar heater outside til I am able to make
the bigger  version.  I plan to take
the shower curtain and put it over my supplies
for the Winter or til I can make it. 

While hubby was working on cleaning the kitchen
and doing dishes I got the cat boxes dumped.
I decided to try something a little different with them.
Usually I have two litter boxes sitting side by side.
And the problem with that is they will scrape litter
from one box to the other sometimes leaving one box
without litter.  Another problem I'm having is
cleaning up all the litter they get outside the box
from all their scraping.  So much litter that I can
fill my canister in my vacuum full of it.
So here's the solution I came up with.
I set the litter boxes each in a tote with
taller sides.


Lunch time.   Having hot dogs and mac & cheese.

I've already started working on supper for tomorrow.
Figured I'd try out my Oster Kitchen Center's
 pasta attachment.  I don't know why pasta can
be so expensive at the store when the ingredients consist of 
1 cup flour, 1 egg, and a dash of salt and
a couple tablespoons water per batch. 
I also added in some onion powder and basil.
I am making rigatoni pasta and will have it 
with spaghetti sauce and Italian sausage tomorrow.
Here's the first run off the pasta maker
which uses the meat grinder attachment.
To let the pasta come out too far when making
rigatoni causes it to collapse the tubes.
I run the machine for a couple seconds,
trim off rigatoni pasta with scissors after a couple of
inches extrudes through the die, place on tray,
and repeat.


Went to Kroger to get a handful of items.
I've spent between $20 to $25 for groceries this week.
Told y'all I didn't have much to spend.

I did get two cake mixes.
One to make pumpkin cake
and one to make caramel apple cupcakes 
for Thanksgiving.
I already had devil's food cake to make
for my birthday but had to get a cream cheese
to make black bottom cupcakes, my favorite.
I also got some sharp shredded cheese so
I can start making roll dough for Thanksgiving.
Tony thinks I'm planning too far ahead
for Thanksgiving.  Me, well I just want
to get the stuff mostly done and freeze it while
I have the time and I don't have
to worry about making much of it right
before the holiday.

For Thanksgiving I'm making-
-cheddar, garlic & honey butter homemade rolls
-homemade noodles
-pumpkin cake with cream cheese drizzled frosting
-caramel apple filled cupcakes with frosting

Thanksgiving is making my head spin.
One moment I think we're going to
my brother's house and as of today
we're going to my in-laws house.
Someone make up my mind!!
For the past 8 or so years no one was doing
anything for Thanksgiving and we decided
to have it at our home for parents to come to.
Now out of the blue last year we were 
invited to my brothers and this year
to my brothers AND in-laws.  It's kinda nice not having the
stress that comes with having it at our house.
Now the stress is you can't be in two places
at one time so where do you go for
Thanksgiving that it doesn't hurt someone's feelings.
As for Christmas, we're staying home!!


Time to get supper dished up.
Potatoes in the crock are done,
nice and tender.  Oh, and as a special dish,
I did another crock pot full of chicken
gizzards for hubby and the kids for 
a treat later on.


I'm going for a new look.
What do ya think?

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