Monday, September 26, 2011


5:30am is too early to wake up!! Ahhh.

Well it's almost time to start waking everyone up.
Me and mom will be heading to Save-A-Lot this
morning around 8:30am. Hoping to use my
$5 off $25 coupon there. Will take along my coupon
binder to see if I can find other deals.
Save-A-Lot will take manufacture coupons
at face value, no doubling. If they don't
have the ground turkey I'm looking for cheap
($1.50 or less a pound)
then I'll head over to Aldi instead because
that's the whole idea of this trip is to mainly
stock up on ground turkey along with a few
misc. items I need.


Free sample of 5 Hour Energy Drink (worth $2.99).
One sample per person.
Allow 4 weeks for delivery.


Another Meijer deal-

Gold Peak Tea (59 oz) – $2.50/ea
Use $0.75/1 Gold Peak Carafe
Use $0.75/1 Gold Peak Tea Carafe
Final Price = $1/ea


Red Plums Dash for Deals coupon of the day-
$1.00 off Hellmans or Best Foods 9 ounce
Mediterranean Roasted Garlic & Herb mayo.


Folgers Filter Packs, 10 ct $4.28, Regular Price (Walmart)
Use $2.00/1 – Folgers Filter Packs, Any – (
Final Price: $2.28



Went to Save-A-Lot this morning and decided that
I could get better prices at Aldis.
So that's where I shopped today instead.

Save-A-Lot ground 1 pound turkey $1.79
Aldi ground 1 pound turkey $1.49

Here's a scenario-
At Save-A-Lot I could buy 5 rolls of turkey for $8.95
At Aldi I could buy 6 rolls of turkey for $8.94

By shopping at Aldi I get more for my money.

Any who I spent $18 at Aldi and got these items below-

2 loaves bread
1 frozen pizza
3 cans mild chili beans
1 box buttery round crackers
6 pounds ground turkey
1 bag BBQ chips
1 box baking soda
1 bag chocolate chips

Sometimes I like to keep a list of prices
of what certain things cost. I like to know
if I use coupons and a sale at one store,
is that price cheaper than if I had
gone to Aldi?

So while strolling though Aldis today I
jotted down prices of some things.

2 lb 1.9 ounce canned coffee $5.29

Pound of ground sausage $2.29

10 pound bag of potatoes $1.99

Canned vegetables .49 cents

12 pack ramen noodles $1.19

Cream soups .69 cents

13 ounce boxed mashed potatoes $1.19

celery $1.19

onion soup mix .79 cents

cooking spray $1.19

1 pound 9.6 ounce powdered milk $5.99

Chicken or beef canned broth .59 cnets

Chicken or beef bouillon $1.19

Parmesan grated cheese in can $2.79

chocolate chips $1.79

baking soda .49 cents

gallon milk $2.39

canned chili beans .55 cents

white loaf bread .79 cents

frozen pizza (like Totinos) .99 cents

I had gone through the check out line in Aldis and mom
was right behind me. I was bagging my groceries
when I had turned around to see mom putting her groceries
up on the belt to be scanned. She had a FULL cart
and had just begun putting them up. A lady behind her,
yacking away on a cell phone, puts up about 10 items
as well along with a bar.
So picture this, mom has a whole cart of
groceries she's trying to put on the belt and this
ladies items are moving along the belt also each
time the cashier scans things. The cashier told
the lady that she needed to wait to put her things
up so my mom could finish putting her groceries up.
She pauses for a moment from her cell phone and says ok.
She did nothing to remove her items from the belt
so mom could continue putting her groceries up.
Her groceries were nearing the cashier and mom
still had a cart full to put up with nowhere to put them.
It got to the point the cashier stopped the belt,
stood up from his chair and had to push this other
ladies groceries with his hands back away to give
mom space to continue with her order. He was a little
upset along with mom. I had never seen someone do this
to another shopper. It had me shaking my head
that someone would even do something like that.
So when you are in a store getting ready to check out
please wait to put your items up until the person
in front of you has put all theirs up first- DUH DUH DUH!
Use some common sense people!!


Tonight's supper already set out.

Crockpot Chili & Cornbread

1 can of mild chili beans .55
(three are shown but I'll only be using 1)

1 can diced tomatoes with juice .49 cents

1 small onion diced .10 cents

2 cans tomato soup FREE

chili powder to taste FREE

Homemade Cornbread
(from recipe on aunt jemima corn meal mix)
(makes 9-10 servings)

2 cups cornmeal mix .18 cents

1.5 cups milk .21 cents

1 egg, beaten .14 cents

2 Tablespoon vegetable shortening FREE

2 Tablespoons Splenda .05 cents

Total cost of Chili and Cornbread $1.72
I'm going to guess and say the chili will make 6 servings
@ .28 cents a serving



Well it's probably a good thing I didn't shop at
Save-A-Lot and use my $5 off $25 today.
I was browsing Facebook just now and saw
that Save-A-Lot has a sneak peak of a dollar sale
they might be having next week.

$1.00 Angel Soft toilet paper 4 pack

$1.00 dozen eggs

$1.00 12 ounce ground sausage roll

$1.00 10-12 ounce Malt O Meal Cereal

$1.00 Oscar Mayer lunchables 4.2 to 4.5 ounce

$1.00 Chef Boyardee pasta

I might go just to stock up on the sausage!!!!!!!!
I realize it's 4 ounces shy of a pound.
But sausage for $1.00, heck yeah!
Sausage rolls can run you $2.50 to $4 a roll at Kroger.

Oh, there was .50 cent coupons for the 4 pack Angel Soft
toilet paper in one of the coupon inserts.
So that would make the 4 packs only .50 cents each!!!

I found Malt O Meal cereal coupons $1.00 off 3.
They are for the 12.5 ounce or larger so
don't think they would work with these bags.

