Wednesday, August 17, 2011



Mornings come way too early!
In one week they are going to come
even earlier with back to school.
Started getting a stiff neck and
my hips started hurting yesterday.
Ibuprofen seems to help.
Everyone keeps telling me to go to
the doctor.  I just deal with it because
I just cringe at the thought of anymore
doctor bills.  I just paid off a crap load of
doctor bills and now need to get the
bank account back up for school things,
holidays and need to get the pantry
stocked back up which is looking bare.

I have not been running the air conditioner
and are hoping to get that $222 electric bill
back down!  I have several fans running
to keep it cool in here. 
Stopped in Kroger last night to pick
up a few things just to get through
this week.  I had no clue what to get
nor had any menu ideas planned.
-box of spaghetti
-can of spaghetti sauce
-box of macaroni pasta
-can of Kroger spam
-large can of oriental vegetables
-2 cans cream of mushroom soup
-2 cans tomato soup
-large almost 2 pound bag of Kroger cereal
-6 pack ramen noodles

and the mark down I found-
5 pound bag of Aunt Jemima corn meal mix
paid $1.79
was $3.59

So what in the world do you make with
corn meal mix???
I went to aunt jemima's web site to see
if they had recipes and they only had one!
So here are some ideas-
-corn bread
-fish coating



Got 2 batches of cereal bars made.

#1 Peanut butter banana bars
5 cups Kashi cinnamon toasted oats cereal,
1-2 cups regular cheerios cereal,
1/2 cup butter,
1/4 cup creamy peanut butter,
1 pkg marshmallows,
1 cup chopped banana chips,
vanilla-butter-nut extract.

#2 Tropical Fruit Bars
4 cups Kashi cinnamon toasted oats cereal
1 cup granola cereal
1 cup fruity pebble cereal
1 pkg dried tropical fruit mix
1/4 cup butter
1 pkg marshmallows



Just got done making a pad for
my Bissell steam mop.
I bought it used for $5 and it
didn't come with any pads.
I searched the internet hoping
to find someone that had a pattern
to make one.  I had no luck so
I studied photos of what the pad looked like.

Here is how I made mine-

For starters I went to the thrift store
and found a flannel sheet that had the
elastic all the way around it for .99 cents.
Next I cut off all the elastic leaving about
a one inch allowance around the edges.

Trace around the head of the steam mop
leaving about an inch allowance around
the edges.  Cut out drawn pattern
and use it to trace three more on the flannel sheet.
Zig-zag stitch around the four pieces
of flannel fabric you cut out. 

Next cut a long 2 inch strip off flannel sheet.

Sew this strip along the edges of the bottom
of the pad.
Next sew on the elastic around the edges of the
strip you just sewed on.  Be sure to
stretch the elastic as you sew.
Lol, it looks like one of those
booties the cable man wears into your house.

Now slip it over the bottom of your steamer.

If I had chosen to buy new Bissell Deluxe
Steam Mop pads they are
$19.95 for a 2 pack!
(Target, Amazon, Walmart & Sears)
I can make several pads out of the
one flannel sheet I got for .99 cents!!



Mail Call

Wouldn't ya know it, I make
cereal bars this morning and
this freebie came in the mail today
along with 11 coupons!
Two boxes, 6 count each, of cereal bars.
I signed up for them at
Pssst General Mills.
You can sign up also to see
if you get any freebies to try!

Other freebies I got today-
2 Popular Mechanic magazines
and a Rod & Custom magazine.

I also got a coupon good for 
.75 cents off ($1.50 off when doubled)
for any Taster's Choice.
This should make for some free
coffee.  I get the Taster's Choice single
packs which are usually under $2.

You can find more coupons
at Taster's Choice for
buy 1 get 1 free single packs &
.65 cents off one box ($1.30 doubled)
so should be around free!
And you can request a free sample while there.
You may have to sign up at their
website first before accessing the coupons.


blockbuster express kiosk free rental codes
Here's some free Blockbuster Express codes.
I have not tried any of them yet to 
see if they work.
Good til August 22nd.
  • 29BRAB6
  • 22JEAH4
  • 58PPLA7
  • 26PBCG2
  • 68TTDR5 


Well today is going to be a 
meatless Wednesday.
I'm fixing a box of spaghetti with
a four cheese sauce with some
bread and butter.
Something plain and simple.
Not all meals need to be served
with meat in them.  Meat is probably
the most expensive part of a meal so by reducing
that or taking it out completely reduces
the cost of the meals.

-box of spaghetti $1.09
-spaghetti sauce- .99 cents
bread- .20 cents
butter- .05 cents

Total cost- $3.23
makes about 7 servings
@ .46 cents a serving.


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