Thursday, September 29, 2011



I got more potatoes to dehydrate this morning and
possibly some laundry soap to make.

Yesterday we had to stop in Kroger to get Tony
a couple more prescriptions. He had another doctor's
appointment yesterday. They cleaned out his other ear
and said it had gotten infected as well. He needs to
use ear drops in that ear also now. The doctor
gave him a sinus medicine like prescription Claritin. Kroger does not
have it at the moment so we have to wait til Friday
to pick it up. And he also got a prescription nasal spray.

While in Kroger I looked for some laundry bar soap.
I could not find my Zote bar laundry soap at Meijer
yesterday. I usually find it in the foreign section
of the grocery store with the foods but it was no longer
located there. I found Fels Naptha at Kroger which
is another laundry bar soap you could use. And
when neither can be found you can use soaps
like Ivory and Dove. While in the laundry isle I checked
out their Downy fabric softener. I FINALLY found my
fabric softener scent that I designed in the Downy contest.
It's in a pinkish red/orange bottle and is called
Citrus Spice Glow. Sometime I would like to get a bottle
just for a keepsake but will wait til a sale and coupons
to get one because I think it was $4 or $5. A little steep
for my budget. I wish they had given me at least some free coupons
for the Downy I made.


Be sure to check the coupon section of your 10-2 Sunday paper.
There is supposed to be $20 in coupons from Pepsi Co!



Hurry on this one!!

Sign up for a free bottle
of Extra Strength or Regular Strength Bayer Advanced Aspirin. (Click Speed Share at the bottom right)

I got mine! Should arrive in 7-10 business days.


See Bad Teacher midnight showing FREE at
Easton AMC 30 Theater,
AmC Lenox Town Center 24 &
Rave Motion Pictures Polaris 18

Friday 9-30 and Saturday 10-1

Visit this offer, enter your zip code, select theater if available in your area, fill out the form and print your invitation.

NOTE: The expiration date on the invitation is wrong. If you check the main page of the offer at the bottom it states "Offer expires 10/1/2011 at 11:59 pm CST"



I made up a few mixes to store in the pantry-
Cream soup mix, beef gravy mix and chicken gravy mix.

These mixes can cost .50 cents to over a $1 for
each packet in the store. It is much cheaper
to make your own. So easy to make ahead of time
with things you already have in your kitchen.
Recipes can be found under Homemade Mixes.


"like" Energizer Bunny on Facebook
to get
a $3.00 off 8 pack of A or AA batteries.


Walgreens toilet paper deal-

Cottonelle Toilet Paper (12 pack), $5
Use $1 off coupon from Walgreens October coupon booklet
Use $0.75 from 09/11 SS insert
As low as $3.25 ea. after coupons!


Tonight is open house at Jonathan's school.
Then we get to come home and work on some
scrap metal. Tony has an overflowing
5 gallon bucket of brass scrap metal at work
he's bringing home to cut up
and have ready to take in Saturday morning.
He has asks all the guys at work to save
the metals from different maintenance jobs for him.

You can check the current price of metals
at the Recycling Exchange.

Brass is now at $1.35 a pound!
Aluminum cans are .61 to .64 cents a pound.

We have even considered going around and collecting
aluminum cans from his work now that the weather is cooler.
It's kind of nasty and buggy if you do it during
the warmer weather and have them sitting around
with bees getting into them and they start to stink.


Real World Savings- Real World Couponing

What they bought for a week looks like it
would last me for a couple weeks to a month!!


Tonight's supper-
Cream chipped beef over biscuits

2 pkgs chipped beef, cut up- FREE
2 cans biscuits- $1.00
2 batches of cream soup mix- .10 cents
2 batches beef gravy mix- .10 cents
splash of ranch dressing- .05 cents

Total cost- $1.25
makes 4 servings @ .31 cents a serving.



Got yet another batch of potatoes in the dehydrator.
I will have done up 12 1/2 pounds so far
along with 2 1/2 pounds onions.
I'll probably get another 2 jars from the ones
in the dehydrator this evening.


I just joined

Do you love to try new things? Haven't you ever tried a new product and thought, "This would be so much better if…" Well, as a member, you can provide that kind of feedback directly to the source. Your opinion matters. And as a fringe benefit, you'll earn status in the community, which has its own perks, rewards, and opportunities. It's a win-win situation, really.

If you are interested I can send you an invite.



Sign up for the Home Depot Garden Club
to receive special offers and coupons.



Got all the copper and brass cut up this evening.
I'm going to guess on how much I think we'll get for it.
59 pounds brass
7 pounds copper

I'm going to say about $84.65
give or take.
Not too shabby for some free metal!
We'll see what we get for it Saturday.

I'm still working on reminding Tony to ask
about getting any leftover Sunday papers from
a convenience store not far from his work.
He keeps forgetting every day. Going to remind
him lots tomorrow before the weekend gets here!!


We've been discussing our plans for this weekend throughout the week.
I was thinking we need to go to the thrift store. I need
some Winter clothing for the boys, long sleeve shirts and
more pants. And we need to go to K-Mart to get Tony some more
shoes. It seems like he just got shoes but they are already
wearing out on the bottoms with holes. Nothing today is
made to last!!

We also need to look into getting U-joints to put on the truck.
Hoping for a half way decent day this weekend to do it.
I also need to look for receipts from where I bought
Tony's brakes and rotors for his car. They come with a lifetime
warranty. He showed me tonight where his brakes are putting
grooves into the rotors! GRRRR!

Mom asked me earlier today about going to yard sales tomorrow.
I'm thinking the weather is going to be cold and rainy.
But I looked in the paper anyway to see what was going on.
Woo Hoo, my favorite church sale will be going on again.
The place that has clothes for .25 cents a plastic grocery bag.
Really hoping to find the boys clothes there at that price!!

Well I am off here for now. Sitting here watching
Extreme Couponing on TLC. These people amaze me.
What the heck are they going to do with 300 toothbrushes?
What they fail to mention on this show is that most of
these people purchase coupons on the internet and don't
deduct that from the cost of their purchases.
What I would like to know is where are these people
shopping at that allows so many duplicate coupons?
Here in Columbus-
Giant Eagle is 10 like coupons.
Kroger is 3 like coupons.
Meijers is 2 like coupons.


Big Lot deals for next week.

Progresso Soups $1.00 each

68.75 ounce Xtra laundry detergent $2.00

8 rolls Brawny paper towels $6.00

Shark vacuum/steam mop $59.00


How to eat for $7.00 or less a day.


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