I think there might be Chef Boyardee coupons in one
of the coupon inserts. I didn't save mine in my
coupon binder because we are tired of eating it!



Mail Call.

Cool deal. Kroger sent me coupons for
a FREE Shick Hydro Razor 3 or 5 blade along
with a coupon for FREE Shick Hydro Shave Gel.

I'll get this and use it to make a gift basket
for Christmas along with some body wash
and deodorant or whatever I can find with coupons
and sales for one of the guys.



Got the chili going in the crock on high.
I put in the recipe to put it on low
but wanted to speed up the process because of time.
Everything was pretty much cooked before hand
so it shouldn't be a problem.


When grocery shopping, and after having my list checked off
and the cart full, I'll start evaluating what I have in my cart.
Do I really need the stuff I chose or can I put anything
back to reduce my grocery bill? I did that today
and find myself doing that many other times.

Today I found myself putting back a second bag of chips.
We didn't really need them. I can makes other snacks from
scratch like the black bottom cupcakes. That's why I got
a bag of chocolate chips. I also put back a large can
of tomato juice. I don't really need that. I have
cans of tomato soup I can use in its place.
And last I put back parmesan cheese. It's not a
necessity at the moment, only a treat.


Do you use Scott's toilet paper? The other day
I thought I would save a buck and get the Kroger
brand of Scott's. It turned out to be much thinner!
I won't be buying the Kroger brand of Scott's any more.
Most of the time store brands are just as good
as name brands. But sometimes you'll run across
a few items that aren't.


Sometimes you have to go without.

We've had lights flicker in our home that are
on flip switches. We replaced one switch already
in the kitchen because of it. Our hallway light
was acting the same way for the longest time.
Well yesterday it finally went out. It sucks
to have to walk down a dark hall at night
and early mornings or heck even on a cloudy day.
My pantry closet is
in the hall as well and I can't hardly see
what I'm looking for in there or to see
to put stuff away.

My truck is needing a U-Joint.
At least that's what Tony thinks it is. It's made
a couple clunk noises when putting it into
gear and yesterday was making a little racket
when I got onto a 45mph rd. Only does it when
you give it gas, not coasting. So now I drive
to and from the bus stop every day wondering
if it's going to give out til we can get it fixed.

I've already canceled my colonoscopy.
Getting ready to cancel my family doctor's
appointment on Wednesday and cancel
the gastreonologists appointment for next month.
Don't have the money to keep up with all these
doctor bills. I am feeling better and don't
feel the need to keep going to them.

Sometimes when money won't allow you to do the
things you would like you have to make
sacrifices and decided which things are more
important to fix, get or have done.
Yes it sucks but it is a way of life for many people.

Now I have decided that Tony's ear infection is
important to be seen again by a doctor.
We can't risk someone losing their hearing!
He had to cancel his Saturday appointment
because it conflicted with his work and having
the pager. Will set up another appointment
this week and keep you posted with the results
from that. He took a 5 day dose of antibiotics,
had one ear flushed out and cleaned and has
to put prescription drops in the one ear daily. While it
has seemed to improve his hearing some, now
it looks like it is spreading to the other ear.


$2/1 Organic Girl Produce Coupon-
can be found at Kroger from what I've been reading
for around $2.99. Sometimes can be found as a
manager special!


SurveyHead survey site.
A survey site I just signed up for and are
still looking into. There have some I have
signed up for and just didn't do so we'll
see how this one turns out.

Join now and receive $5 just for signing up.
Receive another $2.65 by taking the screening surveys
for a total of $7.65!

Surveyhead was founded in 2008 by the founders of From 1999 to 2005, goZing paid out over $5 million to people worldwide for completing online surveys. In 2005, goZing was acquired by a public competitor.

Today, we work with corporations and market research firms around the world to help them gain competitive intelligence through online surveying.

Your opinion matters! By carefully providing answers to market research surveys, you are personally helping to shape the business strategies of executives around the world. In exchange for providing your opinion, Surveyhead will pay you a cash reward.



Got a few leftovers ready to put in the big freezer-
scalloped potatoes, spaghetti & chili.

These are so nice to have when I don't have
a lunch for Tony to take to work.
They are also helpful for quick weekend


"like" Wheat Thins on Facebook and get a printable
coupon for $1.00 off any FLAVORED Wheat Thins, NOT original!


WALGREENS this week.

Walgreens coupon in sales ad for Haribou 5 ounce gummy bears
.69 cents
there is a .30 cent printable coupon.
Makes it .39 cents a bag.

Zantac 150 maximum strength- 24 count or
Zantac 75- 30 count $7.99 each
$2/1 Walgreens Coupon from October Coupon Book
$5/1 Zantac Product printable
$0.99 ea. after Coupon!

Let me know if anyone has any problems using
a $5.00 printed coupon at Walgreens.
Sometimes stores frown upon high dollar printed coupons.
I could really use this deal if it works!!
This is a hell of a deal!!


I like this saying-









Been tinkering around and doing some surveys
on the new survey site I discovered.

I like survey sites that pay you cash or
gift cards.
I do not like survey sites where you do surveys
and acquire points to be entered into contests.

Surveys range in 1 minute up to about 30 minutes
and range in pay according to how long it takes to do.

I am currently up to $5.50 with the new survey site.

I checked out some of the rewards and there are
gift cards for things like and
I saw that you could put your reward in your paypal account.
That would probably be the option I would choose.


Woo Hoo! I just realized I got a snail mail from
Opinion Outpost, another survey site I do.
I told y'all I sent away to cash in my money
I had been saving up from surveys. Their site said it could
take 6 to 8 weeks to get so I planned ahead before
Christmas. Well I know it hasn't been a week since
sending off for it and it just came today.
That was extremely quick!


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