Saturday, September 3, 2011



I got all my bills done up and rushed out to put
them in the mailbox only to see Mr. Mailman had already
been here. I saw his truck was still on our street so
waited for him to give him all my bills. If they don't
go out today and get in the mail system then it will
be delayed another two days, Sunday and Monday with no mail.
No doctor bills were paid. I cannot afford to pay them at
the moment!!

This morning we went out to a few yard sales. The kids wanted
to go to the flea market but mom and dad couldn't visualize
us walking around there with all our aches and pains along
with the heat. I bought one thing, a can full of
23 wooden spoons. They were .05 cents each and I asked
the lady if she would take $1 for all. So it was like
I got 3 free. They were all new, never used.
I know y'all are wondering, just like Tony did, what
I was going to do with so many wooden spoons.
With little money to spend for Christmas gifts you need
to get creative and make things for cheap for all those
extra people on your list like teachers, coworkers, neighbors,
friends and family.
I've been wanting to make gifts in a jar or gifts in a mitt
and include a wooden spoon with each of them.
You make up dry mixes for cookies, soups, cakes and so
on, put it in a zip bag and into an oven mitt, or put
it all into a canning jar or any jar with a lid,
attach the recipe, a wooden spoon and some ribbon.

To find recipes do a search for- gifts in a jar recipes.
There are also books at the library called
gifts in a jar. I have a couple of them I found
at yard sales.

If you are creative and know how to sew, you could
also make your own oven mitts and potholders
to go with them for much cheaper than store bought.
The cheapest store bought ones are about a buck
at Dollar Tree or places like that. Even though it's
cheap it starts to add up when you have many people on
your list so it's better to make your own.

I thought I did good today to get 23 new wooden
spoons for less than .05 cents each when you consider
I paid $1.00 for all them.


Tony found me a couple Giant Eagle coupons at work.
Sounded like some good coupons to use combined
with manufacture coupons. I don't shop Giant Eagle
so had to look up their coupon policies.
HERE is their coupon policy.
Kroger has a limit of 3 like coupons,
Meijers is a limit of 2 like coupons,
but it looks like at Giant Eagle you can use
up to 12 like coupons!!
For internet coupons, they don't accept any that
have a value of more than $3 and they don't acccept
ones for any freebies or buy 1 get 1 free.
If you forget to use your coupons during the time
of your shopping trip you can take them in with
your receipt up to 7 days after your visit to still
have them taken off.
They have a store card you use just like a Kroger Plus card.
You need to use this card to get sales and double coupons.
I found on their website that you can also
put ecoupons on these cards just like Kroger.
You can find these coupons HERE.



I did ok about half of today. It seems like each
time I take pills I get more tired, achy and dizzy.
I have noticed I don't have an appetite. I'll eat
some but it's not because I feel hungry because
most foods don't look appetizing. I felt like last
night I had to force myself just to eat a McDonald's
cheeseburger. Tony got the 4 cheeseburgers and 4 fries
for $4.99 deal. I wasn't going to eat anything but
Tony kinda got mad at me for not wanting to eat
so I picked apart my cheeseburger and ate it
minus the top half of the bun and let the
kids have my fries.
I just took a couple more tylenol since it's starting
to wear off. They don't do as good as ibuprofen.
I'm half tempted to start taking three of them
instead of 2. And even though it's been high 90's
out I've been turning the electric blanket on for
about an hour or so at night to help with the body aches.


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