Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Red Plum's Dash for Deals coupon of the day-
$1.50 off any Smucker's jam, jelly, preserves or fruit spread.



I really need to go through and get coupons cut out
and put into my binder. I've gotten behind and now
have a stack of them plus hubby brings home the sales
bag from work that he finds with coupons inserts with them.
Not a whole lot but it's better than nothing.
I need to get organized so I can find the bargains!

My ribs are hurting pretty good from coughing.
Feels like someone has kicked the crap outta me!
Day 3.5 of being sick. Sure hope it clears
up before the colonoscopy which I need to prep
for starting Sunday.


Upcoming Walgreens Deal

Buy 2 Schick Disposable Razor Packs (12 pk) $1.97 each
Total = $3.94
Use the $6/2 Any Schick Disposable Razor(excludes 2 pack) coupon found here
Final cost – 2 packs for FREE + $2.06 in overage to go towards other items!


I am trying to work out a deal with my father-in-law.
When at the lake I heard him say he wanted to get
rid of his electric fireplace and get a new one
because it only works on low.

I mentioned to my father-in-law about some things
we found this year like the LCD tv. He knows it
doesn't power up when plugged in and was wanting
to know how much we wanted for it.
I told him I would trade it for the fireplace.

I haven't got an answer from him yet but
are hoping to make a deal! I could really use
the electric fire place to cut back on gas
heating costs over the winter!
This is what it looks like-

He says it has helped so much on their gas bill.
He only wants rid of it because it won't
run on high anymore, only on low.
Would love to get my hands on it!



I have spent the last hour and a half cutting coupons.
I got about half of them put away in the binder.
This is what I still have left to put away.
This is the part I don't like about couponing! Ahhhh!



Hubby just called to say he found me a few more coupons.
Two coupons for $5 off $35 at Kroger
and one coupon for $2.00 off a deli item.

I guess he called his doctor's office back today
and got an appointment with another doctor for 4:15.
He can't hear out of his one ear. He had this problem
before and the doctor had to clean it out.
I tried last night to clean out his ear with
an over the counter product and it didn't seem to work.



Just got done getting all my coupons put
away and started working on a Kroger list
to see what kind of deals I could
come up with if I used a $5 off $35 purchase at Kroger.
So far I have a list of groceries worth $35
and with coupons it should be $17.
So an almost 50% savings.

That sure is better than my trip to Giant
Eagle with the $5 off $25 purchase.
I still spent almost $30 during that trip, grrr.

I really hadn't planned to do any more shopping
this week but the coupon that Tony found
expires Saturday. I've already spent $47
towards groceries already for the week.
Kinda hard to pass up
a $5 coupon which could mean free food.

I need to go pick up Christopher from
the bus stop soon then we are heading
over to the library. I have about
6 reserved books that came in and Christopher
wants to check out a few books.



Back home. There's nothing like having
a coughing fit in the library, so embarrassing!
I got 10 books I reserved.
Amazingly they were all there because
there's another person with my name who
reserves books also and does not look
at the names of the books and will
just pick mine and hers all up
and I go without my reserves.
I've complained about it before
when I got notice that my books were ready
for pick up and I got there and couldn't
find them.

Not sure what to have for supper.
I might make some grilled cheese sandwiches
and have leftover chicken noodle soup tonight.
Something easy.



Back from Kroger. Tony had to get two prescriptions-
antibiotic pills and ear drops. The doctor flushed
and cleaned out his ear and said he had a really bad
ear infection. Now get this, this doctor wants to
see him again Saturday at 10am. That seems a little
soon unless these are some miracle antibiotics
that work within 2 days. So there's $40 copay
for 2 visits and $11 for prescriptions for a total
of $51. Money just keeps flying out of here
left and right. The bank account keeps dropping
and gets skimpier by the day. The hole keeps
getting deeper and deeper.

I did round up a bunch of coupons to use at
Kroger tonight. The one coupon Tony found
for $5 off $35 at Kroger expires Saturday so
needed to use it or lose it.
I did pretty good trying to get back into
the swing of using coupons again.
My receipt says I saved 58% off my purchase
I spent $20 (not including Tony's presciptions)
and saved $43.78 by using manufacture coupons,
store coupons, sales, and saved $5 when I purchased
10 of certain products.

Almost $64 of stuff (more than that actually
because manager special savings aren't factored in)
for $20!

Not pictured is a bag of Crave cat treats I got free.
I got them so I could get the total up to
$35 to use my coupon. In the end it ended up
being free. Tony's going to give them to
his supervisor who has a cat.

2.88 pounds cajun chicken leg quarters $2.53
3.11 pounds sweet bourban chicken leg quarters $1.73
2 Hormel fully cooked bacon $1.90 each

2 pkgs (4 slices cream deli cake) .58 cents
2 jars Prego pasta sauce .92 cents each
3 yogurts .40 cents each
pkg diced ham .99 cents

4 cup pkg Kroger shredded cheese $3.29
2 bottles 7up & 2 bottles Sun Drop $1.56 for all 4

box of Cheerios
3 pkgs of 1 pound Oscar Mayer bologna .39 cents each
6 Snicker bars (1 missing from photo) $1.16 for all

Tony watched me with my list and coupons at the store.
He's my coupon holder. As I buy stuff I have
him hold a baggie and I hand him the coupons
for each item I put into the cart.
He says, you gonna be able to do this?
Guys always get nervous when it comes
to combining coupons and sales like it's some
kind of science trying to figure it all out.
He says, I'm glad you know what you are doing
as I've got my notebook open, looking over my list,
and adding prices up again just to be sure
it comes out to what it should be.
Now I couldn't imagine being one of those
people on Extreme Couponing trying to do
a $1000 grocery trip using coupons to get
it down to pennies. I'd be a nervous wreck
worrying about something going wrong,
not pricing right, coupons not scanning and so on.
I'm happy with getting $40 to $80 off my bill
and saving at least 50% off.

Well I'm heading to the bedroom. My shows are
about ready to come on here at 9:00pm,
Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Witness.
Time to relax after our shopping trip.

Oh I just saw on Discovery channel that
a new season of Storm Chasers is coming
on Sunday at 9:00pm. We all like that show.
It should be a good season for
them this year with all the tornado


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