Saturday, September 10, 2011



Lowering the flag at Tony's work for 9-11.


Doctor's office just called with results from
the blood work taken yesterday.
liver is normal.
Still have inflammation but it is improving.
Still have to take Pentasa med aka $100 medicine.
Potassium levels are back to normal
but I need to keep taking my potassium meds
for another month.



Tony just brought this stuff in from his car
that he found in an apartment yesterday.
Mostly cleaning supplies. I love when
he finds us things because it saves us
so much money. This here probably has
a value of $15 to $20. Anything and everything helps!



Today's lunch- a spamwich,
well actually it's a spam quesadilla.

I fried up spam slices and put them
on a flour tortilla with shredded cheese
and a squirt of hickory bacon and onion dressing
and fried in a skillet.



Full moon tonight.

This pic makes the moon look like a glowing Christmas ball
on an evergreen tree.


Here's another free coffee sample-
Green Mountain Coffee.
Choose from K cups or bagged coffee.


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