Sunday, September 11, 2011



Was watching Spongebob this morning and saw an Episode called
Hot Shot. It was funny because it was about
a fish called Tony Fast and Tony Fast Jr. who drag raced.
As y'all know my hubby loves to drag race and his name is Tony.
The not so funny part is that Tony sometimes gets junk
snail mail with the name Tony Fast on it. A mixture of his
first name with my ex's last name. Have no clue how
it got it mixed up like that but they did. So to
see and hear this name on Spongebob this morning
kind of related to us.




Not much going on today other than going out on paged
calls at Tony's work. Sure was hoping for a little
rain but haven't seen one drop between here and
Upper Arlington all day. Have heard the rumbles though
all around us.

Just now started working on laundry. I've only
got about 2 loads to do this week. That's nothing
compared to last week where I was trying to catch
up with feeling sick. I am starting to feel better.
I haven't been taking the tylenol as much. At night
before bed I've been wrapping up with an electric blanket,
not because I'm cold, but it seems to help keep
the muscle pain to a minimum with the heat.

Tony's back to wanting to get rid of this hutch we have.
He actually wanted to haul it off to work today
but I told him you might still be interested in it.
If so let me know before he decides to take
the sawzawll after it, lol. Men and their power tools.
They are wanting to try them out on just about anything.


I do NOT like spiders of any kind. Show me a spider
and I'll usually show you a screaming and running
person! This spider has been living in my Morning Glories
for about the past week. He's ugly, really ugly!
Don't ask how I was able to get photos of him
because I had goosebumps on top of goosebumps
and a really long stick to poke at him.
It's hard to get a good pic of him sprawled out
because he's usually in a ball or when spooked
runs to a curled up leaf to hide.
I'm going to call him a crab spider because
he looks like a miniature crab.
Anyway you look at it he's just plain creepy looking.
I tell everyone not to shoo him away from this spot
in the morning glories because I don't want him
to come find a warmer spot in our home!!



What a way to end 9-11


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