Saturday, August 20, 2011



Me, mom and the kids did some DDn
at an apartment complex this morning
that house lots of college students.
We left around 11:00am.
I was lost without my camera this weekend
so asked to borrow mom's.

Here's the freebies we found-

32? inch flat screen tv
Cleaning & beauty supplies
along with jewelry.
Notebooks with paper.
Always looking out for school supplies.
Seat covers.  These will work
well in the Suburban that has torn leather seats!
Clip on fan
Battery charge and a bunch of cords.
These might come in handy should
we find things missing cords.
Book bags and purse
& barbie mermaid doll.
Picture frame.  I told Tony I'd find
him a frame to put his nascar ticket stubs
and paper mementos in from the race.
Large bag of mens & womens clothes
New set of gloves, hat & scarf

Afterwards we stopped in Kroger
on Olentangy.  I needed some cream
cheese to make my banana bread
which I had forgotten it the other day.
It was manager special heaven in there today!
I got 5 loaves of bread and
mom got the other 5 left on the shelf.
Was .79 cents
Paid .39 cents each
pkg of black and bleu burgers
was $2.87
paid $2.00

pkg of bacon cheddar burgers
was $2.87
paid $2.29

1 pound pkg ham
was ?
paid $2.29

Beef bottom round steak
was .95 cents
paid .66 cents

2 one pound rolls bob evans sausage
was $3.99
paid $2.49
can of spaghetti sauce
was .95 cents
paid .45 cents

Baked beans
was $1.73
paid .89 cents

2 cans dinty moore beef stew
was $2.29 each
paid $1.19 each

Canned peaches
was $1.19
paid .59 cents

Chicken boullion
was $1.79
paid .89 cents

3 pkgs Kroger spanish rice
was .89 cents each
paid .49 cents each

Knorr chicken rice
was $1.00
paid .49 cents

Onion soup mix
was $1.39
paid .69 cents

Large bag of stuffing
was $2.00
paid .99 cents

Freezer bags
was $1.29
paid .69 cents

Here was my pantry before-
And after.
Spent $37 at Kroger which included
all the mark downs, meats, fridge items,
bread & toilet paper.
Plus all the food finds are in there as well.

Will make a second trip back
over to the apartments later on this evening.



I have not had a very good day.
It seems like whatever I do is wrong
or doesn't seem to want to go my way.
I have had little sleep so that might
have something to do with it.

Let's back up and start with last night.
I was talking to Tony when his phone
just cut off and I couldn't call him til today.  

I then see on the news that
there was a fatal shooting 2 blocks from
here and the shooter is unknown and
not found. At around 11pm I had kids
and myself in bed when I heard this
really loud POW! outside that could
have been a gunshot.  That freaked me out
to the point of not even checking to 
see what it was outside for fear a gunman
was running loose in the neighborhood
looking for a place to hide.
I grabbed Christopher out of his bedroom
and me and the kids hunkered down
in the dark in Jonathan's bedroom til
I didn't hear any more noises.
I'm by myself with kids and no one
here to protect us so I was literally
shaking from arms, hands and legs!
I know what fireworks sound like
and it sure didn't sound like one outside
last night!
Anyways when I gave the kids the 
all clear we all slept in my bed.

Now let's move onto to the afternoon. Once I saw
that the truck race was finished I called Tony.
He called during the race and it was
very hard to hear him!
I find out he forgot to take the camera
to the race!!  I'll let y'all imagine how
I felt about that because it took
me about an hour to calm down, lol.

Next Tony told me that his coworker
that drove him up to the race
and the one that he got the tickets from,
ended up not going to the race
because he fell ill and ended up in the
emergency room due to a relapse of
problems he had a month or so ago
when he spent a week in the hospital.
I'm not sure what was wrong.
Something about bleeding out his
bottom and in the past he has dealt
with constant vomiting and diarrhea.
Anyway Tony and about 6 others 
still went to see the race while
this coworker and his wife was in the hospital.
The coworker is out of the hospital
but don't know the results.

Ok moving onto later this afternoon.
I call mom up and want to know
if she's ready to make another
trip over to the college apartments.
She said yes, but with a twist,
my step-dad wanted to go.
I said he could go but leave everything
to me and the kids.
If you know my step-dad you'd know
I couldn't picture him going on a
DDn run with me and the kids!

We enter the property, where we used
to work, know the property manager,
know other employees and know the
owner personally.
I make it to the middle lot when
I spy a vacuum that I really, really need!
I had my hands on it but I didn't end up with it :0(
Some jerk off in the middle lot
near where they keep the apartment's busses
starts whistling at me to get my attention.
He yells, this is private property and
and you are not allowed to dumpster dive!!
I yell back and said I have permission
from the property manager and told 
him her name.  He was a real dick
acting like a big bad ass to the point
I was nervous and shaking.
He then tells me come here and we'll
go talk to the property manager.
So I drive over there and instead of
going to see her he says he's going to
call her instead.  I told him my name
and my husbands and even my father-in-laws
name because we all used to work there
and we know everyone.
His nasty comment back to me was I don't
care who you are or if you worked
here you are not allowed to dumpster dive.
He gets on his phone and supposedly
called the property manager which
we've known for 15 to 20 years.
He slaps his phone back shut and says
to me, you don't have permission to be here!
I have no idea if he really called her,
if she even remembered my name or what,
but I've been doing this for 14 years
at this property with no problem what so ever!!
I tracked down another employee
we also know that was on the property.
I actually called him on the cell phone
and asked him to find out for me
what in the world is going on!
So awaiting to here something because
at the moment I am so confused.
He knows I literally live and depend
upon the things we find there every year
just to survive!

I called Tony once back home.

He said he will take care of it
and call the property manager
BUT he only has one bar on his
phone, in Michigan, and can't find
his charger.  So I'm hoping that
once he returns tomorrow
we'll go back over there and maybe
he can talk to her.
I hope we can figure something out.
I don't ask for much.  Let me have my camera,
which is a prized possession of mine,
and the only other thing I ask to do
is go DDn at college move out time because
I am the mom and know what it
takes to keep this family going
with little money.  
I am so heart broke, and so humiliated
by those people today telling
me I couldn't DD and treating me like
total crap that I'm ready to crawl back
into bed and sleep the rest of my day away!
I could literally cry if I find out
I can't DD over there no more!!

But hey, I did manage to get three 
things before going home.
No actual pics at this time because
mom's camera battery died.
I got a pair of tennis shoes,
a nice broom for my kitchen
and a hall storage bench that kinda
looks like this one only mine
has spindles on the back.
Hall Storage Bench Plans
Please someone tell me what the harm
is by recycling things that people throw
away???  Poor families could get so
much use out of those wasted items!
Why do some people have to be such
jerks and ruin someone's day?
They don't have to survive like
we do and make do with the little
things in life.  I'm so tired of people
that have it all or know it all
and belittle others lower than their
income or standards!!!



Well I think I'm going to retire early
tonight.  Body hurts and I just took
some ibuprofen.  My hips feel like they
are on fire and feels like someone has beaten
them with a hammer!
A little rest and staying off my feet
will help for tonight.

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