Monday, August 29, 2011



Me and mom went over to Meijers this morning.
I spent $14.95 and saved almost $12. I didn't
have much to get nor did I have that many coupons.
My deal I found at Meijers was
I got 7.34 pounds of grapes for $2.20.

I got supper started in the crock pot- beef stew.

I took half of a large onion and pureed it
in my mini blender. This blender is so cute
and just the right size to keep on the counter for cooking.
I found it in the skip out apartment at my honey's work.
Anyway, I pureed the onion instead of chopping it
because my kids don't like when I put onions into things.

I used these ingredients-

1 small package of steak meat, cut into small pieces .66 cents
(never mind the discoloring on it as I had just thawed it in the microwave)

1/2 of a large onion pureed .15 cents

2 packets of brown gravy mix $1.00

4 cups water

1 pound baby carrots .80 cents

3 potatoes cut up and cubed .60 cents

2 cans Dinty Moore beef stew $3.38

Total cost- $7.59
should make 2 meals, one to eat today, one to freeze.
So $3.79 per meal.



So glad that the trip to Meijers today was a very small one.
I started feeling crappy in the store with some dizzy spells
and felt like someone had zapped the energy out of me once again, very weak.
I also started getting very cold hands and nose.

Once home I threw supper in the crock and now are trying
to eat something so I can take my potassium medicine.
That stuff is nasty to drink even mixed with juice! Ahh!
Once I take that I'll wait a half hour then go lay down.
One of the warnings on the box of meds is not to lay down
right after taking it so I have to wait.

I'm having Tony take my stool sample to the doctor's today
since doc is right around the corner from his work.
I packed it up in a brown paper lunch bag.
Then I said to him, could you imagine if you stuck
that in your fridge at work and someone tried to take
it thinking it was someone's lunch? Ok I know, that's
disgusting but had to get a chuckle thinking about it, lol.


I got a call from Kroger pharmacy asking if I could
pick up a prescription tomorrow that they don't have
the full amount today. For starters I wasn't even aware
of another prescription and then I asked what this
other prescription was for. The pharmacist said
it was for a bowel disorder. It's supposed to help
with inflammation of the bowels and help diarrhea as well.
I just checked my caller ID since I wasn't home this morning
to see if my doctor's office had called to tell
me another prescription was sent in and they didn't call.
Now if it wasn't for the pharmacy calling, how
was I even to know I had another prescription???



The doctor's office just called.
The nurse said the tests came back abnormal.
At the moment the reason for the other prescription
is because they said I have IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
This pill is supposed to be for inflammation in the intestines?
I have an appointment to go back to the doctor's next Friday.
Then they are going to start setting me up for more
appointments to have a cat scan and a colonoscopy done.
They want to find out if I have Inflamatory Bowel Disease,
Crohn's Disease, Ciliac Disease or whatever else there may
be. I'm having a hard time trying to remember everything
they tell me with weird names and figuring out how
they are spelled so I can research them. Some I've heard of
but don't know a lot about. I'm half asleep at the moment
and trying to let this all sink in. I don't like all these
words with "diseases" in them. Not sure whether I should worry
or not. It's kind of confusing at the moment.

Ok I'm going back to bed now. I was asleep when the doctor's office



Well so much for going back to sleep. I got as far as lying down
when I heard this really loud noise outside. I kinda knew what
it was considering we lived very close to Don Scott Airport at one time.

Then comes the mailman. I'm starting not to like him!
Doctor bills seem to coming out of nowhere! I mean I literally don't
know what they are even for. I thought I had most paid off except for
a few that were under $50. So how does one explain these mystery
bills that one has never seen before but they are about to put
you into collections if you don't pay them in the next 30 days???!!!

I thought I had a $32 one and one for $7 to pay everything off.
Next comes one for $374,
another one for $83.21
another one for $83.21 (different bills, I checked the account #'s)
and yet another one for $165.24

I now have $744.66 to pay on MORE doctor bills!!

In 11 months I have shelled out almost $3,000 for doctor bills alone.
Now another $744.66???????

I am tapped out!! I'm lucky now to be able to pay for our
regular bills along with other expenses like food, school things.
I got holidays coming up in the near future.
The bank account dwindles down further each day!

I don't have Irritable Bowl Syndrome I have Irritable Bill Syndrome!!
And they wonder why I have it. STRESS!!!

Where in the hell am I supposed to find money for cat scans
and colonoscopies and whatever other testing they want to
do or any more meds they want to put me on????? I feel like
just dealing with it on my own and if I keel over, oh well,
it's much cheaper!

We pay about $450 a month for health insurance,
that's at least $5,400 a year. And even with
health insurance, going to the doctor is going to put us broke.
People tell me all the time, go to the doctor to get checked
out, you have health insurance. HA HA and double HA!
Between health insurance and doctor bills we've shelled
out over $9,000 in the last year and who's to say
there's not any more of these mystery bills to come.
This DOES NOT even include any copays or prescriptions we've paid for!!

