Sunday, August 21, 2011



Pictures of the hall bench I found yesterday.
One of my favorite things found.
This will be so nice to have to put book bags,
and outdoor attire in like gloves, boots, hats, etc.
Oh yeah, the antique Martha Washington
sewing table next to the bench was also found 
earlier this year along.  I also found
the fake plant that I forgot about since
I had put it inside the bench.
That little bugger still had the price
tag of $15 on it.



I just sent The People of Walmart
a photo I took last year that I thought
was funny.  I've been meaning to do it
but couldn't come up with a saying
for it til now.
One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song? 
(from Sesame Street)


Got a batch of banana breads in the oven.
I used mini loaf tins to make a variety
of quick breads.
I made up the banana bread like
usual then divided it among three bowls.
In the first bowl I added 1/4 cup
strawberry syrup, in another I added
3 tablespoons chocolate pudding mix
and the last I left as is.
I placed dollops of assorted batter
in the bottom of the loaf pan
then swirled with a toothpick.
I then added another layer to
make the pan half way full.
I was just experimenting with
different flavors
like banana & chocolate swirl
and strawberry banana swirl
and neapolitan. 



Fresh baked banana bread of
a different color and flavor.


Went and took a drive over to UV
apartments again this afternoon, lol.
I told Tony I had seen his friend there
yesterday that we all used to work with.
So we entered the property from the
backside and found his friend which
is a contractor for replacing the floors there.
I found our friend parked in front
of a dumpster which was by a garage
where he was cutting vinyl for a floor.
Well about 10 minutes go by with
chatting with our friend and out of nowhere
comes Dickhead with a capital "D".  
Remember him from
yesterday that was very rude to me?
He says very rudely again,
you back again after I told you no dumpster
I said we were here talking
to a friend of ours, I told you yesterday
that I knew people here.
He then says,
I told you yesterday that you were not
allowed to dumpster dive here
and you still continued to do so yesterday
and now you are back again today.
Oh boy was I pissed worse than
a rattle snake on an attack!!
I got into a confrontation with him
and told him I did leave yesterday
and I did NOT continue to dumpster dive!!!
He's trying to make me out to be a liar
with everything I said to him!
Tony jumped in pissed off because
I told him yesterday how this man 
treated me and he saw it for himself today.
A couple choice words were used.
Something like calling him a dick
and a-hole, LOL!
This guy was that rude and obnoxious.
The guy then told us that if he saw us
again he would be calling the police.
I'm such a criminal aren't I, LOL!!!
I have a clean police record and I could
see a dumpster diving offense on there, LOL!!
People have nothing better to do
than to harass me.
Heck once I got caught by security in
a shopping center.  I swear all I was doing
was getting some empty boxes to start my
basement clean up and I told security that.
I got told to leave because I was
stealing boxes!!
And we wonder what is wrong
with America.  Harass the innocent
and let the criminals run free.

Anyways I told y'all yesterday that
I had my hands on a vacuum that
I desperately needed and didn't get
because of that idiot.
Well guess what I came home with today???
We also drove through a couple
other complexes and the only thing
we found was one of those long,
orange, outdoor, heavy duty extension cords.
Good thing no dumpster diving 
police were around, LOL! 

Heard this song on the radio shortly
after leaving UV. 

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