Friday, September 2, 2011


8:30 - 12:15pm

I got my cat scan done today. Ahhhh!
First of all I was told to go to Doan Hall
to get it done. We walk all over the hospital
to find it and once there they said I was in the wrong
area and needed to be in the Ross Heart Center
part of the hospital instead to get it done.
They had me take an hour to drink
3 containers of liquid that would have made
anyone puke! I managed to hold it down somehow,
probably because I knew if I threw it all up,
I would have to come back another day and do it
all over again. Before getting the scan they
hooked me up to an IV. Then during the cat scan
they ran some kind of liquid through the IV
that made your whole body feel really hot!
Somehow between the IV liquid and the liquids I
drank, it was supposed to highlight vital organs
and things in your body to show up on the cat scan.
Afterwards me and mom went over to McDonalds for lunch
because I wasn't supposed to eat anything before
the scan and I needed something in my belly to absorb
all that liquid I had drank. I was sloshing while
walking. I'm back home now and ready to go take a little
nap. I didn't sleep well last night not knowing
what was in store for me today, between finding the place
and having the scan done. Tonight we're heading out to Groveport
around Ricart to one of Tony's friends to borrow a steering
wheel puller. He needs it to put a new ignition in the
blue trans am since someone stole the keys to it.
Lucky for him we had another ignition and key to the car
and didn't have to buy it. Well I'm off to take my nap.
My stomach has been cramping pretty good, especially when
we were almost home. I told mom I've seen bumper stickers
that said, I'm only speeding because I have to poop, lol.
I really need one of those, lmao.



Back home from Groveport. Traffic was a mess all the way
down Hamilton Rd. I forgot to take another does of tylenol
before we left so my whole body hurt like heck.
I sure do miss taking the ibuprofen. It did a much better
job at getting rid of the pain. Oh well, something is
better than nothing at the moment.
Going to go lay down now. Might turn on the electric blanktet
to help soothe any muscle pain. The pain makes you very
irritable. Now imagine having the flu and all the aches
and pains that come with that. Well that's how I feel minus
the flu bug itself.
Nighty, night.

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