Thursday, September 8, 2011



Just returned from Giant Eagle.
I was not impressed with this store at all!
I know why, years ago, I went to this store
to check it out and walked out and hadn't
returned til now.
The selections sucked! Prices were too high!
They didn't even carry the things advertised in
the sales ads! (pumpkin pop tarts or wet N wild cosmetics)
I only went because of a $5 off $25 purchase coupon.
I have another one of those coupons and won't
be using it because I'm not going back.
I'll stick with my Kroger or Meijer to
do grocery shopping!!
I just felt like that the money I spent there today
I could have gotten more or better deals at
the other stores.

I had figured up $27.90 and my total came
to $30.64. I can't find where I might
have made a mistake. There was no tax.
My coupons totaled $6.80 for a balance of $23.84.

Now to me this photo below should have more groceries
in it to have it total $30.64. I didn't even
like paying the $23.84 after coupons!!

I had a coupon for the sugar.
On sale for $2.50 minus $1.00 coupon made it $1.50

Betty crocker cookie mix was on sale for $2.00
I had .80 cents off making it $1.20.

Ragu was buy 2 for $3.00 get a free box of spaghetti.

It sucked I couldn't even buy real shredded cheese.
I bought imitation cheese to keep within my budget
at this store. $2.19 for imitation.

a 5 pound bag of potatoes was $2.50- too much
a large bag of cereal cost $4.00- too much
McCormick gravy packets 2 for $3.00 or reg. $1.99- too much.

I went ahead and got the stuff despite some of the prices
because it was on my grocery list. I still got the cheapest
things that I could find.
I did not feel like making another trip to another
grocery store and burning any more gas.



The phone rings and I answer it.
It's a recording from Kroger pharmacy reminding
me to pick up a prescription.
Hmmm, I'm not aware of any prescription.
So I got to thinking maybe my doctor called in
one and hasn't told me about it yet.
So we call Kroger pharmacy and they say they
have no prescription for me and don't
know why I got the recorded message.
Don't ya just love computers???!!!
Nothing like making you more stressed wondering
if you have to take another medication.
I'm still in shock after having to get
the last one for $100!!



Grabbing a bite to eat so I can take my medicine.
So glad I don't have anymore shopping trips this week.
My back/hip was hurting pretty good this morning
walking around the store and it was a smaller
Giant Eagle.
It's about nap time for me. I am so tired!
I take earlier naps now due to the kids school schedule.
My eyeballs feels as though they could just fall outta my head.



I heard you requested my other Giant Eagle coupon.
You can have it. The coupon is good
9/11 through 9/24.



I got my paperwork in the mail today about
my colonoscopy which is 9/26 at 2:30.
I have to arrive 1 hour before the appointment
which is originally at 3:30pm.
I'm reading all this paper work and see that there
is a bowel prep that you are supposed to do
before going to have the colonoscopy done.
BUT do you think that paperwork is in this envelope, no!
I have no instructions about it or how to prep for it.
So I guess I will ask my family doctor tomorrow
during my check up visit. I am so not looking forward
to having the colonoscopy done.
One guy at Tony's work had one done yesterday and
took yesterday and today off to recoop. From what I am hearing
from the guys at his work it takes another 24 hours
after having it done to get rid of the grogginess.
So this will be interesting when I am the one getting
kids on and off the bus in the morning the day after.
Tony will be taking the afternoon off the day
of my colonoscopy to assist with getting kids off
the bus because this procedure takes up to 4 hours
so I probably won't get home til around 7pm or so that night.
Well I still have 2 weeks and four days to worry about
this procedure, oh goody.


Free sample of Joe Coffee.
Choose between Tall Dark and Handsome
or Wake Up Joe variety. It says takes 1 business week to get.
Anyone seen the price of coffee lately?
I'm all for free samples of it!!


I got potatoes today to make some homemade potato
soup tomorrow. I use packages of sausage country gravy mix
to make it to give it an excellent flavor!
I also plan to chop up a bag of broccoli with
carrots and throw in there also. Maybe cut up
the remaining bacon I have from making the
broccoli salad yesterday.

If anyone needs a quick and easy potato soup recipe
check out the one I found below.
These ingredients can be found on sale or
might even have coupons to go along with them.
This recipe is actually from Weight Watchers!

1 package Ora Ida frozen O'brein Potatoes
(or any frozen cubed potatoes or even the hash brown variety)
3 16 oz Cans of Garlic Seasoned Chicken Broth
(regular chicken broth will work or mix chicken boullion
with 48 ounces of water)
1 package Pioneer Fat Free Country Gravy
(any package of country gravy mix)

Place entire package of potatoes in saucepan.

Add 2 cans of chicken broth and bring to a boil.

Mix third can of chicken broth with gravy package and whisk until dissolved.

Add gravy mixture to potatoes and broth, stirring until blended.