I see a car going back on the market for sale again.
I don't know what else to do. It was $2,500 with
carberatur problems, now it's $3,000 with everything fixed
like another carb, no more flat tire, and another battery.
I'll just have to pray to God that we find a buyer
for it to fix our financial problems at the moment
because I see it as our only way out at the moment.
Either that or another really good bonus from Tony's work.

Yes I am stressed, yes I am sick, yes I am rambling to
no end with endless thoughts going through my head.
Oh well. Don't like it, there's a little x in the
upper right hand corner to click it all off.
Wish the bills had one of those on them!!
Delete would be even better!



Trying to take my mind of things by cooking at the moment.
It's either that or I feel like my survival mode has kicked
in and I need to cook up stuff to make sure the freezer
is stocked with food.

We had lasagna for two days this past weekend so I'm
putting the leftovers into the freezer. Don't want
anything to go to waste.

I also started cutting up and boiling my potatoes
and carrots. There's probably more carrots and potatoes
in my beef stew than anything else. Oh well,
veggies are more important anyway.

I pulled a bag of bakery rolls out of the freezer.
I was thinking about making up a bunch of spam (kroger brand)
and egg sandwiches and putting them in the freezer
for breakfasts.

WWII Spam & Egg Sandwiches

I also have 6 bananas to use up.
Tomorrow I might make my banana bread.
I should get 6 loaves out of that many bananas.
Not sure if I have enough flour to make them all
but I could try using pancake mix as a last resort.
I have many boxes of pancake mix that I got for .49 cents each.
I know that may sound weird but I look at it this way,
if I have it I will find ways to use it.


About a week before school started I scrounging around
the house looking for change. I started a little box
called school lunch money. This is now where we toss
any loose change that we may have which isn't much
when everyone uses debit cards now a days.
As I collect $2 here and there in change I put it into an envelope
and seal it up. The kids get reduced lunch at .40 cents a day
or $2.00 a week. This is to make sure I have enough money for lunches
each week. I now have a box of $2.00 envelopes that I can
grab every Monday morning and give to the kids for
their lunches that week.


BIC Pen Pals on Facebook is having an AWESOME Giveaway throughout the month of August! Meaning you have a couple more days to try for this freebie! Every day and every hour, from 10am EST to 8pm EST, they will give out 130 FREE Pens to the first 130 people to fill out the entry form on their ‘The Cork Board’ Tab.
Daily Goody Bag.

I think I managed to get two pens free.
I filled out two forms, one for me and one for mom.
I pulled up a bunch of tabs on my browser of
that Facebook page and started clicking the enter
button on each of them once the clock struck 3:00pm.
Out of about 6 pages pulled up two of them won!


Spin to Win at Krogers website.
Login, download 4 electronic coupons to your
Kroger Plus card, then you can spin to win a prize.
You can play once per day. Limit 2 prizes.
I've played a couple times now and haven't won anything.



Got yet another call from my doctor's office.
It seems that they scheduled me for a cat scan
this coming Friday morning. I thought I was to
go see doc in two weeks then we were to discuss
the cat scan and colonoscopy then. See why
I am getting so confused about stuff.
They say one thing and do another.


Tony was telling me this evening he found two coupons
at work for $5 off $20 at Giant Eagle, woo hooo!
He's trainable when looking for coupons and good bargains, lol.
And since I don't get the Sunday paper anymore
I have him watch out for bagged ads on doors of
empty apartments or in hallways of garden apartments
for coupons.

I don't shop Giant Eagle but that $5 coupon paired
with other manufacture coupons could make for a good
grocery trip. I'll use one and give mom one.
When using coupons like this be sure to give
the cashier that coupon first before handing over
your manufacture coupons!

Let's say you purchase $21 worth of groceries.
If you hand over let's say $5 in manufacture coupons that total
now goes to $16. That $5 off $20 coupon now won't work
that is why I say give it to the cashier first.
Unless of course you are spending way more than $20.



And if you think my day couldn't get any worse and I couldn't
stress anymore, wait til hubby comes in the bedroom while
your laying down, not feeling good, to tell you someone
broke into the blue Trans Am last night. Oh and that's
not the best part, not even close. I found out he left the
one and only key to the car in the console and that
was the only thing they stole out of the car.
It's got to be stress causing my IBS. Next I'll go blind
because my eyes seem to be twitching a lot here lately, grrrr!
So now I have to worry about someone stealing the
whole freaking car!!! Obviously, why else would
they take the key out of the console. Tony did take the battery out of it.
Just when you get the thing's running perfect and could
be ready to sell it now needs another ignition put in it.
I don't have money for an ignition for it at the moment.

So when it rains it pours around here. Looking for
the light at the end of the tunnel at the moment
but it seems so far away.

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