Tuesday, September 13, 2011



More pics that I got of the full moon this morning.
The dark one was taken with a flash, the other
the flash was off.


Food prices will be on the rise next year due to
crop damage this year. This could mean price increases
from meat to cereals to pop. A lot of corn crops
were damaged from the hot summer and droughts so
that means higher prices to feed cows, pigs and chicken
with corn and higher prices for anything made from corn.
They say it could take up to 6 months to see the increase
so that gives you plenty of time to stock up over
the holiday season when you will see plenty of
sales going on.

Food price rise feared if corn harvest drops.

Even though prices seem a little high now, now is
the time to get your stockpile going with those
items that could increase even more.
Watch for sales and use coupons with them!
What products could be affected?
I did a search to see what products use corn.
There was too many to list so check out this
website about Products That Use Corn.

I've been wanting to do dehydrated potatoes.
Sometimes I find the $3.79 10 pound bag of potatoes
at Kroger while other times they don't even
carry it or have them in stock. I haven't had
any luck this past week finding them.
Does anyone know how much potatoes are at Aldis?



Not having a good day. I have spent hours on three
computers trying to get at least one to be able to
print coupons with no luck. The printer works it's
the coupon installer thing you have to download
that's not being cooperative. It say it downloaded
and installed but when I want to print coupons
it says I haven't downloaded it. You don't know
how bad I wish I could print coupons to help
with the grocery budget!!

Next someone had put a cleaning spray bottle
on the dining room table and I discovered it
had been knocked over and leaked out all over
EVERYTHING! I had a stack of paper work
from school papers to bills to doctors papers
that all got soaking wet. I now have a crap
load of papers laying out to dry all over
my dining room floor.

I didn't make supper tonight because we told
the kids we'd splurge and take them to Taco Bell for
the $2.25 meal.
Tony has the pager again tonight and tomorrow night.



I've been craving the combination of orange and chocolate
lately. It just sounds so good together.
So for an after school snack I got to tinkering
in the kitchen. I had a package of Betty Crocker
chocolate cookie mix.

In my mini blender I added one egg, about a 1/2 tablespoon
of grated orange rind and a teaspoon of sugar-free
orange jello powder and gave it all a whirl til combined.
I then stirred this mix into the cookie mix and
added a half cup butter.


6:00 to 8:15pm

Went to Taco Bell for supper. Atferwards we returned home
and Tony decided to work on the blue TA in the driveway.
I scooched a lawn chair to the front of the car by
the end of the driveway. I figured I'd kick back and relax
for the evening and enjoy the cool breeze outside.
I was chilling watching an occasional car drive by.
Tony and Jonathan had gone into the house and I was
sitting out there by myself. I had my chair facing towards
the stop sign and could hear a car coming up behind me really
fast! It blows by me on the side street, goes through the stop
sign without hesitation, swerves and makes a left turn
screeching tires because it almost hit Tony's
and a neighbor's car out front. I was thinking to myself,
what an idiot to drive like that. We get many people
that go through this stop sign like it doesn't exist!
Seconds later I hear behind me once again the loud roar
of a car's engine and it's a cop car in pursuit of the
car that just blew by me. It went down the street and
turned onto another side street with lights and sirens.
I'm thinking what the hell, I came out here to relax
because my back feels like spasms in the lower area.
Next thing is I hear cop cars coming from all different
areas to join this chase in our neighborhood, as far away
as the outskirts of Gahanna. They are patrolling every side
street and our street in our neighborhood looking for
these people. So by this time Tony and Jonathan have
come back outside and missed what had happened.
The helicopter now is flying overhead really low looking.
Me, Tony and Jonathan witness two guys walking out
from behind an alley way across the street. yget
out to the street and walk passed the end of our driveway.
Me and Tony looked at one another and said I bet they
are the people they are looking for because we had
never seen them before in the neighborhood.
A couple minutes later a cop stops out front and
asks a few questions about if I had seen a lady in
a blue dress. I said no but there was 2 suspicious
characters that walked by here a couple minutes ago
and showed them which direction. After that we chilled
for awhile and along comes this lady from down the street
asking me something. She said she witnessed two people going
down the alley across the street hopping fences and throwing
clothing and a bag down in the alley way. I told her
I was pretty sure that the two people she saw was the ones
that walked by our house. They looked suspicious like
they were just out for a stroll trying to blend in.
Neighbors called the police back out to say they
found evidence behind their homes of a bag
and clothing that the people stripped out of.
It was like they were wearing two layers of clothing,
the outer layer being long sleeve hooded sweatshirts.
By the time they passed me in my driveway they were
in shorts and t-shirts. Police returned back out and
gathered the evidence and asked me how old I thought
the people were and I said in their early 20's,
maybe late teens.
I actually got to talk to our one neighbors I've never
talked to before, the one lady who got beat over the
head back on Easter. It was these people once again,
who had the evidence in their backyard tonight.
They said they have lived here 26 years and this
year has been the worst they have seen.

Last night as me and Tony were laying in bed we heard
what sounded like gunshots. Well I found out this evening
we weren't the only ones that heard them as other neighbors had called
the police about it last night.

One neighbor, behind the lady's house who got hit in the
head the one night, had told us all that he lost his
girlfriend about 2 or so weeks ago. Said he left the house
that evening for about 15 minutes and came home to
find that she had committed suicide by shooting herself.
I got to thinking two weeks or so ago is about when Tony
was in Michigan and I had freaked out that Friday
after he left because I thought I heard one gunshot close by
and had the kids and me hunkered down in the back bedroom.

Well everyone is trying to calm down from an exciting evening.
My back isn't feeling to swift at the moment and I just popped
two tylenol. Will wait up to watch the news to see if
anything is on there about the police chase.

Some days I just want to stay inside and not
know what is going on in the world around me!

Oh yeah before I forget from too much excitement,
I wanted to show you what Tony brought home today
that he found in a vacant apartment,
couple rugs for the kitchen
and a 12 pack of beer.

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