Wednesday, September 14, 2011



Sitting here planning for supper tonight.
We're having pork chops with apple stuffing
and maybe some macaroni & cheese.

Put a can of apple pie filling in crock,
add chops and turn to coat with pie filling.
Cook for a couple hours til done.
Remove chops and using a spoon, chop up
apple slices into smaller pieces.
Pour in boxed stuffing mix and stir til moist.

I really need to plan a visit to Dollar Tree
and Aldis to get some stockpile items.
Some things I can get much cheaper
at those stores than the regular grocery store.
For example a can of pie filling at Kroger is
around $3.00. You can find pie filling at
Dollar Tree for a buck! Might stop in Aldis
and get a bunch of ground turkey. That's about
one of the few meats I buy there as the rest
I can buy at Kroger for cheaper with manager specials.
I would also like to get fresh potatoes and
start getting the dehydrator going. I think I've
decided that I will use my canning jars to store
dehydrated potatoes in to keep them air tight.
I can make up a bunch of these dry mixes and put in sealed
zip bags and put into jars as well so I have an
instant meal ready to go.

To save time, money and trips to the store
you can make many homemade mixes that store
on your shelf for quite some time.
Mix them up and store in canning jars or
plastic containers recycled from peanut butter,
spaghetti sauce, mayo and so on.



Wowzer! A friend of mine dropped of 6 bags
of sugar @ 4 pounds each for a total of 24 pounds
of sugar! A big thanks goes out to Kendra & Tommy
for thinking of me!! This sure will come in handy
around holiday time! Now if I had some flour
to go with it all I'd be set and a baking fool, lol.
Will watch for it to go on sale with upcoming holidays.
I put all the bags of sugar into gallon sized zip bags
to keep any moisture out of them until I can use
them up.

Mail call

Got a coupon booklet from Kroger
and I got 2 coupon booklets from Glade.
Not the greatest coupons but I'm trying to
round up as many coupons as I can at the moment
to get my coupon binder full.

Seems like I'm having a hard time collecting coupons
this time around. I even scoured Tony's work
for some the other day. We haven't been getting
the sales bag on our doorstep for some reason
so I've been missing out on those. So sometimes
I'll check the apartment hallways at Tony's work
looking for those bags just to have coupons.
But I've only found 2 bags so far which isn't much.

Also got a free coffee sample today.

Got a letter from my doctor's office
from where they made me and appointment
to see a gastroenologist in October.
I'm going to cancel it. For starters
I just don't have the money to keep forking
over towards doctor bills. And lastly
they set the appointment for OSU hopsital
on the East side at 8:30am. There ain't no
way I can make those kind of arrangements.
It's bad enough trying to figure out the ones
I have on this end of town let alone on the
other side of town off Broad Street that early in
the morning. I'm going to half to put my foot
down with the doctor dragging out all these
appointments or I'd be going to a doctor
every other week til next year. Yes, I am
starting to feel better other than feeling tired.
My diarrhea has gotten better and I don't have as
many aches and pains other than the headache
I got the other day along with a few back spasms.
So for the moment I'll sit back and wait to
see how much I have to pay after insurance for
blood work and tests, a cat scan and colonoscopy.
I'm already are in debt of $800 before those items
that I can't pay because I am tapped out.
I could probably send a little money here and there
towards those bills but nothing major. Maybe like
$10 or $20.

I just got my notice by mail to send away for
renewal of my license plate stickers so there's
an extra expense this month. So there's
$110 I need to fork over for that for two
vehicles. Thank goodness the other two cars
have historical plates because you don't
have to renew those each year and they are good
for 50 years without renewal.


Free Downy Unstoppables sample.
They have 2 million samples to give away so you are
more than likely able to get one.
I think I sent away and got one of these before
and it looked like I was able to do it again.
It's on Facebook. Takes 4-6 weeks to arrive.


I have enrolled my children with
Dental H.O.M.E. Coach.
You fill out an application through your child's school
in order for them to receive free dental care.
A dental coach (like an RV) visits the school
several times throughout the year
and provides free dental care right there in their
coach during school hours. It free and parents don't
have to worry about making time to set up
appointments or missing work.
They get free xrays, oral examination, cleanings
with flouride, fillings/crowns, teeth removal,
sealants and so on.
So please, if your school offers this program
I wouldn't hesitate to sign up for it!!
I couldn't imagine how much this would all
cost for my kids if I had to take them
to a regular dentist to be seen.
I have enough doctor bills as it is so this
is like a lifesaver to get free dental care!



2 days and 3 computers later I think I finally
got coupons to print from my computer.
What a pain in the bleep de bleep it's been!

Now I've got to remember where are the printable
coupons are, ahhh.

A list of printable coupons from A Full Cup.

Red Plum


Hip2Save's Coupon Database- printables and non printables.

Meijer Mealbox coupons

Walgreens coupons


I got my camera battery charged up so I added
photos above to some things.

Tonight we went out on a page at Tony's
work. We found these things thrown away-
Me and the boys tend to wander around to see
what we can find when Tony gets page out to work.

Artist brushes, paint tubes, pens & pencils.

Painting canvas, canvas paper, clip board,

3 pairs short, 1 swim shorts, 3 shirts and a pair of sweatpants for the boys.

A can of coffee.

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