Friday, November 9, 2012



Chilly outside this morning at 32 degrees and frost.
Because of the sun screen I didn't have any on
my windshield.  I did see the first Christmas tree
sitting in someone's window this morning lit up, ahhhh!
Too early for that. 

When it rains it pours it seems.
Hubby finds a new windshield wiper for his car yesterday
and now my truck's driver's side wiper is acting up.
It's only hitting half way and half the wiper is
flipping upwards.  Found this out when I went
to wash my windows this morning.
Had to get out of the truck, stand on the door jam
and grab the wiper while it was moving to push it
up against the windshield to wipe off
the washer fluid I sprayed on there.
Once turned off I couldn't get the wiper 
to go down.  Will see if hubby can fix it or
it will cost $5.00 for another wiper.
They have them at that price at Meijer and Walmart.
May be a little less than that at one of those stores like $4 and change.

And the rain keeps pouring.
Yesterday while on the playground my one son
stepped on a nail.  I kept him home from school
today because his foot is sore to walk on.
I'm not sure if or how far it had gone into his foot
or if it just scratched the skin.
I'm keeping a watch on it and washing it out
with peroxide.  Don't know yet if I should
take him to get a tetnus shot.  Oh I don't know
if I look forward to that or not.  Should
of seen how it went with a back to school shot.
Imagine putting a cat in a car and taking it
for a ride and it flipping out.  That about
describes it.

We have a guy that's very interested in our truck
and has contacted us a lot about it.
In his last email he asked if we could bring the
truck to him to see it.  For starters I don't have
extra gas money to throw around in a gas hog
to have someone "look at it"!
Let alone to drive it to Deer Creek round trip.
And what if he wanted to buy it on the spot.
How the hell are we getting back home?
Some people don't think.
We already told him on another occasion,
when he asked to meet somewhere, that
we didn't have the gas money to do so.
So why would he think we could bring the truck to him?
Still getting a lot of responses about wanting
to trade for the truck.
And a response offering $1,000.
I can't believe people would offer $500 less
before even seeing the truck.  It pisses me off.
I dare anyone to go out and see if they can find
a running truck that doesn't have over 160,000 miles
on it with 4x4, no rust and an extended cab not older than
a 96 that is $1,000.  That person has lost their mind.
I'm already losing out at $1,500.


I checked mine.  Have you checked yours?
Best to use by date on bottom says October 2014.


Hey Kendra, would it be possible to print 
this Save-A-Lot coupon for me for $5 off $25?

I'm hoping Save A Lot offers more of their
10 for $10 in the near future so I can stock
up on some meats for $20 because I'm about all out
and have limited grocery funds.
Sometimes they have these items for $1.00:
-ground sausage
-ground turkey
-imitation crab
-hot dogs
-smoked sausage 

Tonight's supper will be
grilled cheese with tomato soup.
I only have one can of tomato soup for 4 people
so thought about adding the half
can of spaghetti sauce I have leftover from yesterday
into it to stretch it further.

Might make up some more of the seasoned
saltine ranch crackers.
My one child made the comment last night
that those were better than any chips!
Good to know because I think these would be
healthier with them being less
fattening than chips.  I think I figured
3 grams of fat for every 15 crackers.
And it's not like they are eating 15 crackers at once.
More like 4 at a time here and there.
They are more filling than chips.


I had to pop a couple acetaminophin.
Body started getting achy yesterday.
I hope this crap doesn't start up.
Got too much to do and it's supposed to be a nice weekend.
Don't want to spend it in bed being down and out.
Will fight it the best I can.
I want to work on the solar heater 
with half way decent weather this weekend.


Before going along with this solar can heater
project I have to prove to hubby that it will work.
I can understand why.  I don't want to spend
any money on something that does not work,
especially when money is very tight. 
But my way of thinking is spend a little
money on it to make the solar can heater
to save money of the gas bill this Winter.
So today I took the half assed can solar heater
that I made with a cardboard box and a piece
of glass that did not totally cover the box,
probably had a 4-5 inch opening
down the one side of the box on the front,
that's the reason for the plastic temporarily
on the side to cover up that opening.

The solar fan was working to push air up from
the bottom.  This was pushing outside air in it.
I do have a small 15 watt electric fan I could use should
the solar fan I made give out.
Tony says, "where's that saving any money if
you have to run an electric fan?"
I read somewhere online that it costs $1.00 a watt
to run something for an entire year.
(don't know if that's true or not)
So that fan would cost $15 if left on constantly for a year
BUT it will only run 6-7 hours a day on sunny days
and only during the colder weather.
So the possible saving you'll get by using free
heat as opposed to paying for gas heat
outweighs that little fan usage.
The outside temperature is 57 degrees.
Here are the results after letting it sit for only
15 minutes, not fully enclosed or insulated.
Almost 150 degrees!

So I'm thinking that a solar heater
that's 34 inches wide by 7 feet tall with 
I'd say around 169 cans,
totally enclosed in a wooden box
with insulation and all the cans and wood caulked
together properly would put out much more heat.
After telling hubby he still has his doubts.
I'm willing to give it a try and put it to the
big test once I make it to prove him wrong.


I thought I had another mishap.
(we won't talk about the coffee cup I broke
last night on top of breaking my ash tray.  I was a clutz yesterday)
Went to put my card in my camera and it
said the card was protected on the screen.
I took the card back out and sure enough
the little slider on the side of the card fell off,
where it went, I do not know.
I'm thinking, oh crap, something else I have to buy :0(
I did manage to fix it, YEAH!
I took a plastic bread clippie and cut
off a small piece of it and inserted it
into the slot where the slider went on the side of the card
and secured it with a small piece of scotch tape.
Worked like a charm, or at least for now. 


Ooh Ooh, I just thought of something really cheap
to make for a meal this weekend,
macaroni pizza!!
Ever had one from Ci Ci's?
The kids love it!
I have a bunch of free mac and cheese I got,
the only cost to make that would
be the butter and a splash of milk.
The pizza dough wouldn't cost me 
anything either.
I could use some ranch dressing for the sauce.
That was free also.
I could slice up the 4 remaining hot
dogs leftover from making hot dog chili
and put them on top.
Hmmmm, I think I just might do that.


Damn it, is there a curse hanging over me or what???
I have the dishwasher going and three times
now I've had to go over and close the door
because it keeps popping open.
What gives.  I've checked all the dishes in there
to see if they weren't pushing on the door
or in the way.  And made sure that the racks
were fully able to go back.
I give.  Time to call my maintenance man, lol.


Hubby gets home and looks at the dishwasher,
closes the door and it doesn't pop open.
Go figure!

It amazes me that some of the most simplest
suppers get more compliments than the ones
I've worked all day on.
I tried to jazz up the basic grilled cheese with
a little garlic powder on the buttered bread when
frying.  One child wanted sweet relish on his
grilled cheese also.  As for the tomato soup
I added a little bacon ranch dressing to it
and everyone gave it a thumbs up.

We had a late supper tonight.
Hubby got home late after stopping by a friends.
Kids had decided to have a bowl of cereal earlier
so I prolonged supper to be closer to bedtime
so they wouldn't want to snack any. 


Kitty Boo's got the right idea!



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