Thursday, September 1, 2011



Woke up and started getting a migraine with
blurred vision. Still managed to drive Christopher
to the bus stop. I popped a couple Tylenol
and it seems to be getting better. If I catch it in time
at the first signs of blurred vision it usually doesn't
get full blown.

Today and tomorrow for school goers is supposed to be hot.
I feel sorry for kids having to go to school in an enclosed
building with no air condition.
Today is supposed to be 92 and tomorrow
somewhere between 94-96.

I turned on our air condition at 76 degrees last night.
I've had it off for the past week trying to shave more
money off the electric bill which has only gone down
$50 since last month. $223 to $176. This is probably
the highest electric bill we've had since living here
and that's keeping the air condition set between 74-77 degrees.

I've been taking all my meds as scheduled. Not sure when
all this stuff is supposed to start kicking in and doing
something. I take 8 pills of one med and drink a powdered
potassium med with juice daily. Tomorrow will have been
1 week since seeing the doctor and taking meds and so far
nothing has stopped the diarrhea, tiredness or stomach cramps.
You know what's funny is that the side affects to these
medicines is the same symptoms I had to begin with-
diarrhea, dizziness, tiredness, and cramps. So how
do I know if I have side affects or do I end up
with double symptoms I already had to begin with.

All I've been thinking about is this colonoscopy the
doctor wants me to have. It's scheduled for Septmeber 26th
at 2:30pm. I worried about what to do with the kids
after school and wondered where I would find someone
to watch them. I went from 0 babysitters to 3 in a matter
of hours yesterday, lol. Well I finally narrowed it down
to just one. Kendra- I really appreciate you offering to
babysit and are really a big help in one's time of need but
Tony said he would take off work a couple hours early that day.

So I've been reading about colonoscopies and watching videos
from youtube. Some funny and some serious. It sounds like
before the procedure you drink lots of fluids with stuff
in them to make you go to the bathroom... a lot!
Doesn't sound like I'll need a colon cleanse any time soon
after doing this, lol. I should be clean as a whistle, lol.



Well I've eaten a little something, took my potassium med
and my other meds. Starting to feel tired again so will
be heading back to bed soon til it's time to pick up
Christopher this afternoon. I keep hoping one day
that my energy will pick up and I won't feel so tired all
the time!! I just feel like I sleep the days away.



Just got back from trying to find the place I'm
supposed to go tomorrow morning for my cat scan.
Didn't find the exact address but I figure
if we get there early we can park in the garage
and walk around til we find it. They've got maps
on about every corner sign near the OSU hospital.
That area is enough to drive you crazy with one way
streets, do not enters and road closed signs.
Can't wait to see where my colonoscopy will be done at.

Well I just took another dose of my medicine which
seems to make me very tired so will get ready for bed here
soon. I try to have the kids in bed around 8pm anyway.
It's been a slow, butt dragging day, where I haven't
felt like doing anything but sleeping or laying around.
I feel like my head is in la la land. I'll be so glad
when they figure out what is wrong with me so I can feel better
and be back to my normal self again! Minus anymore $100
meds because I can't afford anymore of those at this time.


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