Thursday, August 18, 2011



I was reading a home remedy book last
night by Prevention magazine.
I've been trying to get to the bottom
of why I've been having diarrhea,
this time around for about a month.
I learned a couple new things from this book.
When dealing with diarrhea you can drink
pop.  But you should drink regular pop
that has sugar in it.  Sugar helps the water
and liquids absorb better in the body instead
of through diarrhea.
Another thing I found out was
that OTC heart burn medicines can
cause diarrhea.  I've been taking a Kroger
brand Zantac 150 for acid reflux.
 It also recommends eating yogurt with cultures.
I've been trying to eat a yogurt a day
and now will take those other things
into consideration.



Tony called and said one of the new guys
didn't show up for work and didn't call
in either.  Just nice!  Tony's on call with
the pager, now this new guy's work has
to be given to all the other guys to do
on top of things they are already doing.

They are going through a rush at work
due to college move outs and move ins.
Tony says he may have to work late because
of it.  

This new guy, which had worked for the 
company before, but had moved out of state,
had been telling everyone he was really broke
to the point he sold one of the maintenance
guys a set of 20 inch rims for only $100.

You'd think with the way
the job market is now a days,
people would quit screwing around with
being able to get a job!!
3 guys have been fired in the last year.
Two of them in just the last couple of months!
Now looking at a possible 4th
unless there is a really good explanation.

Christopher has junior high school
orientation tonight.  So I'm hoping
he can come home for that
which is only 1.5 hours.
I have no schedule for him and he
has not been inside this school before
so we need to go to it.

You think things are going smoothly
at the moment and someone has
to throw you a curve ball!!

As far as I know, Tony and a coworker,
are still going to Michigan this weekend for the race.



I got some Pollock fish fillets in the crock
for supper.  I found pkgs of frozen 
pollock fillets a couple months back
at Kroger for $1.00 a pkg.

I poured a can of flat beer into
the bottom of the crock.
Then squished up a couple aluminum
cans and put in there also.  This 
will keep the fish out of the liquid.
Next I placed the fillets on sheets
of aluminum foil, topped with butter
and teriyaki sauce.  Then fold and
wrap the foil creating packets
for each of the fillets.
Place fish packets on top of the cans.  
Cook on low for a couple hours.



Mail Call.
Here's the freebies I got today.

-Coupon for a free Pantene.
-free subscriptions to
Truckin' & Super Chevy.
Free color paint fan deck from Benjamin Moore.
I am a member of their Consumer
Advisory Board and do surveys for them.
Sorry I cannot find a link for them
because it is no longer available.


Free sample of Zantac 150.

Maximum Strength Zantac 150 FREE Sample of Maximum Strength Zantac 150
I love sending away for freebies and samples.
Makes you look forward to going to
the mailbox to find something other than bills.



Just got done slicing up a bowl
of cherry tomatoes I got from the garden.
They are now in the dehydrator.
The tomato plants produce too
many of these lil buggers to be able
to eat all the ripe ones at once.
So I dehydrate them and put in freezer
bags and freeze them for soups or what not.
By dehydrating them first it takes up
less space in the freezer.

I broke down and actually turned the
air conditioner back on last night.
It's set at 78 degrees and it feels
comfortable in here.
It's 85 degrees outside.



Was trying to decide what to have with
the fish fillets.  I had no clue.  It's not
like I got all these side dishes around
here with the pantry dwindling down.
So since I did teriyaki fish I decided
to do a chinese meal.
I got 2 cups of rice boiling in some water
with a little soy sauce in it.
Then I took a couple pork chops and
cut them up into small pieces and have
frying in a skillet with teriyaki sauce
and a squirt of honey mustard.
I'll serve a fish fillet with a side
of rice topped with teriyaki
pork & sauce topped with veggies.

You never know what I am making
around here since I just throw stuff
together with whatever I have.

Whatever works and gives everyone a full belly!


Had a couple teenagers over today and
all the kids were talking about game
systems.  They told Jonathan he should have 
gotten a Playstation 3 instead of the XBox 360.
I said he didn't have a choice since 
we got it for FREE!  Their mouths dropped
and hit the ground and couldn't believe
we got it free!  I tell them many stories
about things we've gotten from Tony's
work that people leave behind when they move
out.  The are all in disbelief and in awe!
I'm not too good to tell anyone that most
of our home is from second hand things
from yard sales, thrift stores or flea markets
and we also get many things free during
college move out time.  
I also help out other low income families by
looking for things they may need as well.

It will kind of suck this weekend
since I think the move outs are going to
start going full speed and Tony will
be away Saturday.  Not sure what time
he will get home Saturday to try to 
even go check it out then but definately
will go Sunday.  Maybe I'll ask Tony if we could drive by tonight and take a look see.
In the past I had even gotten
to the point of keeping a spotlight in the truck
to go looking for goodies in the dark, lol.
So stay tuned to check
out our finds this weekend or next.
I'm getting excited!!
I wait all year for this to happen.


6:00 to about 9:00pm

Today has been a day full of FREEBIES!!

Went to orientation at Christopher's 
new school.
They gave everyone a new book bag free
and if you did a treasure hunt to
find certain classes you got a free
school supply at each of the classrooms found.
 They also had a table of fruits and veggies
and a sign that said take a bag and fill
it for free.  Here's what I got.
I see banana bread in the making tomorrow!
The other veggies are red bell peppers.

Went to Kroger tonight and I got these freebies.
We stopped by UV apartments
a couple miles from OSU.
I figured we drive by there tonight since
I won't be able to go back til Sunday.
I didn't expect much but did come home
with a good haul!
God must be listening up there when
I said my pantry was becoming bare!
 I found all these tonight.

A large box of minute rice,
mango peach passion cereal & a 
4 pack of gourmet hot chocolates.

Aug gratin potatoes 2 pack,

club crackers and mashed potatoes 2 pack.
Swiss miss hot chocolate,
green tea, large container of taco seasoning
and large container of hot chocolate.
2 boxes angel hair pasta, box spaghetti,
box of elbow macaroni & box of penne rigate pasta.
3 Knorr pastas, bag of bowtie pasta.
Dots candy, spaghettios, 
4 cans tomato soup, 1 can tomato juice
& can of corn.
V05 shampoo & finger nail polish remover.
Pair of Nike tennis shoes for Christopher.

 Wireless notebook adapter.
Mini sewing machine still in the box.
Portable DVD/CD player.
 I also found a quilt like blanket
and a vacuum.  No photos since
they are still in the truck.
Jonathan also found a laptop computer
but we decided it was broke
and threw it back away :0(

 Now I need to work on getting 
a list started so I can start packing Tony
a going away bag tomorrow.
There was a change of plans, he
won't be coming back til Sunday.
So I won't have any access to my camera
to take photos from Friday eve til
sometime Sunday.
I'm letting him take my camera with him
since it's a once in a lifetime event he
will get to see for FREE at that!

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