Thursday, September 22, 2011


"like" Save-A-Lot on Facebook
and print a coupon good for
$5 off groceries when you spend $25 or more at Save-A-Lot.

Save-A-Lot recipes

Save-A-Lot takes manufacture coupons at face value.



I don't have much money for Christmas this year
so are turning towards doing online surveys to help out.
Start early in the year because it may take you all year to gather
points to cash out but anything can help when you
don't have much to start with and hey it's all free
for a couple moments of your time to do surveys!
No, you don't get rich off online surveys but
it's better than nothing.

I just cashed in one of my survey site points today.
I did it now because it can take up to 2 months
to get a check. I had accumulated $114 so that
will help go towards Christmas gifts.

Still working towards another $25 gift card to
Gamestop for a total of $100 in gift cards.
I already have the points to do it but they only
allow you to get that reward every four months.

Plus another survey site I do I've accumulated

And Tony gets a free $100 visa card from work.

So I think I've done pretty good for trying
to round up FREE money to buy Christmas gifts with.

My saying is and always has been-
"Do what ya gotta do with what you have to do it with."



I called OSU Hospital and inquired about getting
a colonoscopy Monday with having a cold and possibly
bronchitis. They recommended that I reschedule
my appointment because of it. I told them
just to cancel it. I am also canceling my
appointment with the gastreonololgist.
I feel better with my irritable bowel syndrome
and have been taking my meds. My cat scan
came back normal. So I feel no need to keep
spending money that I don't have to be a guinea pig.
If I wasn't feeling better then I would consider it.
But at the moment I don't have a money tree growing
out in the yard to keep seeing doctor after doctor!
In this economy you choose to go to the doctor or
pay the bills to put food in your belly and a
roof over your head!!!

Instead I'm going to play doctor with myself.
I'm going to start taking a daily vitamin
and start watching my diet to see that I get
more foods with potassium in it. Plain and simple
and costs lots less than what a doctor would order!

Is it just me or has anyone else seen that once you
see a doctor for an ailment, the doctor likes to drag
that one thing out to many appointments lasting
for months. This is crazy. It's like they try
to get you hook, line and sinker and reel you in
for more and more visits. You have to draw the line
and say no more. You are the patient and you have
the right to say I don't want to be seen anymore
for something! You gotta know when to say when
or they'll keep lining their pockets with your money.
It's how they stay in business in my opinion.
Now if you are really sick or not
getting better then I suggest to keep going.

If my car was making a noise and that noise went
away and seemed to fix itself and was running fine
without problems then I'm not going to take it to
a mechanic who charges and arm and a leg to get
it looked it.

Ok, I'm done venting about doctors.


"like" on Facebook to possibly get
a week's worth sample of Nature's Bounty Fish Oil and a $2 coupon.
They need 8,000 likes in order unlock this sample and coupon.
They will send you an email confirmation.


I have a stockpile of Cheerios cereal that
I've either gotten free or for around a buck.
The kids favor the honey nut cheerios
and don't seem to like the regular cheerios.
So I got to thinking about making my own
homemade honey cheerios.

In a large saucepan heat up 5-6 or so tablespoon of honey
(this can be found at Dollar Tree for a small bottle).
Stir in 9 cups or 8.9 ounce box of Cheerios for
3 minutes. I sprinkled a couple teaspoons of
cinnamon on the cereal while stirring.
Once coated remove from heat and place cheerios
onto a cookie sheet lined with tin foil or wax paper
Allow to dry then store in an air tight container.

Wallah, Cinnamon Honey Cheerios.
Use as a snack or a bowl of cereal with milk.

I've found a saying that I really like that applies to me-
Use it Up, Wear it Out, Make it Do, or Do Without!!


"Like" Seattle's Best Coffee on Facebook
then go HERE to print off a couple
$2.00 coupons good for the level 2 Seattle's Best Coffee.
I'm hearing this runs about $6 at Walmart
so $4.00 after coupon for 12 ounce bag.'

With coffee prices on the rice any coupons
are good coupons!!


Saw this on Facebook-

News Alert: Dow down -414 points; investors fear U.S., perhaps rest of world, headed for new recession.

News Alert: #Dow hits 489 point drop! Do you think it will hit 500 before the market close today?

News Alert: Dow crosses 500 pt. drop; drops nearly 520 points. How low do you think it will go?

