Friday, September 30, 2011



It was 54 degrees when sitting out at the bus stop
this morning. The radio station I was listening
to said it was to get up to 55 degrees for a high.
BRRR! I know, it could be about 20 degrees out
so I shouldn't be complaining.
Still haven't turned on the furnace.
I like my gas bill at the moment running
about $29.
This morning it was 68 degrees in here.
I turned on the portable electric heater on low
in the living room for an hour and it got
to 71 degrees in here.


$7.50 printable rebate for Dr. Scholls custom shoe inserts.
While these are not in my budget at about $50 a pair
I figured I'd still post them anyway for others.


Play Ghirradelli's Dark Challenge trivia. to score a printable coupon, see if you are an instant
winner and enter to win a contest.


Me and mom went to a church sale and thrift store this
morning. I thought I got some really good deals today!

Thrift store finds-

$3.93 Vornado whole room heater.
It has no glowing elements and uses
a fan to blow warm air into the room.
Stays cool to the touch. Also blows cool air
with adjustable thermostat.
I've had it plugged in and running
for 45 minutes and it's raised it 4 degrees
in the dining/living room and kitchen areas.
Was 67 degrees now 71 degrees.

This next item I splurged on for a Christmas
gift for my oldest son. I don't have much in the
way of gifts for him this year other than
a gas gift card that we can get free by
using our Speedway points collected over the past year.
Ohio State Buckeyes jacket $8.99.

Plus I got the boys 4 pair of jeans ($1.99 each) and about
5 long sleeve shirts (.99 cents each) from the thrift store.

Church sale deals

Bag #1 .25 cents for all
5 t-shirts
1 sweat jacket

Bag #2 .25 cents for all
4 womens tops
1 capris
flannel mens jacket

Bag#3 .25 cents for all
4 t-shirts
1 thermal long sleeved shirt

Bag #4 .25 cents for all
1 fall jacket
thermal pants
1 womens top

Bag #5 .25 cents for all
3 boys tops
2 thermal pants

Bag#6 .25 cents for all
5 womens tops

Bag#7 .25 cents for all
4 pair of womens pants

Bag#8 .25 cents for all
1 womens top
2 pairs pants
2 baby outfits

Bag#9 .70 cents for all
4 bras
3 pairs undies

2 LARGE lights $3.00
I've been wanting some large torch lights
to hang on the living room wall. I want to
remove the electrical wires/bulbs and paint
them with a can of hammered copper spray
paint that I have. I plan to put flameless
candles in them. These things are about as tall
as two 2 liter bottles of pop. I priced a set
of two used ones at Habitat for Humanity one time
about the size of these and they wanted $50 for each one!!!!!

2 car heaters .50 cents for both.
Worm box .10 cents.
Rubbing compound & Turtle wax .25 cents each.
2 packages of beads .25 cents each.
Photo tote bag .50 cents



Tomorrow is October 1st. Print out any coupons
from before tomorrow. They should
all reset tomorrow. Print them today twice then print
them again tomorrow twice if the same ones are
still available.


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