Friday, September 16, 2011


Glade Premium Room Spray printable coupon
just added to
Not sure how much this goes for but
$1.10 off doubled seemed like a high dollar coupon.



Getting ready to head out to a church sale
and look for any other yard sales along the
way this morning.

I whipped up a cheap breakfast for me & Jonathan.

We each had a strawberry Toaster Strudel .08 cents x's 2 is .16 cents
Then I made up strawberry banana smoothies .
1 banana .10 cents
1 strawberry vanilla yogurt .40 cents
splash of milk .05 cents
a squirt of strawberry syrup .05 cents

Total cost for breakfast for 2- .66 cents



Back home from yard and church sales.

Got Jonathan 2 polo shirts for .25 cents each

All these books for .10 cents each-
B is for Buckeye
Magic Eye
Eye Illusions
Exploring the Titanic
Rodale's Garden Problem Solver

A set of 6 screwdrivers (one missing from photo) for .10 cents each.
These are going to by my screw drivers to use
around the house. I can never find any when I need one.
I think I'm going to find some pink nail polish
and paint the handles so I know if someone takes them!

A couple night light bulbs .10 cents
A large and small NASCAR .10 cents each

Plastic organizer tote,
paper slicer -think cutting coupons :0) $1.00
Colored pencils .25 cents
Yankee candle car air freshener .10 cents
Nice N Easy gloss hair conditioners .25 cents each
Package of push pins .10 cents
Package of red craft beads .10 cents -to make buckeye key chains
3 packages of key rings .25 cents each -to make buckeye key chains

Croft & Barrow purse with change purse & key ring $1.00

Light Brite with lots of pegs and letters $1.00

2 scooters $2.00 each


Brew over ice (coffee/tea) sample pack.
"like" them on facebook then look
for the link in the middle section.
It may take awhile to load. Still working on trying for some.
Always looking for those free coffee samples!
I don't drink coffee but hubby and mom does.


New coupons on

-$1.50 off 2 Smuckers jams, jellies or preserves
-.75 cents off Hormel Completes microwave meal
-$1.50 off 1 Clorox 2 stain fighter or color booster
-.75 cents on Smart Balance milk
-$1.00 off I can't Believe It's Not Butter


-$1.50 off Wholly product
-$2.00 off Visine product


Free Blockbuster Express movie rental codes.

These codes expire on 9/19:

* 73PGAR8
* 54RMAQ6
* 39CHAH2
* 36MMKC4
* 27KRVF6



Cool deal, hubby just got home from work and told
me that there had been a contest going at work
for all their apartment complexes all over the US
and they won. They all get $100 visa gift card, an extra
day off work with pay and now the rest of the
employees there are in a drawing for an IPod. Way to go guys!

I see that gift card being put back for Christmas.
That'll be $200 in gift cards we'll have collected
for the kids gifts, all for free!!

Starting to see a hint of light at the end of the tunnel,
just a hint though. Feels like it's still a long
way to crawl up and out of the hole though.


I found these coupons today-

The one is for a free college team shirt
with 6 codes off 20 ounces of Coke.
No coupon really needed.
Go to
enter your coke rewards off the caps,
and the Offer Code word of FOOTBALL.
Limit 2 shirts per person.
Good 8/1/11 to 11/30/11

other coupons-

$1.00 off when you buy any 2 packs
of 5 gum. Found at Speedway.

$1.00 off any 2 nestle butterfinger,
snackerz, crunch or baby ruth candy bars.
Found at Speedway.
Watch for candy bars to go on sale for
.50 cents each to get 2 free bars.

We had to stop again in Kroger tonight because
we forgot to get Big K canned pop for our
trip to Indian Lake tomorrow. This week it is
cheaper to get 2- 12 packs instead of a 24 pack.

While there I found these blinkie coupons
for $1.00 off Kraft cheese singles.
They were $2.69 minus $1.00 coupon makes them $1.69.
And that included the sharp cheddar cheese slices!

