Sunday, September 18, 2011



Just got back from Indian Lake. We've been up there
since yesterday morning. One of my first stops there
was the Discount Grocery Store.

I spent $14 and got these items-

10 pounds potatoes for $2.69
4- 40 ounce ketchups .50 cents each
2 blue cheese and 1 ranch dressing .99 cents each
1 Van Camps baked beans .49 cents
2 cans Hunt's diced tomatoes .49 cents each
Jar pasta sauce .99 cents
Bag of marshmallows $1.49
7 boxes of Jiffy muffin mix .25 cents each
3 candy bars .33 cents each

Stopped in Family Dollar at Indian Lake to get my step-dad
something for his birthday.
I found a birthday card for .50 cents
and a Bugle Boy shirt marked down from $8 to $5.
Plus I printed a coupon for CiCi's pizza
for 2 dinners for $9.99 and included
a $10 bill in his card with the coupon.

Before coming home from the lake this morning we stopped
in a Clark gas station and I found these Pepsi coupons.

I'll write more later. I have more pics and videos
to post from our trip. I have to start laundry
and get my step-dads gift wrapped up. We're having
a birthday party at their house around 5pm.



My mother-in-law gave me some food items she didn't need.
From what she's told me, she's been getting a bunch
of food from the food pantry each week.
I just might look into that considering the bank
account isn't at comfortable levels at the moment
and I'm looking for anything that will help
out. So if anyone knows about how to get or apply for
food at a food pantry shoot me an email about
how to go about doing it. It really sucks that by getting
medical care that it can put you in situations that
hurts you financially. That is the sole reason
we are getting off track this year compared to
other years. I'm even seriously considering
trying to apply for food stamps at this point in time.
I haven't had any assistance welfare wise for about
20 years. That was whether I could have gotten it or
not. I chose not to all these years due to being able
to get by without it by scrounging for deals or doing
without many other things.

My mother-in law gave me a large box of corn flakes,
2 bags of rice and 2 bags of beans.
I'm not picky. I'll take whatever food someone wants
to give me and figure out ways to fix it even if it's
something we've never bought or had before!


Here are some photos and videos from Indian Lake
today and yesterday. It was nice to be able to
get away for a day and a half and leave the hustle
and bustle and worries behind and not think
about stuff like sickies. Which I think I need
to barricade myself into a room and stay away from
everyone! My ears started clogging up (thanks Tony),
my nose is starting to drip (thanks Christopher)
and my throat is scratchy and I feel a
little burning in my chest (thanks Jonathan).

Footprints in the sand (made by Jonathan)

Bird along the beach. It was windy and there was many waves.

A couple of Blue Herons along the beach.

A camp fire is very therapeutic late at night
and early morning!

Vroom, vroom, one bad mama, lol!

Calgon take me away!!

Some interesting shots I got from
everyone on the swings at the park.

And the most funny video from yesterday while
riding the golf cart down to the docks.
Me and Jonathan were on the seat in the back while
Tony was driving and Christopher was up
front next to him. LMAO!!



What started this morning is progressing more,
sniffles, congestion, coughing, sinus pressure.
I can't win!

I spent 6 weeks with diarrhea.
The 7th week I started to get better, no more diarrhea.
Week 8 I get a cold and maybe bronchitis (don't know what it is just yet)
and week 9 (next week) I get to take meds
that give you major diarrhea so you can get a

One week they are trying to clear you up from
diarrhea and the next they are purposely making
you have diarrhea. My body is going
to be so confused and not know what the hell is going on!

And who's to say they'll let you undergo a colonoscopy
if you are sick. Hoping that this all clears up by
next Sunday. Because if they can't do it because
of being sick then I'm going to be done with it
and I don't want to reschedule another one!


I am currently reviewing a bunch of books
at The Columbus Metropolitan Library.
It's so nice to sit at home and look to see which
books might interest you and then reserve them
for an easy and quick pickup!

I probably know almost every trick in the book
to save money and how to live frugally.
I've been doing and living it for 40 years.
It's my way of life. BUT I always wonder what
else I could be doing because I feel like
I cut back everywhere I and sometimes feel
like I still can't get ahead. So I've been
searching for books to read to see if there
is something else out there that I could be

So here's what's on my reserve list so far of
reading materials in the next week or two.

-The complete idiot's guide to cooking with mixes
-More fast fixes with mixes.
-Fast fixes with mixes.
-The doctors book of home remedies
-The mason jar soup to nuts cookbook
-The everything almost homemade cookbook
-Cut your grocery bill in half with America's cheapest family
-Pick another checkout lane, honey
-Why popcorn costs so much at the movies
-$3 meals
-Family feasts for $75 a week
-Shop, save, and share
-Make A Mix


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