Thursday, September 15, 2011



Brrr, it got a little chilly overnight.
Dressed the kids in pants and long sleeved shirts today.
I even had the heater on in the truck.
Still no furnace turned on though.
Trying to keep the air conditioner and furnace
off for as long as possible to save money.

Decided to keep Jonathan home from school again today.
He already missed Monday because of coughing
and having a fever but the fever has since subsided.
He's been coughing to the point of throwing up from phlegm.

This has been a rough year for us dealing with sickness.
From 2 cases of dehydration, 2 cases of pneumonia, celulitis,
irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, stomach virus,
tennis elbow, arthritis in hips, pulled back muscles to
infected impetigo toe nail removal.

And now I am still dealing with my doctor for IBS,
Tony needs to see a doctor about what I thought
were allergies but might be sinusitis (my diagnosis) and is now
bothering his left ear and I have Jonathan with
his current symptoms and might take him
to Urgent Care this morning.
When it rains it pours that's for sure!!
Would like to see a little light at the end of the tunnel!!


printable Welch's coupon.
Chose only one coupon to print.
-.75 cents off 64 ounce 100% grape juicee
-.75 cents off refrigerated 100% juice
-.75 cents off grape jam or jelly
-.75 cents off sparkling juice

They send the coupon link to your email.
It said limit of only one coupon but I was
able to print 2 by hitting the back one page button
after the first one printed.



Just back from Urgent Care and Kroger.
Need to add to my sickies list for this year
2 cases of Bronchitis. Jonathan has bronchitis
and has to be out of school til next Monday.
Urgent Care reminded me that Jonathan had
bronchitis earlier this year in February.
It was around Valentine's day and I remember
the doctor's name being Dr. Valentine then, lol.

Anyways he has to take antibiotics and also gave
him a cough syrup prescription that I didn't
get because I knew he wouldn't take it.
I got him some Ricolla cough drops instead.

Here's some deals I found in Kroger today
while waiting for his prescription.

2 pkgs with 2 loaves each of sweet Italian bread- each was .89 cents
1 pkg of Texas toast- 89 cents
Crab spinach dip- $1.29
bananas- .64 cents for bunch
small chocolate milk- .59 cents
12 pack Kroger diet cola- .99 cents
Wolf chili with no beans-
$1.33 each on sale
had blinkies coupons for .70 cents off (doubled)
made them .63 cents each.
3 Snicker bars
.79 cents each x's 2 is $1.58
Kroger sale buy 2 get 1 free
had coupon for $1.00 off 2
made 3 Snickers bars .58 cents

And here was my best deal-
10 pound bag of Idaho Potatoes
priced at $2.99
rang up for $3.49
Kroger's policy is that if something rings
up wrong then you get it for free.
So I got 10 pound of potatoes free today! Woo Hoo!

We were able to get a few samples while in Kroger as well.
From the butcher- meatballs
From the deli- a cup of ham salad and a cup of potato salad.


While in Kroger today I was making mental notes
of different items and prices. I didn't carry
my coupon binder with me today but might make
another trip back to Henderson Rd. Kroger to
get a few things I saw.

Toaster Strudels was $1.00 each
have $1.00 off 2 printable coupon
would make it $1.00 for 2 or .50 cents each

Welch's Jelly was $1.69 (I think)
have $1.50 off 1 printable coupon
makes it .19 cents each

Oscar Mayer bologna $1.99
minus $1.10 coupon (found in a store)
makes it .89 cents each

I am trying to track down coupon policies
which all seemed to have changed since I printed
the last ones. I know Kroger now only accepts
3 like regular coupons but does anyone know
the policy or limitations of printable coupons???

Meijer's coupon policy is posted on the last
page of their sales ad at the bottom. It states-

Columbus area stores only. You can get double coupon
savings at Meijer. Bring in your manufacture
.99 cents or less and get double the savings.
Items must be purchased in sizes and quantities specified.
One coupon per item. Limit of 2 identical coupons will double.
Additional coupons for identical items will be
redeemed at face value.
In this small coupon policy on their web site
it states you can combine manufacture coupons
with Meijer mealbox coupons.
I also know that Meijers will take other store coupons.
For example they will take Kroger's catalina coupons.

Wondering if Meijer will accept Target's printable coupons?


Sign up at Kraft First Taste and they offer you a printable coupon
good for $2.00 off a jar of Planter's peanut butter!


