Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Here's my dehydrated potatoes I made yesterday.
I'd guess I did around 4-5 pounds and it
made 2 large canning jars.

The kids and Tony thought they were potato chips.
These potato slices are not something you
want to try and bite into as they are hard
as a rock and a little thicker than a potato chip.



Had to run down to Speedway this morning which is
like only 2 minutes down the road. What a madhouse!
It took almost a half hour to go there
and come back, geesh! When you feel like crap
that's not the place to be! I noticed gas went down
some more. I think it was $3.23. It would be
nice to see it under $3.

I don't know what the deal is but you would
think with being sick and feeling like I'm
breathing fire I would be chilled. I have
the complete opposite. Last night and this
morning I was having hot flashes. I'm opening
up windows and have fans going full blast trying
to cool off. It's 64 outside and 74 in the house.
I should not feel this hot.

Well I gotta get the other kid ready and head
out to the bus stop soon. He has a field trip today
to Sharon Woods and needed a packed lunch.
Something he told me last minute so I didn't have
time to go to the store and had to throw something
together for him.



It's like I wasn't home for very long from Speedway
and Tony's calling me saying Christopher's school called him
and had been trying to call me at home. I didn't take
my cell phone with me for a trip just up the street.
So Tony was freaking out wondering where I was at
and why I wasn't answering my phones.


The school finally did call me to say Christopher
wasn't feeling well and could I pick him up.
I was talking to them on the phone trying
to get Jonathan dressed and ready to go to school
at the same time.
So I got Jonathan to the bus stop by 8:25am
and after the bus got here had to go get Christopher
from school.

I am sick and am trying really hard to still
do stuff. I should be in bed! Got kids to get ready
for school, food to make, laundry to do, dishes to do,
a house that is going to hell, you name it. Lord, please give
me a break from all this madness and sickness because
I can only handle and do so much being sick myself.
I'd like just a teeny tiny break or
would like the energy to keep up with it all.

Tony tried to make a doctor's appointment yesterday
for his ailments only to find out his doctor
is on vacation for a week. So we have to wait another
week for him to be seen.

I'm tired of being sick and tired. This has been
the worst year for everyone being sick.
I feel like I'm losing my mind at times.

I'm coming back as a man in my next life!!!
They don't seem to stress as much as women do.


Ok I needed a laugh and this t-shirt did it for me.
I saw this T-SHIRT posted on one of the frugal
blogs and had to share it with you, LOL!


I think today, with all the sickies that's been going on,
I'm going to make chicken noodle soup.
I went through the pantry and freezer to see
what I could round up to make this soup.
Here's what I came up with-

box of fettuccine (broken up into smaller pieces)- free
2 jars homemade chicken broth- free
1/2 pound fresh carrots chopped up- .40 cents
bag of premade cooked chicken- .50 cents
(this was from where I found 10 pounds
chicken leg quarters for $2.79.)
1/2 of an onion finely chopped- free (leftover)
celery- don't have celery so will use
celery seed or celery salt- free
Can of cream of mushroom soup- free
can of chicken noodle soup- free
(for added flavor and to use up this
single can I have)


Did you know?

95 days til Christmas.

3 more days left of Summer.

So depressing!
Time for a nap!!!!


RedPlum Dash for Deals Offers

$2.00 off any Folgers filter packs.
I read somewhere where someone posted they
are about $5.47 a box at Walmart.


Did you miss last night's episode of
Two and a Half Men?
Click the above to watch it online!

It was ok. A little hard to follow.
Might need to watch a few more shows
to understand it more. I felt like
the show went too fast with it's story
and didn't do enough explaining as
to what had happened and Ashton's character
just abruptly comes on the scene
and makes himself comfortable for being
a stranger that shows up unexpectedly.
It was only a half hour show so that sucked.
I think it should have been a full hour
so it wasn't so crammed into a half hour show.
But it did say, to be continued.
It starts out at Charlie's funeral.
Rumors said Charlie would die by running
his car off a cliff but I hear Rose
say on the show that he fell onto a
subway track and got hit by a train.

I watch A LOT of That 70's Show every day!
It's hard for me to see Ashton on this show
compared to the other show. His hair on this
show drives me nuts! They need to cut that
crap off! Just doesn't seem to fit the character
who is supposed to be a billionaire.
He looks like a bum.

Did I miss some newer shows?
When did Charlie and Rose decide
to run off and get married???
I thought he wanted to marry Chelsea.

Oh well, I'll have to keep watching
to help from being confused so much.


List of printable coupons on Facebook.


Need chicken broth but don't have any?
For 1 cup of chicken broth-
mix 1 teaspoon chicken bouillon granules
into a cup of hot water.

I needed a substitute because what I thought
was chicken broth in the freezer turned out
to be vegetable broth.


Mail call.

I received a free Bic pen that I won off Facebook.


Just finished making my chicken noodle soup.

I used chicken bouillon for broth
and made 4 cups of that for soup base.
I cooked the pasta in the vegetable
broth and reserved 2-3 cups to use for the
soup base. I chopped up the carrots
and onions in the blender. I added
garlic powder, basil and celery salt
in the broth along with all the ingredients
I listed earlier. I didn't end up using
all the chicken I had so that will go
towards another meal.
The soup should be loaded with all kinds of vitamins
to help colds. I've been giving the kids
gummy vitamins every day to help also.


"like" Wendys on Facebook and print a coupon for a free
Dave's Hot 'N Juicy Single Burger
with purchase of small fries and a small drink.


Here's something I found that I put on my wish list.
It's a vinyl, removable wall art.
I thought it was pretty cool and
different. I like to be different and this
is something I have yet to find in any house I've
been in. I have a large wall in my living and dining room
and thought a large decal would look cool on it.
But at like I said it's only a wish list item.
The decals come in all different shapes, designs,
sizes and colors. I was thinking a white or
tan/brown color for my wall which is a suede.

Ok I'm done daydreaming, lol!



Had to make a run to Kroger tonight.
I was out of pop, milk, bread and almost
out of toilet paper due to using it as
nose tissue.
While out at the truck loading groceries
Jonathan spots a cart in the cart corral
that had a 12 pack of coke in it.
I thought it was an empty box but
Christopher went over and discovered
it wasn't. Free 12 pack pop, woo hoo.
Downside to it, it wasn't diet.

I have 12 packs (cherry 7up antioxidant) and 2 liter bottles of
sun drop pop in my pantry that isn't diet.
I'm willing to trade someone for some
diet pop or other things. I don't like
giving my kids regular pop and me and Tony
don't drink it either. I tried not long ago
to drink regular pop thinking the diet pop
was what might be giving me diarrhea.
It was awful because I was so used to diet.


FREE 2 oz sample of Johnson Ultra Sheen Supreme Flat Iron Spray!


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