Friday, August 19, 2011



Too darn early to try to even become
fully functional.  Eyes are still held open
with toothpicks!
There's a knock at the door and I'm
wondering who in the world!!
And here sits this kid on my front door step.
He says he wants his bike back that he
left here.  I think he was wanting me to
wake the kids up which is something 
I am not doing and are going to enjoy
my quiet couple of hours in the morning to myself.
So I take the kid around to the back yard
to where we have a pile of bicycles behind
the shed.  Of course his bike is the one
on the bottom of about 8 bikes and I got it dug out.
I think he was wanting someone to 
put the back tire on and replace the inner
tube.  I don't think so!  Kids seems to come here
and expect free hand outs for bike parts.
I am to the point I'm not giving out anymore or we won't have any for ourselves.
For starters he abandoned
this mountain bike over here about 2 months
ago after telling him several times he
needed to get it out of here that we
weren't a storage facility for other people's bikes.
 I kept stressing to him that it's been over
here quite awhile to the point it's on the
bottom of the bicycle stack and is covered
with spider webs.  He took his bike apart here
and now thinks I should know 2 months
later where bolts and tires are for it.
And all the while I'm thinking he's got the
nerve to come over here at 7:30am!!
Where are his parents at and why
is he running the neighborhood at this hour
of the morning.  I'm going to guess he's
10 or so years old.
I don't let my kids go to anyone's house
unless it's about 10:30 - 11:00am or so out of respect. 


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Tony came home from work and took
a quick shower and left around 5:35pm
to head towards Toledo this evening
with his friends.
I got his bag packed and thought
to include his handicap plaque
hoping he wouldn't have to walk far
with the foot, hip and back problems he has.
Tomorrow they'll be going to 
Brooklyn, Michigan to see the race
about 50 minutes away,
then return back to Toledo to spend the night.
Then Sunday make the 2-2.5 hour drive
back home.

Too quiet around here!
I think we've only been apart about
6 days in 12 years.
Truck driver neighbor is watching
over our house while Tony
is gone to make sure me and
the kids are ok.  

Tomorrow we're going to UV
apartments to check out the
college move outs.  Mom said
she'd go with us, woo hoo!  I think I took
her to this event once before.
It'll be fun.  Can't wait to see
what kind of goodies we'll find.

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