Monday, September 19, 2011



Head is all stopped up. Blowing nose, sneezing,
when I cough it hurts. Tony still has what appears
to be a sinus problem with congestion, ears clogged
drippy nose and coughing. He says he's going to make
a doctor's appointment today.

The good news is Jonathan doesn't seem to be coughing
like he was and Christopher's nose stopped running.
I can't catch a break! If one ain't sick someone
else is. And to think Winter isn't far off to have
to worry about the really cold weather.


I was briefly looking through the sales ads for this week
looking for any deals or some coupon match ups.
I don't have all my coupons clipped and put
in the binder to go through all coupons.


13 ounce Nutella $2.50
there was a printable coupon for $1.00 off
makes it $1.50.
Pretty good price considering Nutella
can run close to $4 when not on sale.

LaChoy bi-packs with meat and veggies 42-43.5 ounce

Pompeian olive oil or vinegar 33% off
$1.00 off olive oil printable coupon.
.50 cents ($1 double) off vinegar.

Chunky soups $1.50
$1.00 (doubled) off 2 cans = $2/2 or $1 each



Revlon cosmetics 40% off
Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer SPF 25
regular $9.99 sale price $5.99
Use coupon from 9-18 Sunday paper for $5 off
makes it .99 cents
You save $9 by using the coupon and sale price!

If you have two of the $5 coupons you could
purchase 2 of these. When you spend $10 in
participating Revlon products you get
$3 in register rewards. This should be based
upon the price of the products before the coupons are used.

So in the end you'll spend $1.98
and get back $3 in register rewards.
So it'll be like you're getting them free
and make $1.02!!


Do you need help with your heat bills?
You can go online and print out an application
for assistance through HEAP, Home Energy Assistance Program.

Application you can send in the mail.

Income guidelines

Size of Household Total Household Income 12 Months
1 up to $21,780.00
2 $29,420.00
3 $37,060.00
4 $44,700.00
5 $52,340.00
6 $59,980.00
7 $67,620.00
8 $75,260.00


Red Plum's Dash for Deals

A super coupon deal posted daily.
Today's is $1.10 off any Emerald nuts or breakfast on the go.
You have to print quickly because I don't
know how long they will keep the coupon posted!



In severe pain at the moment. Was walking from kitchen
to dining room and my sock and pants somehow got
twisted up causing my big toe to bend under my foot
as I was walking and I walked down onto my big toe.
Major pain and throbbing! It was either come down
on my big toe or trip and fall down. Tried walking
it off and was like walking in circles around
the house after it happened. Can't anything go right??!!

Anyways I just got done getting about 8 trays
of potatoes in the dehydrator. I'm going to guess
about 4 pounds of potatoes. I had a 5 pound bag
that had about 2/3rds of a bag left and I pulled
about 4 potatoes out of one of the 10 pound bags.

To extend some of my trays I found some plastic
canvas sheets to use. I traced the fruit roll up
tray from the dehydrator onto the canvas and cut it out.

Peel and slice up potatoes.

Bring a large pot of water with salt to a boil.
Place potatoes in a strainer in the pot.
Wait til water returns to a boil and time for 5 minutes.
This removes some starch from the potatoes
(the foam you will see on top of water)
and keep the potatoes from turning brown or black
when dehydrating.

Remove potatoes from pot and dump into a large bowl
of ice water. Allow to sit in ice water until cooled off.

Next I removed them from the water with hands or a
slotted spoon and onto a towel to drain off excess water.
Then place in single layers on dehydrator trays.
You can see here where I put a piece of plastic
canvas over top of one of the existing trays
with potato slices.

OK well it's almost 11:00am.
I am hacking crap up, coughing, blowing my nose
and feel like I'm breathing fire. I took
a couple Tylenol and are waiting for them to kick in.
I might go lay down now.
See mom's don't get a break. I feel like
the walking dead and look like it too with
the limp from my injured toe.

Will check back on the potatoes after bit
to see how they are coming along.
They will probably take all day to dry.


Two and a Half Men premiers tonight at 9:00pm.
Ashton Kutcher joins the cast as Walden Schmidt, an internet billionaire with a broken heart, on the ninth season premiere of Two and a Half Men, TONIGHT at 9/8c!



I've been noticing since this morning, that
the truck is making a weird noise under the hood.
So this afternoon I pop the hood in the pouring
down rain, and look for the noise which could be
heard over top the radio and heater in the
in the cab of the truck. To me it sounds as though the
bearings are going out on the alternator causing the noise.
Great, another thing to have to buy with a limited
budget. At least we should be able to put it on ourselves.
I see alternators in the price range of
$80 to $160 for our truck, yowzer. Let's
hope they have the cheaper one and it would work.
When it rains it pours.

Don't ya just love that you can find just about
anything on YouTube! I know hubby could probably
do it but by the looks of the video I'm sure
I could do it myself.

How to replace alternator on Suburban.



I checked on my potatoes.
Two bottom trays were done.
I started putting them into large canning jars
to keep any air out while storing them
and to keep the potatoes from breaking.


Tonight's supper-

Chili Pizza

1 pkg (2 loaves) Sweet Italian bread .89 cents (manager special)
1 can Hormel chili no beans .63 cents (sale with coupon)
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese $1.70 (sale)

Slice loaves of bread in half and then in half
again long ways. Spread tops with chili no beans
and sprinkle with cheese.

Optional to make a taco pizza:
-diced tomatoes
-black olives
-shredded lettuce to put on top after baked
-sour cream

Total cost to make 8 servings of chili pizza- $3.22
@ .42 cents a serving. (without options)



While making supper I started on a freezer breakfast-
French Toast Sticks.
I took a loaf of Texas toast and cut each slice into
3 strips.

In my mini blender I added 8 eggs, milk, cinnamon,
vanilla extract and a splash of caramel coffee creamer
and whirled together til combined.
Dip pieces of bread into egg and milk.

I then warmed up a large skillet with a dab of
butter and grilled the bread on both sides
and even the shorter sides.

Once done I'll put everything into zip
bags and put into the freezer.
Remove when needed and warm in microwave
a couple seconds. Serve with warmed syrup
in a small dipping cup.

It's not been a good day for me.
While removing pizza bread from the oven
and frying French toast in the skillet
I somehow managed to burn my hand on
one of the two.
This is one of those days I would
have been better off staying in bed!



Tony confirmed my diagnosis as to what I thought
was wrong with the truck.
We went out in the pouring down rain
and I showed him how to remove it
according to the video I watched.
He just left for the parts store to
hopefully find an $80 one to put
back on the truck. I don't think the
alternator had much life left in it
with all the ruckus it was making.
I'm just thankful we got to and from
Indian Lake this weekend!


.75 cents ($1.50 doubled) off Betty Crocker
Molasses cookie mix.



Don't have enough tissue for all this snot!!
Been using napkins I've saved from fast food
joints and toilet paper which we are about out of.
I'm going to invent a necklace that has a bar
on it like a paper towel holder and put a roll
of toilet paper on it and reel it off as I need to blow
which seems like every 5 minutes!

25 minutes til Two and a Half Men.
Can't wait to see how it turns out.


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