The next manager special I found and splurge on
was a 4 GB SD card for my camera for $4.99.
They also had 2GB for the same price
and another 4GB with a mini sd and an adapter for it.
I think those you can either use in a camera
or use the mini card in a cell phone.
This was the Kroger at Stoneridge Plaza at Morse & Hamilton Rds.

Tonight Tony brought me home some wash cloths,
towels and a microfiber cloth for tv's or computers
that he found in an apartment today.


My step-dad's birthday is Sunday.
Me and Jonathan tried really hard to find
something today for him at a yard sale
but had no luck.
So I came up with this idea instead-
I printed off a coupon for CiCi's
for 2 adult meals and 2 adult drinks for $9.99
I plan to put that coupon along with $10 in his birthday card.

The coupon does work because tonight was pizza night for us
and instead of getting pizza from Grandad's or
Minuteman we went to CiCi's instead at Stoneridge Plaza
and probably spent less money there than at the
pizza shops. Shhhh, I told the lady at the cash register
I needed 2 kids meals and she didn't ask their ages.
The kids meals are $3.99 and are for kids 10 and under.
I have an 11 year old and a 10 year old.
Oh well. The service tonight there was kinda bad.
It was crowded and they seemed short handed.
No once was clearing tables and about half of
them was dirty when we walked in.
Many pizza pans were empty and I went up twice for salad
and there wasn't any along with the pasta.
Right before we were ready to leave someone finally
came around and removed the 10 plates we had
stacked at the edge of the table.


Getting the truck packed up tonight for our
trip up to the lake. We're taking along our own
food and drinks in a cooler so it will be cheaper than stopping
at a convenience store of fast food joint.
We are staying Saturday night so need to pack up
all our blankies and pillows. Oh yes, and a fan.
Gotta have a fan on. It acts like white noise
to help us fall asleep. We also packed up some
fishing poles and tackle boxes. Would be nice
to catch some fish to bring home but that's
probably wishful thinking. Plan on hitting a few
yard sales while up there and I always stop by
the Discount Grocery Store while there to see
what I can find for the pantry.

Just need to get away even if it is for a day
or so. Tony hasn't seen his parents since last
Christmas, I think, so it will be nice to
go for a visit and catch up since everyone's been
too sick to go up for a visit.


Free sample of Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck.
I usually don't worry about signing up for free perfume samples
but I wanted this one, lol.
I just got the recent Cosmo magazine in the mail
(got free with points from doing surveys)
and in it was a one of those paper perfume samples of this perfume.
It smelled soooo good! I'd never be able to afford
it at $30 to $50 so a free sample is good!


Free subscription to Baby Talk magazine.
Don't read Baby Talk, sign up for it anyway
as I heard there are coupons in every issue, I did.
Hey I buy baby wipes for the bathroom to use
and use baby food to make cakes and baked goods.
You don't have to have a baby to use baby coupons!
LMAO, when signing up for the magazine it asks when you are due.
I put August 2012, LOL!! The things we do for coupons!!
And I can also share baby coupons
that I don't use with others who do have baby's
so it's all good.


Free subscription to Working Mother's magazine.
I'm not signing up for this one but thought I'd
pass it along. My mailman probably hates me
for all the free magazine subscription I have already.
In the last couple of days I think I got 10 magazines
in the mail, lol.


Check your local Walmart for some great
Summer clearances on clothing!
Read about it HERE.


Here's something to make you scratch your head about-

We run our ceiling fan 24-7.
I noticed since the cooler weather started
setting in that I started getting spider webs
around the lights on the bottom of the fan.
That's not the weird part. How in the hell
did they spin a web between the ceiling fan
blades while it is in motion???
It is not cobwebs from dust as I have squashed
a couple little spiders that have dangled from
that web! I Know I need to quit looking at it
and get out my vacuum and suck the little
boogers and their home up, lol.

And yes while we actually have three lights
in our ceiling fan we only use one to cut
back on electricity. If we really need them
we screw them back in.


More free Blockbuster Express codes.

These codes expires 9/23 and are valid on the $1 dvd rentals:


This code expires 9/25:



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