Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Think I'll head back to bed this morning because
I feel so tired. I went to bed at normal time last night
but still not feeling up to par this morning.
Add in that time of the month with the aches and
pains along with tiredness I've been having
and I feel like all that has double at the moment.
Double tired & double aches & pains.



My doctor's office called. They want me to stop taking
my one med for diarrhea and cramps and take this
newest med that I pick up tonight from Kroger
for inflammation in the bowels.
They said they still have test results that haven't
come back yet so who knows what else they'll find.
My cat scan Friday she said should be looking to
see if I have Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis,
and things of that sort.

I had to call my insurance to see if I needed
preapproval for a cat scan and colonoscopy, which I don't,
but what a pain it is with everything you have to go
through on the phone just to be able to talk
to an actual person.

I wonder why it is you can get a regular colonoscopy
as part of your regular check up each year and they
will cover 100% of that but if you need one to
check out a diagnosis of something you already have
to see if there could be something else then
they only pay 80% of it. Doesn't make sense.

My head is spinning trying to figure out my insurance,
doctor visits, appointments, test results, getting tests done and so on.
I have to take notes along the way and sometimes they
don't even make sense. That's why I write some
things on my blog about it. I could loose track of
my notes or forget something.

Now I need to mapquest the address of where my
cat scan appointment is. I still might ask Tony
if we can make a trial run to the place so
I know exactly where I am going and where I need to park.
Mom will be going with me.
It's someplace called Dawn Hall around the OSU medical area.
According to the map it doesn't seem like it's
far from the new Kroger we went to the other day.
Looks to be across the street maybe from OSU hospital?


11:45 - 12:45pm

Got some of my banana bread in the oven.
See my recipe HERE.
I made it a little different this time.
I upped the peanut butter to almost a half cup,
and also added 1/4 cup Nutella to the topping mix.
Instead of chocolate chips I grated up
some Hershey chocolate bars.
And instead of making loaves of bread I am
making them in a cupcake pan but using the
same layering like the bread.
I only used 4 of the 8 Hershey bars grated up.
They were somewhere between a mini and regular sized bar.
Any remaining grated chocolate I put on top.
I was able to make 24 of them.

I know I need to up my potassium but I don't
like to eat bananas plain. I do like this banana bread though


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