$1.00 off printable coupon for Mrs. Dash
when you "like" them on Facebook.


Family Dollar printable coupons.

Family Dollar's coupon policy.


Dollar General printable coupons.



Supper tonight is Goulash. Something real simple to make.

1 pound hamburger
(I used a pound of sausage since it was cheaper) $2.50
2 boxes macaroni & cheese- free
1 can diced tomatoes with basil, garlic & oregano- .71 cents
bread & butter .75 cents

Total cost- $3.96
makes about 10 servings
@ .39 cents a serving

Fry sausage up in large skillet. Drain off grease.
In a large sauce pan make up macaroni according
to package.
Stir macaroni and tomatoes with juice into sausage and stir
everything together.
Serve with slices of bread and butter.


Here is a scenario today I had at Kroger.
Sometimes when figuring out your best buys
you need to put your math skills to the test.

I needed some shredded cheese. I was wanting
two packages with 2 cups of cheese in each.

Each Kroger package with 2 cups cost $2.29 x's 2 is $4.58
I had a Kroger coupon for .50 cents.
So 2 pkgs with this coupon would have been $4.08.

Then I saw that a package of shredded cheese
with 4 cups in it cost $3.29.

So it was actually .79 cents cheaper to buy that 4 cup
package than buy the two, 2 cup packages
with the coupon.


Tony wants to go up to his work this evening and
pick up a large box that wouldn't fit in his car.
We use boxes like this, cut down, to use
as a gerbil playpen. Gives them an area to
run around and stretch their legs other
than in the aquarium.
I think I'm going to see if he wouldn't mind
if we stopped back by Kroger to pick up
a couple things I saw at Kroger earlier that
I knew I had coupons for.
I would also like to get a bag of those
10 pound potatoes and take to an in store
scanner to see if they marked them to
their regular price or not. If not
I'll send Tony through the checkout to see
if we can get another free bag.



Back home from Tony's work and the store.
I didn't get another free bag of potatoes.
They've got the potato prices all screwed up.
Earlier today the sign said $2.99
and rang up for $3.49.
Now the sign says $3.99.

I stopped by the courtesy desk and asked
them about their coupon policy because
I couldn't find it anywhere and I needed
updated in order to use coupons the right way.
The lady told me that I could only use
three like coupons. I asked if that was both
for regular and printed coupons and she said

So here's an example of using like coupons
so people don't get confused.

use three identical coupons for 3 bottles wishbone salad dressing.
use three identical coupons for 3 campbells soup.
use three like coupons for 3 trix cereal.
use three like coupons for 3 kraft cheese,
etc, etc.

Customer service did not say there was a limit
of any kind as to how many total coupons you could
use during your transaction.

I kept reading where people were posting online
they were only allowed to have three internet
coupons period. That kinda scared me with
trying to use coupons to save money.
That's why I was really specific with
asking this lady questions about the use of coupons.
I feel better now that I asked.

Here's the deals I went back for tonight at Kroger-

2 Planter's peanut butters
$2.79 - $2.00 coupon = .79 cents each

2 Welch's grape jam
$1.78 - $1.50 coupon = .28 cents each

4 boxes of Toaster Strudels
$1.00 manager special
used 2 coupons each was $1.00 off 2
made each box of Toaster Strudels .50 cents each
regular price was over $2.00 each.

3 large pkgs Oscar Mayer lunch meat.
$1.99 - $1.10 coupon = .89 cents each



Well I'm going to head to bed soon as I am
totally exhausted trying to keep up with everything.
And I didn't seem to get too much sleep last
night with waking up every time Jonathan coughed.
I made sure Jonathan got his meds before bed
and got him a vaporizer hooked up and going.
He still keeps coughing.
Christopher now has a runny nose
but no fever. Tony still has a runny nose,
sinus congestion and trouble hearing out
of his left ear.
I look after everyone even though I haven't felt
the greatest and running on little sleep.
But why does it seem like everyone disappears
when mom doesn't feel good. Everyone goes to work
or school and I'm left alone by myself with no
one to look after me. This totally sucks.
Mom still gets up, cooks meals, does housework, laundry
and dishes, gets kids up and off to school,
grocery shops, etc, you get the drift.
There should be more than one Mother's Day a year
so we all can have a break when we work sick or no sick

Goodnight, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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