Sunday, September 4, 2011



I slept in this morning til about 10:00.
Before taking any medicine I got the dishes loaded in the
dishwasher and a load of laundry going before
I started feeling really bad. House has gone
to hell with me not feeling like doing much
of anything but sleeping or laying down.
So today I am delaying meds so I can get stuff done.
With a 3 day holiday weekend everyone can help
to get things done around here and get caught up.


So far I'm not feeling too bad but I've only had
one dose of medicine so far and are now working
on taking my potassium drink and then another
dose of my other medicine.

We had to run over to Pep Boys earlier.
My driver's side door handle quit working
on me in the truck so we are replacing it.
Luckily it was only $15.99 and could be found
at a parts store! Then we stopped by Kroger
so I could get some more Kroger brand Tylenol.
I only had one left and that would have been
bad news for me or my family. Me, from the pain,
and the family for having to tolerate my

Once home I started on supper. I'm making
chicken breast roll ups. The other day I bought
some onion and chive sour cream and Tony
couldn't believe that I paid between $2- $3 for it.
The reason I spent a little more on it to
make my chicken roll ups was because
Tony found the frozen chicken breasts and
shredded cheese at work left behind at a move out
in the freezer. So those items cost me nothing.

I used these ingredients below.

I cut the chicken breasts into large chunks
then put a piece in between wax paper and hammered
it flat.
I then spread onion and chive cream cheese on top
and sprinkled with cheddar cheese. Then I rolled
the chicken up and put into a greased casserole dish.
Once all rolled I sprinkled the chicken
with salt, pepper and powdered chicken boullion.
I used up a small leftover package of bacon pieces
and laid them on top of the chicken before putting in
the oven. I put it in the 350 degree oven.
Don't know how long it will take so will
keep checking on it til done.

I'm making stuffing and au gratin potatoes as
side dishes.

Chicken- free
cream cheese- $1.35 (only used 1/2 tub)
shredded cheddar cheese- free
bacon- free (leftover)
au gratin potatoes- free
stuffing- $1.00

Total cost for about 8 servings or 2 meals- $2.35
or $1.17 a meal or .29 cents a serving.
Now you see why I splurged on the high dollar cream cheese.

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