Monday, September 5, 2011



Can you believe that this past week we've had temps
in the upper 90's and now for the next couple of
days we'll have high temps in the upper 60's???
That's Ohio for ya. Can't wait for all the colds
and flu's to come home from school, ahhhh.
I think this has been the worst Summer for us being sick.
Usually Summer time is when we are sick free.


Let's hope I have another half way decent day today
like yesterday. I am hoping that the medicine is
finally getting in my system and doing something.
Not saying I am 100% just yet, more like when you are
starting at 0% I feel about 50% better. Still have a ways to go.
I have laundry to get done and a few
pants for the kids to try on, cut and hem up.


I don't have any plans til later on this week.
I'd like to do a shopping trip on Thursday to Giant Eagle.
Their sales ads usually hit the mail box Wednesday
so will work on a list then.
Friday I have a doctor's appointment with the family
doctor to probably go over some of the test results
like blood and stool work I had done. Not sure
if the cat scan results will be in then. I'll keep
you updated as to what the doctor says.


I splurged the other day and bought the kids
a wireless controller for their XBox360. Now we all
know that we got that game system for free before
anyone says how do you not have a whole lot
of money but can afford something like that.
Anyway I had a teeny bopper friend of ours come
ask me if I wanted to buy his for $6.00!!
I don't think our game system came with controllers
so we've been gradually buying them. I could not
pass up $6 for a wireless controller!!
They go for $40 used $50 new at Gamestop.
A wired one goes for $30 used $40 new.



No coupons in this Sunday's paper or sales bag
due to it being a holiday weekend.


This afternoon my friend Kendra stopped by and dropped
off a box of bread items she got free from Kroger.
She said she was actually able to get 4 boxes
just like mine so imagine this photo times 4!!
There was bakery bread, cookies, cupcakes, a cake, etc.
I called mom and she came and got it all (minus cookies)
and put it in her freezer since she had the space for it.



Tony promised the kids that we would go to Creekside
Park in Gahanna today. My back and hips hurt pretty
good after that trip. Anyways I discovered that this
park has tons of Buckeye trees and ready for picking.
Found some on the ground and the others we got from
the trees by throwing Jonathan's shoes up in them, lol.
I thought maybe I could make keychains or something
out of the Buckeyes for Christmas. Another cheap gift idea.
Joann's has packages of 15 keychains for crafts for $2.09
and I know there are always coupons for Joann's in
the Sunday dispatch for 40% or 50% off a single item.



Last load of laundry is in the dryer thank goodness!
I swear clothes multiply when you ain't looking.
But hey, everyone's got clothes for awhile.
I got behind some with being sick and after two
weeks just now got caught up.


Here's a frugal tip that we do-
We used to have a bunch of body wash and ran
out not long ago. Now that we don't have any
and don't want to spend the extra expense of
buying any we now use shampoo. I have a small
stockpile of shampoo that I got for cheap
like sauve and V05 for .49 cents each in different scents.
It works just just as good as body wash at removing
the dirt. I also use cheap shampoos for bubble
baths for the kids when they are extremely dirty
and look like they've been wallerin' with pigs.


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