Is the government saying we were out of the recession
to say we're heading for a new one
because I have a different opinion about that!
Bankruptcies, foreclosures and unemployment
are still on the rise. How is that out of a recession???!!!

And people wonder why I am trying to stockpile,
dehydrate and make my own things.
I'm telling you, the price of things are only
going to get higher and if you don't stockpile
and use coupons now to get the best deals
you are only going to pay more later on.
Do you have more? I don't have more!
Trying to do the best I can with what I have
or can get for free or cheap. Who knows how
long this recession will last or if it will
only get worse. While the government thought
it was obviously getting better I haven't seen
where it has changed much and I'm sure many
people would agree with me.

It should be called a depression instead
of recession because that's how I feel, depressed.
Going to affect everyone's 401K,
ya know that thing that you save money for retirement.
Retirement, what retirement, what social security
for people my age. We'll have to work til we die.
There will be no retirement age.


Tom's of Maine Silly Strawberry kids toothpaste sample.
Should arrive in 4-6 weeks.


Microwave popcorn can be expensive and unhealthy.
Here's how to make your own with bagged popcorn kernels
and save some money.
Place 1/4 cups of popcorn kernels in a
lunch-sized paper bag. Fold bag top over
and secure with a small piece of tape.
Microwave for 2-3 minutes or till popping
slows to about once per second.

Or do as I do sometimes and use a hot air
popcorn popper.


Sign up for Spotify.
What is Spotify?

Coca-Cola loves music. Particularly free music, that’s easily shareable. That’s why we’re teaming up with Spotify for its launch in the U.S.

Spotify has arrived. The award-winning digital music service is now available in the U.S. Spotify gives you on-demand access to over 15 million tracks - on your computer, your cell phone and a whole heap of other devices. Spotify makes it easier than ever to discover new music and share it with friends. Enjoy.


Supper tonight-

Chicken Spaghetti

box of spaghetti- free
jar of spaghetti sauce- free
(I have a stockpile of spaghetti sauces
that range in prices so we'll start with the freebie)
leftover chicken- free
1/2 bag of Texas toast- .45 cents
butter & garlic powder- .10 cents
shredded cheddar cheese- .40 cents

Total cost for Chicken Spaghetti
with garlic & cheese toast .95 cents
Serves 6 @ .16 cents a serving.


Oh goodie I just got an insurance statement
from the cat scan I had. Please someone pick
me up off the floor as I've fallen and can't get up!!!!!!

The regular cost of the cat scan- $3,892

The cost with insurance $420.68

And that was for a scan that found nothing wrong with me!

And people are wondering why I'm canceling all
my other appointments.


Well it's 3:45pm. Need to go jump in the shower
and look like I'm alive for an open house
at the school tonight and put on a fake happy face.


I printed off the $5 off $25 purchase at Save-A-Lot.
I was wondering how much their ground turkey is there.
I was going to get some from Aldi but figured
if Save-A-Lot had it for around the same price
I could use the coupon while shopping there
and save money at the same time.
I've never seen any Aldi coupons nor does
Aldis accept coupons unlike Save-A-Lot.
But Aldis can have better deals.


Want to hear something funny?
I got a disconnect notice for my gas.
Why? well it wasn't for nonpayment of
my bill because I pay that every month
on time. It's because they haven't been
able to get an actual meter read in awhile.
And yes I have called in my meter reading
several times but I guess that don't count.
My gas meter is in my basement, not
on the outside of the house with easy access.
I called the gas company to have a meter
reading done tomorrow so I don't get it
shut off. I also requested that they
put an electronic meter on so that I don't
have to go through this again and have to
worry about my gas getting shut off.
I'm hoping the electric gas meter will
work like the smart meter they put on
for our electric meter. It feeds back to the company
and tells them the usage instead of having
meter men/women come out and do readings.


Ohio has 2 of the 10 poorest cities in the US.
Cleveland is #3 while Cincinnati is #7.



Back from open house. It went pretty good,
the teachers seemed nice. Of course while walking
down the halls from one class to the next
I had another coughing fit that echoed the halls.

Tomorrow evening we're heading out to Groveport.
Tony's friend wants him to fix a ceiling fan.
This guy is not maintenance inclined that's for sure, lol.
Oh well, make a couple bucks on the side.



We had a visitor this evening. This little kitty
was found outside in the yard.
He sure has been a stress reliever. Kids have
been doing nothing but playing with him non stop,
laughing and carrying on.

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