Simmer until hot. Serve.



I am so glad I got supper prepared yesterday for today.
When Tony gets home from work all he has
to do is pop the fish in the oven and fix
a couple packets of rice mix in a pot
then stir the chunky vegetable salsa into the rice & serve.

I don't know why, even after taking a couple hour nap today
and sleeping good last night,
I feel overwhelmed with tiredness at this time.
Picture pulling an all nighter and how
tired you would feel the next morning.
That's how I feel.
Kids are all home from school and I need to go lay down.
I gave them each a bowl of ramen noodles to tide them over.
I'm so tired of being tired all the time!!!!!!!
I go see doc tomorrow so he can tell me all the
crap is wrong with me from all the tests he's done so far
and see how much more money, that I don't have, to spend
on tests, doctor visits and medicine.



No rest for the weary I swear.
I just want to go lay down is all.
IBS makes you very tired or at least the
medicine I take does. And I've read that you
should keep stress to a minimum when you have it.
LMAO, these people who write these reviews must
live a simple lifestyle and don't live like we do
not to have stress!

Jonathan's teeny bopper friends come over, out back, not inside.
When they are over I feel like I have to be in the kitchen
doing something so I can keep an eye on them all.
So I started cutting up & boiling potatoes and onions getting
ready to make potato soup tomorrow. At least I hope it
was potatoes I was cutting up considering I was doing
it with one eye open and one eye closed, so groggy.
I really needed a crutch to hold myself up.
People really don't appreciate all the stuff mom's do
no matter if mom feels like they are on their death bed
and still trying to limp along on 3 flat tires
and an overheated radiator!

Even more stress-

Last night Tony put his phone on charge on the kitchen counter.
This morning we discovered someone set a glass of ice water
next to it and it had condensation that dripped off
the cup and onto the counter where the phone was laying.
Well now the phone won't turn on. Tony's boss gave him
a touch Sprint phone today FREE! He is so nice and helpful
at times of need. We do have a couple older Sprint phones
we could have used instead. But anyway I've been worrying
about how Tony is going on call tomorrow evening.
They did away with having a pager to page out emergencies
and now have an answering service calls the maintenance man's
personal cell phone instead.

Mom's cell phone has also been going on the blink
with not holding a charge for very long. We told
her we'd give her one of our back up cell phones to use
so she didn't have to worry about buying a new one.
So I call mom up to see if Sprint was still open this evening
to see about getting everyone's old phones transferred over
to the "new" ones. This way Tony can have his phone for work.
Now I worry about having to pay a hook up fee.
Why does it seem like when money dwindles down, more
people come along with their hand out wanting something
you don't have. Time to put another notch in the belt buckle
and tighten the budget even more.

Sometimes Sprint will say you have a hook up fee, other times they say you don't. And sometimes when they say you don't, they still send
you a bill with a hook up fee that you have to call
and fight to have removed off you bill. It's just a pain in the rear!

So as I arrange for mom and my step-dad to come down here
and pick Tony up to have these phones done there is a knock
a the door. I had no clue who it was, I thought it was someone
trying to sell something til they asked specifically for Tony.
Come to find out it's an ex coworker of his that recently got fired.
Just great, I have mom coming over and this guy shows up.
Tony didn't say anything about him coming over
but proceeds to tell me when he's here that, oh yeah,
he was coming over to pick up an old tv we had in the basement.
Let me tell ya I didn't even want to let this guy in the house.
I've been sick for 7 weeks now and my house is no showcase
to look at, at the moment. Wiped out! So emberassing!
So in he walks and Tony takes him to the basement, also wiped
out from where I had been working on it. I just wanted
to crawl under the nearest rock! Then as they are heading
to the basement I hear mom tooting the horn outside.
I look like the night of the living dead without sleep
and with hair that looks like I've touched one of those
static balls at Cosi.
I go outside to stall them a few moments while Tony
and his friend gets this tv out of the basement and into
this guys truck.

So at the moment the guy is gone and Tony and mom are
at the Sprint store. I'm trying to chase anyone elses
kids off that think they live here.
The back door was open and they could smell food baking, wanting some.
I'm like don't ya'll have a kitchen with food in it
at your homes??? They are always asking for something
to eat when over here. I told em all that I was going
to start charging them rent for being over here so much.
I really think they'd be all for that if I let them
but was almost to the point of looking like a herd dog
corralling kids down the driveway and showing them
the direction of their own homes.


Tony just returned home. Nothing got accomplished with the
phones. Come to find out our little Sprint store
up the road has changed over to another company
and now everyone has to go over to Easton to that store.
Well that store is jammed packed with people and there
was a 30 minute wait just to be dealt with this evening.
So now, tomorrow, after my doctor's appointment,
me and mom need to go over to this crowded store
with long lines, and get the phones hooked up.

Oh goody, someone just get me a wheelchair and push me
around please.

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