Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Free heartburn medicine sample.

Prilosec OTC
Sample should arrive in 6-8 weeks.



Well I have figured out how to flush the sinuses out, lol,
chop up about 8-10 onions! Eyes are tearing and nose
is dripping.

I got 5 trays of onions in the dehydrator.
I put the dehydrator out under the carport
so that the house won't smell much more than
it already does from onions.

I use canning jars and other jars from
peanut butter, mayo, salsa and sauces to store
dehydrated veggies in. You could also
use them to store rice, beans, pasta, flour and sugar in.

Slowly but surely I'd like to get a bunch
of vegetables dehydrated and put in the
basement pantry. Stock up on them when they are in
season and on sale and find ways to preserve them
so you don't pay the higher costs when they are
out of season and stores have to ship them in
from farther away places and they aren't as good then.

Tomorrow I am planning a shopping trip to Meijer
with mom and kids. The kids don't have school tomorrow
so this ought to be a fun trip.
I plan to get some more onions (3 lb bag on sale for .99 cents),
celery and maybe some carrots to do up in the dehydrator.


Free cat food.
I signed up for one for me and one for mom
so I could get 2 freebies.

Free Selective Discovery Box from Royal Canin.
Plus get a $2.00 coupon.

The Royal Canin SELECTIVE™ Discovery Box lets your cat try each of the SELECTIVE™ formulas, and choose which one it likes best. Eliminate the guesswork and discover what your picky cat prefers!


Now through September 28th, Purina will be giving away Purina coupons good for free dog & cat products to the first 2,000 each day! There will be 1,000 dog product coupons and 1,000 cat coupons available each day. Click the link, choose dog or cat and then complete the registration. The prizes will vary every day. The giveaway will go live at 11:00 AM ET daily!

No purchase necessary. While supplies last. Daily giveaways end 9/28/11. Maximum
one (1) cat and one (1) dog coupon per person/e-mail address, per household, per day


The price of peanut butter may be on the rise
so stock up now!

From Weather.com

ATLANTA (AP) -- A combination of drought, disease and an economic shift to other crops could make Georgia's peanut harvest one of the smallest in more than two decades and increase the price of peanut products.


New free Fun-Da-Middles by Betty Crocker.
Limited to the first 10,000.
Getting a site maintenance error
so the site must be overloaded at the moment.
Keep trying!

Finally got through at 11:35am.
You have to be a Betty Crocker member.
Sample arrives in 6-8 weeks.


Woo Hoo! I got a free coupon via snail mail
for Advil.

Looks like I might have a few freebies to get
tomorrow while in Meijer. Meijer will take
competitor's coupons. I'm going to try and
get the free razor and shave gel at Meijer with the coupon
that Kroger sent me.


Free CoverGirl LashBlast Volume Mascara (first 10,000 at 12pm ET)


Cool Deal! My friend just called and said she got hold
of a free pass for up to 8 people to COSI and wanted
to know if my family wanted to go with hers sometime.
All I have to do is pay for parking.
The kids are going to love it. I took them to COSI
earlier this year to see the Titanic collection they had
and they've been asking since when we could go back.
Thanks Kendra!!


I signed up for something called Endorse.
You too can sign up for it as well HERE.
Here is the email I received from Endorse soon after signing up
telling more about it.

Hi ,

Welcome to Endorse!

It's easy to start earning rewards for buying the products you love:

1. Endorse your favorite products

You can see what products your Facebook friends are endorsing at www.endorse.com/friends, or find products to endorse at www.endorse.com/products.

2. POP your endorsements to start earning rewards

You earn 10% cash back every time you buy your endorsed products and send us a POP (Proof of Purchase).

POPing is easy: just buy your endorsed products at any store you choose, save the receipt, and then toss it into one of your FREE Endorse mailers (just like Netflix). Once you earn $25 in rewards we'll automatically mail you a check.

If you gave us your mailing address when you signed up, your FREE mailers are already on the way. If we don't have your address yet, you can enter it at www.endorse.com/settings.

3. Invite your friends to earn even more

If your friends follow your endorsements and POP, they'll earn 10% cash back too. If 5 followers POP your endorsement, you'll get the endorsed product for FREE. You can review your endorsements and share them with friends at www.endorse.com/my/endorsements.

To learn more about how you can earn big rewards when your friends follow and POP your endorsements, check out www.endorse.com/howitworks. If you have any questions, you can always email us at hi@endorse.com

Shop. Pop. Earn.
-The Endorse Team
(c)2011 Endorse Corp. 60 E 3rd Ave, San Mateo, CA 94401.


I've been doing surveys at the new survey site I posted
yesterday. I am already up to $8.00 in a days time.
A little frustrating doing surveys because at times
you could be doing one and get half way through
only to be told you don't qualify or they have
received the number of people already for that survey.
You can't give up, keep trying til you find ones
that will go through!



Here's the end result of dehydrating
about 2.5 pounds of onions.


Jonathan just informed me today that a 5th grade teacher
moved onto a different school or quit (I don't know exact
details) and now there is only one fifth grade class in his
school instead of two. Some fifth graders from the one class was put
into fourth grade classes and some into his fifth grade class
raising the head count in his class to 35 kids!!!!!
Usually it's around 25 kids.
And Columbus Schools wonder why they are doing so poorly?!
And they are closing some schools saying there is not
enough students in them? (shaking head)


"like" Fruits & Veggies on Facebook
and upload a photo of fruits and veggies on a plate
(I did a photo of broccoli salad with raisins/grapes)
and get a printable coupon for $1.00 off broccoli
(fresh or frozen) when you purchase Country Crock
Butter (excludes honey and pumpkin flavored spreads)

I needed butter so this is a bonus to
also get maybe some free broccoli as well.
The coupon does not state a size so maybe
you could get 2 small country crocks
with 2 coupons and get $2.00 off broccoli.
It does not state what kind of frozen broccoli
so will be pricing the Meijer frozen boxed and bagged
along with their fresh broccoli to find the
best deal.


Save $1 on Ozarka Sparkling Natural Spring Water 1-Liter Bottle,
any flavor (“like” on Facebook)


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