Friday, September 23, 2011



Gas man just called and is on his way.
Hoping to get one of those electric meters
so they won't need to come back out
and read my meter anymore. What a pain it
is to have the gas meter in the basement
and not outside.


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Well crapolla, the gas man only read the meter
and told me I needed to call the company
and ask to have an electric meter installed.
Well, hmmmm, I did that yesterday and they
told me it was up to the meter reader
to install it. Don't ya just love the runaround
with these places. Neither one knows what
the other is doing or is supposed to do.


Yesterday I posted about the cat scan being
almost $4,000 before insurance.

Well I got another bill for the technician
who gave the cat scan. Before insurance
was $405 and after I owe $31.34.
I need to be a cat scan technician at the
high rates they are billing people!
It took maybe 20 minutes to perform a cat scan
so that would mean over $1200 an hour if
you want to look at it that way.
Oh, they also put the techinician's name
which was obviously a foreign name and let me
tell ya, the lady who did it was an American white girl!
Nothing foreign about her.

And then there was a
facility service fee for $100 before insurance
and $9 after insurance.
What the heck is a facility service fee?
I gotta pay just to enter the hospital
and use their services?

I think they use all these technical doctor
and hospital terms just to confuse people!


.75 cent printable coupon for Dole Fruit in the Jar.
To get an idea of price I priced them at
Walmart for $2.14


Meijer ad preview for 9/25 - 10/1

Some coupon match ups with doubled coupons.

Tombstone pizza original or thin crust $2.50
minus $1.10 coupon
makes it $1.40.

Meijer dozen eggs .99 cents

Homegrown round white potaotes
5 pound bag .99 cents

3 pound bag of onions .99 cents

Buy 5 Mars single candy bars get 3 free
Price unkown.
Use 2 coupons for $1.00 off 2 (from Speedway)

12 ounce Kraft cheese singles
minus $1.00 coupon (blinkie at Kroger)
makes it $1.50

Progresso Soups $1.25 each
$1.00 off 4 coupon makes them $4.00/4 or $1.00 each

24 ounce Barilla pasta sauce $2.00
minus $1.10 coupon
makes it .90 cents each

Dole fruit jars $2.00
minus $1.50 coupon
makes it .50 cents each

Betty Crocker cookie mixes $1.67
minus .80 cents coupon
makes it .87 cents

Buy any 2 Hidden Valley dressing
get $1.00 off instantly.
Use two $1.00 off coupons
for a total of $3.00 off 2 dressings.
Price unknown.

Totino pizza rolls .99 cents
.80 cents off 2 coupon
makes it $1.18 for 2 or .59 cents each.

Chex Mix .99 cents
$1.00 coupon
makes it FREE

Angel Soft 12 double rolls toilet paper $5.49
$1.00 coupon
makes it $4.49



Stopped by the library for the second day this
week to pick up reserved books. I now have 15 books
to go through and read. Think I'll grab a notebook
and start jotting down recipes and ideas from them
when I get the chance.

Tonight we're going to Groveport.

Tomorrow the flea market very early morning, weather permitting.
Then Tony has a doctor's appointment at 10am.

Sunday me and mom are going on a house tour.
There's an old farm house
on the corner of Westerville and Ferris Rd.

It has a for sale sign in the yard along
with another sign that says free house tour
on Sunday 2-5pm I think. Me and mom love looking
at old houses. She made the comment, make sure
to bring along your ghost hunting camera, LOL!
The house was built in 1890, is 3,704 sq. ft.
The same family has owned it since 1957,
and that's as far back as the records go on the house
at the auditor's site.



Back from Groveport.
Stopped by Kroger in Gahanna for some kitty litter,
food and a couple bottles of pop for me.
I also found a couple manager specials.
Can of black beans .39 cents.
2 cans Hunts diced tomatoes .49 cents.
20 pound bag cat litter $1.79.


I already got a head start on planning my
grocery lists for next week.
So far I have $20 to spend at Meijer
(which included most of the items mentioned
above minus the candy bars and toilet paper,
might add a few more items depending up
what coupons come out this weekend)
and hopefully I'll get to Save-A-Lot
to spend another $20 there using the $5 coupon
and get a bunch of ground turkey along
with some other things like the basic
things such as milk.
A total of $40 for groceries for the next week.
I am actually looking forward to using
a bunch of coupons again to save tons of money.
I was so happy to have saved $43 at Kroger the other
day and it made me feel good that the cashier
and the guy customer behind me commented about how good I did.
I know I can do better but hey that's $43 saved!
That's like money saved to put toward another week
of grocery shopping.
I let my couponing slide over the Summer months
because it gets too hard with kids/family
in tow at the store. When I go shopping with
my mom then I can concentrate more on my shopping
and using coupons. Also less things that aren't
on my grocery list get thrown in the cart.
Usually the extra things I throw in the cart
on my shopping trip with mom are marked down
manager specials. Those things aren't planned
because you never know what you might find.




I know this video is a little late to post
considering today is the first day of Fall
but it will be something you'll remember
for next Summer. The lady is actually
fun to watch.


Ok, here ya go, one for the cooler weather
basically using the same technique.
I might just consider doing this!!
I could really do without listening
to "Passionate Pat" on this video, ahhh!



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