Thursday, August 25, 2011



Went over to Tony's work last
night and got the mountain bike
and water fountain from the skip out apartment.
The bike was easy to haul out of there.
I brought along my wagon to haul out
the fountain because it takes two people
to pick up and move!
I don't even know if it works, lol.
It has 3 bowls on it that water
falls from, made from a polyresin
material, and looks to have lights
in each of the bowls.
I'm going to guess it sits 
about 2 - 2.5 feet high.
If it does work I thought it would
be neat to use it in the living room
for decoration instead of outside.
And hey if it doesn't work I could
always use it for a flower planter outside.
Everything is still in truck
that's why the photos suck.



I haven't posted much today because
I've either been in bed asleep
or resting on the couch.
My body hurts all over, it hurts
to walk, it hurts to move period.
I got an appointment with
the doctor tomorrow at 10:20am.
So we'll see what he has to say.

Here's a couple videos of the bird
invasion we had, lol.  Seemed like hundreds 
of sparrows flocked to our house this
afternoon.  I hope that ain't a sign
of cold weather approaching.
You'll have to look closely to see
their little heads be bopping through
the grass and from the tree.



Woo hoo!
Got the fountain out of the truck 
and gave it a trial run.  It took
a couple moments to figure it out
but it works with no problems
other than having to clamp
the hose to the top bowl.
I did not plug in the lights because
one of the lights are broke.

Not too shabby for free!

I found a photo of it online
and this is what it would look like
all cleaned up with lights working.
Don't know how much it goes
for because I could only find it
available in the UK.
Large Granite Four Bowl - Resin Water Feature



Just when you think people
couldn't come up with the most
ridiculous things, check out

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