Saturday, September 24, 2011



Went to the flea market this morning.
The boys got a couple cheap things
and I got 2 bags of Snyder pretzels
and a bag of salsa tortilla chips for .50 cents each.
Always check expiration dates in places like
these before purchasing items, I always do.
When walking around the flea market I notice
people selling foods, toiletry and cleaning items.
I call these coupon people because I know most
of the things they sell can be bought with sales
and coupons for free or cheap.

Had to make a run to Tony's work.
My truck that I call "The Big Black Bus"
became a work truck today hauling ladders
and maintenance stuff. I love my Big Black Bus
though. It's so practical and you can haul
just about anything in it. And I like the fact
that the storage space in the back is covered
unlike a pickup. "The Bus" got a new alternator
this week and will need new brakes in the near
future as they are getting a little mushy
and maybe a universal joint.
It's been a good running and dependable vehicle for us.
The owner before us worked in a Midas repair shop
and did lots of upkeep on it and the owner before
that was the Columbus Airport where I'm sure
they kept up with all it's maintenance.
I do at times miss my Explorer though which
was better on gas. But I bet you couldn't get
a full sized couch or bed in the back of it and shut the
door, lol. It just hit 207,000 miles and still
going strong. I'd buy a Suburban again before
I would ever buy another Expedition again that's for
sure! While an Expedition is pretty to look at
it's a real bitch to try and work on yourself!
The Suburban has a 350 Vortec motor in it unlike the
Ford's Triton motor. The 350 is so easy to work
on that even a caveman can do it.


Yesterday evening since we were out late
we stopped in McDonalds and got the
$4.99 4 cheeseburger and fries deal.
Before leaving I grabbed a BIG handful of
napkins. Trying to cut back on expenses and
these will be used for tissues.
Hey, whatever works and is cheap or FREE!


Check out some of the new tabs listed at the bottom
of the page. I've added these categories with recipes-

-Mixes made from scratch to store in the pantry.
from soups to gravies to baked goods and meals.
Save money by making your own instead of buying
store bought mixes!

-Anything you can mix up and store in a jar
for gift giving or putting in your pantry.

-These are recipes I have come up with to
use things that I buy that are either free or cheap.

FREEZER MEALS & DESSERTS (Still working on)
-Meals you can make and store in the freezer.


Supper today-

Chicken leg quarters ( Cajun & Sweet Bourbon)
and Ham & Cheese Scalloped Potatoes


Copy Cat


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Free serpentine belt wear gauge for cars.
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